Martial God Asura - Chapter 4278

Chapter 4278: 4278

Chapter 4278 - A Transcendent Battle

“You actually brought someone here?”

“It would appear that this Exalted had underestimated you . ”

“How could someone who’s able to possess the egg of a Heaven-devouring Qilin be an ordinary individual?”

“But, this Exalted is determined to see the light again . As such, I can only rely on you, brat . ”

“Today, even if the Celestial Emperor himself arrives here, he will not be able to stop this Exalted . ”

“Your body is mine!”

Suddenly, the giant black dragon opened its mouth and sent forth a fierce dragon breath covering everything .

Everything in the surroundings began to crumble and collapse . The space itself returned to primal chaos .

But, at the instant the dragon breath was sent forth, a barrier appeared before Chu Feng .

That dragon breath was extremely powerful . It seemed to be able to destroy everything in its path . Yet, it was completely blocked by that invisible barrier .

Even though the dragon breath was blocked, Chu Feng still felt his scalp turning numb from fear as he watched countless giant blades slashing through the area before him .

It was a power that had completely surpassed him .

Even though Chu Feng realized that the breath was not aimed at him but rather the Ancient Compliance Castle behind him, he could still tell that any one of those wind blades would be able to completely annihilate him .

“Insignificant trick . ”

“Did you really think you can withstand this Exalted’s power?”

Suddenly, the black dragon roared again .



Cracks appeared on the invisible barrier .

The invisible barrier was about to be breached .


Suddenly, Chu Feng felt his body being enveloped by a suction power . Then, he started flying backwards . By the time he reacted to what was happening, he was standing inside the Ancient Compliance Castle .

Old Man Compliance was also standing inside the Ancient Compliance Castle .

At this moment, light was roaming through Old Man Compliance’s body .

That seemed like a spirit formation . But, that was no ordinary spirit formation . It was clear that Old Man Compliance was using that spirit formation to unleash the power of the Ancient Compliance Castle .

“Young friend Chu Feng, you can rest assured . This old man will definitely have this flood dragon remove the poison from your body . ”

Even though Old Man Compliance was looking outside and not toward Chu Feng, he said those words with extreme confidence .

‘Flood dragon? That’s not a true dragon?’

This question emerged in Chu Feng’s heart after hearing what Old Man Compliance said . But, he did not ask that question directly .

The reason for that was because he did not wish to disturb Old Man Compliance . After all, the opponent Old Man Compliance was fighting against was such a terrifying existence .




Rumbles exploded repeatedly outside . Energy ripples were devastating all around . The underground world has been reduced to a complete chaos .

For a battle of this caliber, Chu Feng was unable to see what was going on . He could only sense the might of the battle .

Nevertheless, he knew that the battle was only just beginning . The intensity of the battle was increasing nonstop .

Just like that, the battle continued for two hours . Yet, it still showed no sign of stopping .

The two fighters seemed to be equally powered . The outcome of the battle remained undetermined .


Suddenly, the roar of the black dragon changed .

The energy ripples outside grew even stronger .

Old Man Compliance was frantically attacking that black dragon . The black dragon was not fighting back .

But, Old Man Compliance’s attacks were unable to injure the black dragon .

Chu Feng could see a strange barrier appearing on the black dragon’s body . It was that barrier that was blocking Old Man Compliance’s attacks .

What brought upon even more unease to Chu Feng was the fact that the black dragon itself was changing .

As it roared, its enormous body began to squirm back and forth .

Then, its soul-body actually began to transform into a physical body .

But, as the dragon’s soul-body began to transform into a physical body, it no longer resembled a dragon .

Flood dragon . What Old Man Compliance said was correct . That black dragon was really a flood dragon .

But, never had Chu Feng encountered such a powerful flood dragon before .

Once that black dragon’s form transformed into that of a flood dragon, its aura grew much more terrifying than before .

“Never would I expect for you to be able to force this Exalted to this extent . ”

“However, it’s time to end this . ”


Once the black dragon said those words, it opened its mouth .

Powerful wind burst out from its mouth .

That wind was so powerful it not only shattered the Ancient Compliance Castle’s defensive barrier instantly, it also engulfed the entire Ancient Compliance Castle .

Standing inside the Ancient Compliance Castle, Chu Feng could feel how the Ancient Compliance Castle was shaking violently .

Ear-piercing rumbles could be heard from all around the Ancient Compliance Castle .

It felt as if the Ancient Compliance Castle could collapse at any time .

Chu Feng immediately looked to Old Man Compliance . He wanted to urge Old Man Compliance to leave and not involve himself in his matter anymore . Chu Feng didn’t want to implicate Old Man Compliance .

But, when Chu Feng looked to Old Man Compliance, he was unable to speak the words that had already reached his mouth .

He discovered that, different from he who was panicking, Old Man Compliance remained calm and composed . There was still a confident look on his face .

Old Man Compliance began to form a special hand seal single-handedly . Then, he pointed to the Ancient Compliance Castle’s Compliance Mirror .


The next moment, the Compliance Mirror disappeared .


The next moment, dazzling light appeared in the pitch-darkness outside .

The light illuminated the surroundings like the bright sun .

The entire underground world was covered by the light .


At the same time, the flood dragon’s roar could be heard .

Looking over, Chu Feng could see an enormous mirror had appeared above the Ancient Compliance Castle . That mirror was so enormous that it was not at all smaller than the Ancient Compliance Castle .

That mirror was none other than the Compliance Mirror .

The dazzling light originated from the Compliance Mirror .

The target of the light was that black dragon .

Although the black dragon took the form of a flood dragon and had increased its battle power enormously, it was still roaring in pain and struggling violently after being enveloped by the sacred white light .

It seemed to be trying its hardest to escape from the light .

It was truly too terrifying . Chu Feng could feel the power of that black dragon . The power it unleashed from its struggle possessed a powerful destructive nature .

The outside world has been reduced to a purgatory from its struggles .

Fortunately Chu Feng was inside the Ancient Compliance Castle . Else, merely the destruction caused by the black dragon’s struggle would’ve annihilated him .

Not to mention Chu Feng, even ordinary Martial Exalted level experts would likely not be able to survive the energy ripples .

Merely the might and energy ripples from the black dragon’s struggle would’ve killed countless experts .

But, even though it was so powerful, the black dragon was unable to escape from the Compliance Mirror’s light .

Soon, the body of the black dragon began to transform again . From the form of a flood dragon, it returned to its former black dragon appearance . Furthermore, the size of its body also began to shrink rapidly .

“Stop! Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me!”

“I will remove the poison from that brat! I will return the Heaven-devouring Qilin to that brat!”

The powerful black dragon actually began to beg for forgiveness .

Old Man Compliance only stopped his attacks after hearing those words .

But, when Old Man Compliance ceased attacking, Chu Feng could hear him panting .

When he looked over to Old Man Compliance again, he discovered that Old Man Compliance’s complexion had turned deathly pale . He looked completely exhausted .

Even though he managed to make that black dragon yield, Chu Feng could tell that Old Man Compliance had paid quite considerably too .

But, no matter what, he won .

“Never would I imagine for senior Compliance to be this powerful . ”

Chu Feng felt completely stunned seeing Old Man Compliance .

Even though he already knew that Old Man Compliance was not as simple as he appeared when he saw the spirit formation gate that connected heaven and earth, he did not anticipate for Old Man Compliance to be this terrifyingly powerful .

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