Martial God Asura - Chapter 4258

Chapter 4258: 4258

Chapter 4258 - Two Kinds Of Powers

“Milord, how are we to distribute the reward?”

In glee, someone asked the most crucial question .

“Woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh---”

Once that person asked that question, more spheroids of light appeared from within the Ancient Era’s Spirit Domain .

Furthermore, those spheroids of light flew toward everyone in the crowd after they appeared .

At this moment, with the exception of Chu Feng and Lu Jie, there was a ball of light floating before everyone .

Those balls of light were extremely familiar to the crowd .

When the crowd were facing the threat of death from the oppression emitted by the light and tasked with choosing two people of the younger generation to enter the chess formations, those balls of light were precisely what they had to cast their consciousness into .

Through those balls of light, they chose Chu Feng and Lu Jie .

Thus, when the balls of light appeared again, the crowd realized that they would most likely have to use those balls of light to allocate their share of the rewards .

“Look! What are those beside Chu Feng and Lu Jie?”

At practically the same moment those balls of light appeared, the crowd noticed a change to Chu Feng and Lu Jie .

Light appeared on Chu Feng and Lu Jie .

But, the light on their bodies differed to some extent .

The light on Chu Feng was red . It was practically identical to the blood-red colored chess formation he entered .

Emitted from his body, the red light resembled a protective formation that covered Chu Feng completely .

But, the light was rather thin . It resembled a small aureole wrapped closely over his clothes .

As for the light around Lu Jie, it was white in color .

The light was not emitted from Lu Jie nor was it struck to Lu Jie’s clothes or body . Instead, it was revolving around Lu Jie and keeping a certain distance from him .

The blood-red light seemed to be one with Chu Feng whereas the white light seemed to be separated from Lu Jie .

But, the white light surrounding Lu Jie was extremely vast . With Lu Jie as the center, it covered a range of ten thousand meters .

The two men created an enormous contrast .

That contrast was not only limited to the size of their lights .

Most importantly, there was also the aura of their lights .

The red light enveloping Chu Feng emits a bloody aura . Apart from that, there was nothing else .

As for the light around Lu Jie, it emits a sacred aura .

Not only that . . .

What brought the crowd the most excitement was that they could feel intense spirit power from the white light around Lu Jie .

It was a power that would aid them enormously .

Although that power was far inferior to the aura of the stele, it was still extremely tempting to the crowd, especially those with weaker cultivation .

It was so much that they felt that this could very well be a dream .

They were doubting if all of this was real .

“Are those the rewards? Are we all able to obtain that sort of power?”

“This is truly an unexpected pleasant surprise . ”

“I’m not dreaming, right?”

The crowd became even more excited . Some even started weeping bitter tears .

Even though there existed an enormous disparity between the so-called reward and the actual inheritance, the crowd were still endlessly excited after sensing that aura .

Especially those with weaker cultivation . They were the most excited of the bunch .

After all, to be able to obtain an equal distribution of the reward was an extremely pleasant surprise to them . It could even be said to be an opportunity bestowed by the heavens . It might even be the greatest opportunity of their lifetime .

“This time around, you all only have a single chance . Between the two people of the younger generation, you all can only choose one . ”

“You will share the reward of the person you chose . ”

That ancient voice sounded again and gave instructions to the crowd .

“So we can only choose one?”

“That’s fine . After all, there’s simply a heaven and earth difference between the power on Chu Feng and the one surrounding young hero Lu Jie . It’s no difference from comparing the light of a firefly to the bright moon . ”

“With such a weak light, he actually had the nerve to say that he was the one who breached the spirit formation to save us? Truly shameless . How could there be such a shameless person in this world?”

After hearing that ancient voice, many people began to mock Chu Feng .

Soon after, the crowd made their decisions . After they cast their consciousness into those balls of light, the balls of light began to move . They flew toward the Ancient Era’s Spirit Domain .

There were hundreds of millions of people present .

As such, there were hundreds of millions of balls of light .

Hundreds of millions of balls of light flying toward the Ancient Era’s Spirit Domain at the same time was like a rush of rain .

That sort of sight was quite spectacular too .

That said, the great majority of those balls of light flew toward Lu Jie and entered the light revolving around him .

That said, a small portion of those balls of light went to Chu Feng .

There were still people that chose Chu Feng .

Apart from Grandmaster Tang Chen, Yuan Shu and Yu Ting, Celestial Fairy Muzhi and Old Man Compliance also chose Chu Feng .

Apart from them were several thousand other people that chose Chu Feng .

Although the several thousand balls of light cannot compare to the hundreds of millions that went to Lu Jie, it remains that they signified that there were people that chose Chu Feng .

Although those thousands of people did not speak out for Chu Feng, they did not insult Chu Feng either .

They had maintained a neutral attitude .

Of course, they did not choose to split Chu Feng’s reward because they wanted to support him .

Rather, it was because there were too many people that decided to choose Lu Jie .

Even though the light surrounding Lu Jie was simply boundless and the aura it emits was very tempting, even though Chu Feng’s light simply cannot compare, there were hundreds of millions of people that chose Lu Jie .

Those several thousand people were worried that Lu Jie’s reward would not be enough to be split among hundreds of millions of people .

Because of that, they decided to choose Chu Feng in hopes of receiving a better split .

Nevertheless, they were still panicky .

The light enveloping Chu Feng was not only very thin, it also did not emit any aura that would aid world spiritists .

Thus, their decision to choose Chu Feng was a gamble .

“Look! There’s actually fools that chose Chu Feng!”

“Merely a bunch of opportunists . They will soon regret their decision . ”

Seeing that there were people that chose Chu Feng, many people started to ridicule them .

As there were a lot of people present, they would naturally only be able to gain a small portion of Lu Jie’s light should it be evenly split among them .

But, they felt that Lu Jie’s light was so intense that even if the amount they received was small, it would still be greater than what Chu Feng had .

That was why they were ridiculing those people that chose Chu Feng .

They felt that their decision was the correct one and the people that chose Chu Feng were destined to be disappointed .


Suddenly, heaven and earth started to tremble . The light around Lu Jie began to fuse with the hundreds of millions of balls of light .

Not long after, the light around Lu Jie dissipated completely . All the light had fused with the balls of light .

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