Maou-ppoi no! - Volume 1 - Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 - Not Quite Like the Childhood Friend![edit]

I heard the ‘click’ sound of door opening.

“Brother, hurry and wake up! It’s morning already!”

A voice filled with vigor echoed in my room.

Was it my little sister calling me to wake up?

Ah, yes.

Then it’s better to not wake up immediately, and pretend to be asleep to make her annoyed.

“When are you going to wake up! Wake up brother!”

Even though she started to shake my body, I still pretended to be fast asleep.

“Aaa quickly wake up! You sleepy head!”

Hahaha, she’s getting troubled.

“Ahhh….that’s it…! If you still don’t wake up, I’ll do it this way!”

My little sister let out unhappy grunts, and seemed a little angry, and stopped shaking my body, and then there was a rustling sound, I didn’t know what she was doing.

I was curious of what she was doing, so I secretly opened my eyes a bit.

And then the figure of my little sister wearing school swimsuit could be seen!

“Since Brother isn’t waking up, I have no other option but to wear theese kind of clothes!”

“Hey, hey! That’s not it! If it’s not the old styled one, it won’t do! Didn’t I always tell you to wear the old one! And your body has to be wet before wearing it, so the swimsuit will be all shiny and sultry! And then again there’s also the movement of ‘correcting the position of the wrinkled bottom’s part’! Also the glimpse of those parts unaffected by the natural sun tans!” {Such fetishes……}

Then I snapped awake quickly, and found that I was the only person in the room.

What the…a dream huh.

Well, that’s right. I don’t have a little sister to begin with.

Though it’s obviously not a nightmare, I have never dreamt about a swimsuit like this, even nitpicking on it, and got so excited I sweated. I began to feel sorry for myself. With that kind of gloomy mood, I began to prepare to go to school.

Nevertheless, I do really like H-games so much, I dreamt about things like this, but why it’s never the same as the storyline? I surely want to look like the H-game Protagonist with the bangs covering the eyes, but I totally don’t have that kind of style.

Won’t it be good if one day suddenly a delicate little sister pops out in front of your eyes!

Ah, that’s right. Speaking of H-Games, it made me remember something.

I left my newest H-game at school.

I got ready to go to school way early than the usual and left the house.

And then I saw a girl I knew.

“Ah, Nao, good morning.”

“Oh, Souta, good morning. You’re way earlier than usual today.”

The one with a lukewarm answer to my greeting, was this girl—Murase Nao. She lives near my home, and is the so called childhood friend. I certainly don’t have a little sister, but doesn’t having a childhood friend make you remember the H-game settings? Under normal circumstances, it’s okay to think like that. However.

“Hey Nao, why don’t you come and wake me up every morning?”

“Huh? Why would I do such thing a like that?”

“I think that’s because you’re a childhood friend of mine, they usually do things like that.”

“What are you talking about? You’re already a high school student, wake up yourself.”

Such a cold respond from Nao.

“Or we can go to school together.”

“No. Don’t you always arrive almost late at school, Souta?”

“Don’t be like that, or you can help me prepare some breakfast!”

“No. You can just buy some food.”

“Then you’ll be carrying it!”

“Outrageous!? How come you arrived at that kind of conclusion!”


Nao then made some sort of grumbling and was showing the ‘Really, what is he talking about’ kind of face.

Precisely this kind of feeling. Nao is definitely my childhood friend, but she doesn’t act like one, at most we’re just calling each other’s using first names, nothing more.

I glanced to my side, looking at Nao.

Standing upright, shiny long hair with the aura of a leader, just like an honor student. Then again in reality, she is indeed a very capable person, a really amazing top-grade student.

She’s been like that since she was small, beautiful lips and a pair of clear eyes, and now she’s grown into a high school student, she looks even more mature, growing to be such a beauty. Too bad her chest didn’t grow much, the so called pettanko. { COME ON, FLAT IS JUSTICE YOU DUMB MC!}

So in short, it was like we were almost always seen together.

