Martial God Asura - Chapter 4274

Chapter 4274: 4274

Chapter 4274 - Hidden Expert

“Immemorial Cosmos Map?”

“Master, is the Immemorial Cosmos Map some sort of treasure?”

Chu Feng grew interested upon hearing those words .

The word ‘immemorial’ brought upon great expectation toward Chu Feng .

After all, Chu Feng already knew that the Immemorial Era was a time even more distant and more mysterious than the Ancient Era .

The Immemorial Era was the true origin of martial cultivators .

“In short, this inheritance is remarkable . ”

“As for exactly what it is, kiddo, you can slowly make guesses yourself,” said the Ox-nosed Old Daoist with a mischievous smile .

“This…” Chu Feng felt extremely helpless .

Wasn’t the Ox-nosed Old Daoist deliberately teasing him?

Exactly what sort of master did he end up becoming the disciple of?

Soon after, the Ox-nosed Old Daoist removed his spirit formation isolating Chu Feng and him .

After the spirit formation dissipated, Chu Feng discovered that there were not a lot of people around .

The majority of the vast crowd of hundreds of millions had left already .

The Ox-nosed Old Daoist was not surprised by this scene .

Although he had used his ability to torment those people, the torture does not last forever .

Once the power of his spirit formation dissipates, those people will break free from the torture . Naturally, the first thing they would do would be fleeing from this area .

After all, they couldn’t possibly continue to remain here and wait for the Ox-nosed Old Daoist to torture them again .

As such, apart from Grandmaster Tang Chen and others that possess a decent relationship with Chu Feng, the only people that remained were people that did not offend Chu Feng .

“How’d it go? Did you manage to obtain the inheritance?”

“Exactly what sort of inheritance was it?”

Grandmaster Tang Chen and others discovered that the stele had disappeared . They realized that Chu Feng must’ve obtained the inheritance .

“We’ve obtained the inheritance . As for what it is, that’s going to be a secret . ”

“However, to world spiritists, this inheritance is something that they would yearn for in their dreams . ”

Because of that, I will not be handing this inheritance to Chu Feng for the time being . As his master, I will have to enjoy its benefits first . ”

“You can consider it his show of filial respect toward me . Hehe…” Ox-nosed Old Daoist spoke with a vile smile .


Hearing those words, the crowd felt completely speechless .

They all knew that Chu Feng managed to obtain that inheritance because he breached the chess formation and then defeated Lu Jie .

That inheritance should belong to Chu Feng .

Yet, Chu Feng’s master actually decided to keep it for himself . This was simply too excessive .

However, when they saw how Chu Feng was showing no complaint and instead smiling, the crowd knew that Chu Feng was not opposed to it .

Since even Chu Feng himself was not opposed to it, it would naturally be improper for the crowd to say anything .

Of course, they’ve all witnessed how ruthless the Ox-nosed Old Daoist was earlier .

Even if they possess objections, none would dare to voice it .

What the crowd didn’t know was that there were three other figures witnessing the sight of them being afraid of voicing their anger .

Those three people stood high above the clouds .

But, even though they were standing there, no one was aware of them .

Those three people were Fumo Shaoyu, Fumo Xin’er and Lady Gusu who was pretending to be their grandmother .

“This Ox-nose, he’s simply bullying people too much . Young master, should I go and teach him a lesson?” asked Fumo Xin’er .

“What’s there to teach him a lesson about? Can’t you see how Chu Feng is smiling cheerfully? Even Chu Feng himself has no objection . This meant that the two of them possessed an extraordinary relationship and that Ox-nose is someone Chu Feng trusted,” said Fumo Shaoyu .

“This Xin’er was foolish,” Fumo Xin’er said .

“You’re not foolish . Instead, you’ve had your head muddled by love . ”

“As long as anyone took advantage of that Chu Feng, you will not be able to stand by idly and watch,” said Fumo Shaoyu .

“Lord young master, Xin’er hasn’t been muddled by love,” Fumo Xin’er’s complexion turned deathly pale after hearing those words .

