Martial God Asura - Chapter 4349

Chapter 4349: 4349

Chapter 4349: The Horsetail Whisk Displays Its Might

Chu Feng was feeling deeply conflicted inside .

The item was the only thing he knew of that could save the Ox-nosed Old Daoist, but the current situation was so bad that it was enough to make him feel despair .

However, Chu Feng didn’t wallow in his despair or stop for too long due to it .

There was still a sliver of hope in this, and he wouldn’t give up on it just like that .

He had already made up his mind that even if the item were to mature into a terrifying demonic being, he would still give it a try no matter what .

So, instead of leaving the area, he set up a formation at the location where the item had been left .

This formation would absorb the aura of the item and allow him to track its location .

Even though the item had already left and erased its aura prior to that, this was still the place where the item had been nurtured .

Most mystical products of nature would require thousands of years to tens of thousands of years in order to mature into adulthood, so even if the item had tried to erase its aura, it was likely that there would still be bits of it lingering in the air .

But shortly after the formation was activated, a tight furrow formed on Chu Feng’s forehead .

“I didn’t think that the formation wouldn’t be able to sense any aura at all . Does the item have the ability to remove its aura thoroughly, or does it not leave behind auras at all in the first place?”

One must know that the formation he had set up was no ordinary formation . Typically speaking, even if Chu Feng was unable to perceive anything from his surroundings, the formation would still be able to detect the most inconspicuous aura lingering in the area .

However, it wasn’t picking up on anything at all .

And tracking talismans needed quite a bit of the target’s aura in order to create, which meant that he couldn’t count on that either .

What that chilled Chu Feng’s heart further was that the item had already reached adulthood, and based on what he had heard, it could even morph into the form of a human . If he couldn’t even sense the latter’s aura, wouldn’t that mean that he wouldn’t be able to recognize the item even if it was standing right before him?

If so, the notion of capturing it was nothing more than a dream .

This time around, he really despaired .

Nevertheless, he didn’t leave right away . Instead, he took out an object—the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk .

In truth, he didn’t expect too much from this either . He simply wanted to try enhancing the effects of the formation through the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk in the hopes of achieving something .


But unexpectedly, as soon as he took out the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk, it immediately began trembling nonstop . It was the feeling of a predator catching a whiff of the scent of its prey .

Seeing such a turn of events, a look of delight appeared on Chu Feng’s face . He immediately took control of the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk .


In the next moment, the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk exuded a dense blood-colored smoke that began gushing outward like a pack of ravenous wolves .

It swiftly extended outward over a vast swathe of land with Chu Feng at the very center, and it didn’t take long before it encompassed an area of several million square meters .

That was truly an amazingly large area .

If one were to look down from the sky, one would be able to see a massive expanse of blood-red smoke covering the destroyed mountain range . It looked so eerie that it seemed as if it had come from the demonic being itself .

One who didn’t know better might think that the culprit behind the destruction of the mountain was the blood-red smoke itself .

However, the blood-red smoke didn’t last for too long before contracting .

Surprisingly, as it contracted, it began to surge into the formation that Chu Feng had set up, and soon, the silent formation finally started reacting .

The Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk actually managed to capture the item’s aura, and a huge quantity of it at that .

This really astounded Chu Feng .

After all, he was a Dragon Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist, and he was pretty confident in his world spiritist techniques . Not to mention that he even possessed the ability of the Heaven’s Eye .

He had used all of his means, but was unable to detect a single whiff of the item’s aura .

Despite this, the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk was actually able to capture such a huge amount of it right away .

But what was even more shocking to Chu Feng was how in the world did the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk know what he was intending to do?

Even though Chu Feng was the one who had activated the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk, its following actions were completed of its own accord .

It was as if the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk was a cage imprisoning a ferocious beast . Chu Feng could open the cage, but he wouldn’t be able to control what the ferocious beast would do afterward .

After the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk infused the aura it had captured into Chu Feng’s formation, it moved on to strengthen the power of his formation to severalfold of what it was .

Following that, it retracted its blood-red smoke before falling completely silent .

The earlier rampaging sensation that came from it vanished without a trace .

“This item really possesses sentience . It’s actually able to perceive my thoughts?” Chu Feng remarked in astonishment .

The more he looked at the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk, the more satisfied he was with it .

He had long known that the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk was no ordinary item . After all, it was one of the Great Sect-protecting Treasures of the Celestial Master’s Sacred Sect .

And what kind of place was the Celestial Master’s Sacred Sect?

It was a power that could stand against the colossus that was known as the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion!

Chu Feng had known all along that the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk was an amazing item, but previously, when he used it to breach a formation, the effects appeared to be very mild .

Over time, he began to doubt the powers of the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk . He wondered if its reputation might have been overexaggerated, and it wasn’t as amazing as he thought it to be .

However, the sight he had just witnessed gave him a new understanding of the prowess of the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk .

Without a doubt, it was definitely a treasure among treasures . It was no wonder it would become one of the Great Sect-protecting Treasures of the Celestial Master’s Sacred Sect!

Putting everything aside, just the feat that the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk displayed earlier was something that the Ox-nosed Old Daoist would have difficulties trying to replicate even if he were present at the moment .

It was a power that far surpassed what Chu Feng knew about world spiritist techniques . It was so powerful that it was enough to leave his mouth agape, such that he couldn’t help but realize how insignificant his powers were .

All along, Chu Feng had thought that if he wasn’t able to perceive something, it was likely that it didn’t exist at all . However, the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk had taught him a lesson about that .

The world was far larger than he thought, and sometimes, it was due to the limitations of his strength that he was unable to perceive something deeper than what he could see on the surface .

Even though he was proclaimed as a prodigy world spiritist, possessing a powerful world spiritist bloodline, he couldn’t help but realize that he still had a long way to go as a world spiritist . He had barely scratched the surface thus far .

“Thank you . ”

After expressing his gratitude toward the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk, he carefully stowed it away again .

He knew that if not for its help, he would really have to return empty-handed this time around .

Now that he had captured the item’s aura, perhaps finding and capturing the item was no longer a dream anymore . He might just be really able to do it .

After all, he had a treasure like the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk in his hands .

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