But in reality, we rarely enrolled at the same school, or as classmates, or even the class next door, how could it be like this!? This was such an insult to the so called ‘childhood friend’ type. Nothing resembling ‘childhood friends’ could be seen. This is a fake ‘childhood friend’, way different from those in H-games.

“Anyways Souta, why are you so early to school today?”

“Hm?Ah, I got something to do.”

“Something to do? What is that?”

Not answering honestly with an “I forgot my H-game at school” would be better.

Because in the past, when I used the term H-game, she was extremely angry.

“Er…I left a game where a girl puts on and takes off her clothes in the school.” {I think I mistranslated this line….}

“What kind of thing did you carry to the school!?”

Oh no! Explaining things like this is the same as saying that it’s an H-game!

“N, No, this game has no such kind of exciting event between people or anything of that kind! The CG are also very few in number!”

“The problem is not the number you idiot!”

As expected, Nao was angry.

“Tha, that’s why I will surely bring it back home today.”

“For real! These kind of things will disrupt the school’s morale!”


“Ah….Souta you haven’t changed, always talking about these kinds of games all the time. Normally, no one would talk these kind of things in front of a girl…”

It seemed that Nao had given up on something.

I felt a bit lucky that her anger had quelled down, but the feeling of being ‘abandoned’ or ‘given up’ was somewhat disturbing me.

Then I can only say this.

“Don’t just think I just like H-games. I have an ambition!”


Nao looked at me as if I were a pitiful creature or some sort.

“Listen to me! I want to live like an H-game protagonist! Gathering a harem on my side, and living with them happily with a laughter like ‘Yes! Hehehee!’. I’ve been playing H-games as reference for that!”


I was telling her with such enthusiasm, but Nao just looked at me with a cold expression.

“Why do… I feel like entering a convenience store in the middle of summer heat…so cold…”

“Ah… so annoying. Why are you mixing reality with delusion? You have turned into an otaku.”

Nao shook her head. It’s because I explained in great detail about the H-games, which was a topic she hates.

“No. After all… I can understand what reality is—“

“So then, using them as reference in real life… Sato, how many girls you have gathered in the school?”


“How many of them are now? Hey….how many?”

This person… For a while now she’s been attacking my weaknesses. If she used the 秘孔神拳 { Fist of Death? A reference to fist of the north star? I don’t know } , I’d be dead already.

And unfortunately, there is not even one sweet and cute girl for me.

Even if I wanted to, I have no retort to say for this disappointing situation…Ah, that’s right.

“Come to speak of it, yesterday I was talking to a girl. Geez, such a cute girl too.”

I said that with pride.

I remembered that yesterday I was talking with this girl named Mano in the classroom next to mine. Even though it’s not exactly sweet moments…

“Um that, is that a girl in the game?”

“It’s a real high school student!”

”Liar. It’s impossible for that kind of girl to talk to Souta, right? I’m afraid it’s only in your imagination or your virtual reality.”

“How much of a delusional person am I in your eyes!?”

It seemed that Nao didn’t believe me at all, saying,” Yeah yeah yeah”.

“So…the girl you’re talking about…what kind of girl is she?”


“Hmm? Can’t say it? It’s a delusion after all huh?”

Nao snickered.

Although I felt that her attitude was somewhat annoying, I couldn’t make any retort.

It’s because Mano’s clothes were not of those students’.

“Well….her appearance is like a Devil.”

It sounded very weird, but had I lied it would be even more suspicious, therefore I told her the truth.

“Speaking of a game again…How many times you want me to repeat myself…”

“It’s the truth! She even said that she is a ‘Devil King-like’ herself!”

“Devil King-Like? What does the ‘like’ means?”

“Who knows? I asked her already, but she glossed it over with some sort of flower as answer.”