“Haha . I’m just joking . Look how scared you became,” laughed Fumo Shaoyu .

“Young master, please don’t joke with Xin’er anymore,” said Fumo Xin’er .

“Okay okay . I won’t tease you anymore,” laughed Fumo Shaoyu .

“Young master, didn’t you come here for Chu Feng’s sake?”

“Why are we not showing ourselves?”

“Why must we observe in secret?” asked Fumo Xin’er .

“Let us wait a while . There’s a hidden expert here,” said Fumo Shaoyu .

“There’s a hidden expert? Who?” asked Fumo Xin’er .

“No idea . But, that expert’s aura is simply unfathomable . That person is an expert that even I cannot handle,” right at this moment, Lady Gusu spoke .

“Lady Gusu also noticed it?” Fumo Xin’er realized that things were not that simple after hearing those words .

“Lord young master, are you also unable to determine who it is?” asked Fumo Xin’er .

“I can only detect a slight aura intermittently . But, I cannot be certain who it is . ”

“But, as this person has remained here the entire time, they must possess some sort of purpose . ”

“Let us continue to observe . There must be a reason as to why that expert’s aura is not completely concealed . Soon, that person will definitely reveal themself,” said Fumo Shaoyu .

Hearing those words, Fumo Xin’er stopped asking more questions . Instead, she began to carefully size up the people below and the surroundings . She wanted to find out where that so-called expert was hiding or who he or she had disguised themself as .

Since it was an expert that not even Fumo Shaoyu and Lady Gusu could handle, that person must be someone very powerful .

While the appearance of such an expert in a desolate place like the Holy Light Galaxy might not affect them, it was unknown if it was a blessing or a curse to Chu Feng and others .


Suddenly, a figure flew down and landed before Chu Feng .

Seeing this person, the crowd’s expressions all changed .

The reason for that was because this person was Old Man Compliance .

Old Man Compliance was a rather cold and detached individual .

He was someone who would not involve himself in anything happening in the Holy Light Galaxy . He was also completely disinterested in everyone .

He has always been a lone operator . Although his reputation was outstanding, he was practically friendless .

But, everyone noticed that he was interested in Chu Feng today .

“Old Thing Compliance, you couldn’t possibly be planning to fight over my disciple, right?” The Ox-nosed Old Daoist said to Old Man Compliance with a smile on his face .

“Brother, you need not worry . This old man had no intention to take a disciple . ”

“Merely, I possess a task that I wish to seek young friend Chu Feng’s help with . Young friend Chu Feng, might you be willing to help me?” said Old Man Compliance .

“Senior, what help do you need?”

“Please speak away . As long as it’s something that this Chu Feng could help with, I will definitely help,” Chu Feng answered very courteously .

Chu Feng had benefited from the Ancient Compliance Castle .

He also had a decent impression of Old Man Compliance . Thus, he was very willing to help Old Man Compliance .

“Young friend Chu Feng, please follow this old man . ”

As Old Man Compliance spoke, he soared into the sky and began to walk toward the Ancient Compliance Castle .

Seeing this, Chu Feng followed over .

After the two of them entered the Ancient Compliance Castle, Old Man Compliance took out a wooden case .

The case appeared very ordinary . But, there were three locks on the case .

Of the three locks, two possess keyholes . But, the lock in the center does not possess a keyhole . It was impossible to open that lock with an ordinary key .

“Young friend Chu Feng, I will be frank with you . ”

“This old man is unable to open the lock in the center . ”

“But, someone has prophesied that a person of the younger generation will appear in the Holy Light Galaxy . ”

“That person of the younger generation will be able to ascend onto the Talent Steps’ third step . ”

“Should that person of the younger generation appear, they will be able to help me open this lock . ”

“Originally, this old man was skeptical of that prophecy . ”

“But, after what happened today, I felt that I had no choice but to believe in it,” said Old Man Compliance .

“Thus, senior wanted me to help you open this lock?” asked Chu Feng .

“That’s right,” Old Man Compliance nodded .

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