”Flower? Even for delusions, you can do the setting a little bit better…”

“It’s not a delusion! Even though the girl used a strange’ Mwahahaha’ kind of laughter!”

“What is ’Guahaha’ ? This is absurd. It sounds even more like a weird game you play.”

“No it’s not! She even said something like, ‘who ate my pudding without permission’!”

“……It doesn’t seem like what a Devil King would say does it? And also, she could have written her name before putting the pudding in the fridge.”

Nao shook her head with a bored and weary look.

This is weird….I was obviously stating the truth, but the more I stated, it got weirder and weirder, why was it?

“Ah…I know! It’s because she was still practicing the lines, so she didn’t really know what kinds of lines usually are spoken by a Devil King?”

Then again, why did I want to help Mano huh?

“Well did she say some lines resembling the Devil King? Such as ‘I’ll give you half of this world.’”

“Oh, she did say such a thing.”

“There’s also…’Someday there will be the second and the third devil king appearing’ and such speech.”

“Ah, yes. There exists that kind of line. The timing’s a little off though…”

“Also, there was… ‘Why so stubborn? It’s because I like destruction. Humans’ death are beautiful. Now come, perish in my hand!’ kind of thing.”

“Uh….no, she did not say such a thing.”

The sentence was too long, and full of trivial things.

“Oh, is that so….But didn’t that girl said something very evil like a Devil King would?”

“Yeah, that much is true…eh?”

What? I feel like something’s wrong.

”Mm? Is there something wrong?”

Nao looked at me with a puzzled looks.

“…err that is….Nao, why do you know those Devil King lines…?”


She suddenly froze.

What wrong was that she was able to precisely say those Devil King lines.

“Nao, do you play a game where these kinds of lines show up?”

“N, no, er…That….I….!”

Nao started to become anxious.

“Ah, maybe I was just thinking too much because I don’t think of Nao as the type who would play games. Especially this kind of game, you won’t like it.” “Tha, that’s right…..! It’s not possible for me to play games! These kinds of lines the Devil King spoke can be heard in daily lives you know! So of course everyone knows about them! That’s common sense!”

“Eh…? In daily life…? What kind of situation would they be used in?”

“It’s..well…When chopping cabbage you say, ‘Huhuhu…I will cut you to pieces!’ or something.”

“You are in such foul mood while cooking!?”

“Ba, basically everyone is excited when they are cooking!”

Just as I was thinking ‘is that so?’ we passed the school gate and arrived at the shoe lockers area.

“Forget it. Just that to sum it up, what I said about me talking to the ‘Devil’ schoolgirl is a fact.”

“Hmmmm. And your interaction with her had gone nowhere good right?”

Nao’s was changing to her indoor shoes while scoffing at me.

“No such thing happened! Although when I asked her to take off her clothes, she refused.”

“How can other people have a good relationship with you if things happen like that!? Really… No one would ever talk to Souta…Probably I’m the only one who talks with you.”

Nao chuckled gently.

”Damn….Couldn’t you be not so happy while saying those kinds of things?”

“Wha--! I, I wasn’t happy just now! Stop saying those weird things! It’s because you’re like this no girl will get close to you! Stupid Souta!

For unknown reason Nao suddenly got angry and she turned away to go.

I think I saw her cheek blushing a bit.

“What the heck…”

I was so confused and don’t know what to make of the mood while taking off my shoes.

At that moment—

“…then again Souta, I am really concerned about you right now.”

Nao was obviously still angry, but now she said those confusing words.

“Er? What do you mean?

“Why are you opening and closing others’ shoe lockers?”


Opening and closing others’ shoe lockers?

At first I didn’t know what Nao meant.

She found what I was doing at the moment, ready to open other people’s shoe locker.

Huh, what is this? Why am I doing this?

“What’s wrong? Your shoes are not inside?”

“….Eh? No that’s…eh?”

And then I opened my own locker and looked inside, my indoor shoes was there.

“What is it, it’s there right? Why are you opening other’s people locker without their permission?”

“….Opening and closing…?”

“Opening and closing other’s people locker shoes as if you’re examining the insides. I don’t know what kind of reason you have for doing it, but it’s not good to randomly opening up other people’s locker shoes like that.”


I answered her weakly.

Why did I open those locker shoes, I myself don’t know what the reason was.

It was just a sudden urge to check out everyone’s shoe locker.

What kind of urge is this? This unknown feeling?

“What’s wrong Souta? Not going to hurry up to the classroom?”

Nao’s voice reached me who was still standing in front of the shoe lockers.

Oh well, it’s not that big of a problem anyways.

I hurried and caught up to Nao and took the lead, going to the third’s floor classroom.

When I sat down, I remembered something. That’s right, I wanted to take my H-game.

I hurriedly checked my desk drawer, took out my H-game and put it inside my bag.


Mission accomplished.

With this now I can go home and play the game with the sweet, pure and cute childhood friend’s character, and maybe some moments of ‘ehehehe’ scenes.

“….Souta , don’t bring that kind of game to the school again.”

Tsk! Sitting beside me was the keen-eyed ‘real’ childhood friend of mine.

“Nao is truly an earnest person. Ok, I got it.”

“I’m in the class administration, so I must pay attention to behaviors like these.”

“Yea you’re right….Hm? Wait wait. Surely you’re not the class rep? You don’t wear glasses, and your hair is not braided into twin pig tails either!”

“That’s such a weird bias! Being a class rep doesn’t mean you have to look like that! Then again, I’m only the vice-class representative!”

“Ahhh so that’s the case…If it’s a vice-class representative then its fine.”

“…..forget it… I can’t follow your way of thinking…..”

Nao looked utterly confused, but a class rep is a major role in any H-game, I won’t back down on only this point. A vice-class rep is okay though.

“If the class rep is a girl, please tell her to wear glasses and braid her hair into twin pig tails for me.”

“Why must I do such a thing….hey wait, what are you doing!?”

“Huh? Wha, what is it!?”

Nao’s suddenly shouted and made jumped in surprise.

“Why are you searching inside my bag without permission!”


Although I was thinking, ‘what the hell are you talking about?’ I looked at my hands. I was undoubtedly was searching inside Nao’s bag at the moment.

“W, what!? Wh, what am I doing!?”

“That’s what I wanted to ask! You sick pervert!”

Nao took her bag from me at once and sent an angry glare at me.

How come I acted like this? Did I unconsciously take her bag?

Like the previous incident when I was checking up the shoe lockers, I really had no intention to check Nao’s bag. But first I must solve this misunderstanding.

“Na, Nao! You are mistaken!”

“What did I misunderstand!”

What should I do to clear this misunderstanding!

I myself have no idea how to explain this mysterious incident!

“That….uh… That’s because I thought that there were bombs inside your bag!”

“Bombs!? There’s no such thing inside!”

“I mean it’s I who put it in!”

“WHY!? To think you would do that kind of thing!”

“Oh, sorry I had misspoken! Not bombs!”

“Then what was it!?”

“I put my H-game inside!”

“To think you’re so disgusting!”

“It’s a way to change the inside of my childhood friend!”

“Like this thing can grow a childhood friend for you! Idiot!”

She’s right.



(Rough and Incomplete Illus TL)

A dialogue between Souta and Nao at school ( or something like that!)

Souta: I really want to recommend some Devil King lines to that girl to make her more like a Devil King.

Nao : Hm? Such as?

Souta : Like this….” Welcome, o brave one. I’ve been waiting for you while staying naked” kind of thing.

Nao : What is this perverted Devil King waiting for…

Souta : “I will give all the bloomers { Or some sort. What girl wears in sport? I-it’s not like I TL it as bloomer for you!} in the world to you!”

{Will TL the rest later if I have the urge to do so. It’s just Nao retorting every silly thing Souta said}

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