Martial God Asura - Chapter 4350

Chapter 4350: 4350

Chapter 4350: Wang Yuxian

Under the augmentation of the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk, the formation that was filled with the aura of the item swiftly came to shape .

Chu Feng formed several hand seals with one hand before bellowing loudly, and the formation that covered an area of over several hundred meters swiftly compressed to only the size of a fingernail .

Chu Feng took out a world spirit compass and placed the compressed formation onto it . Slowly, the world spirit compass began to spin .

It spun for three rounds before finally ascertaining the direction to be in the southeast . While the needle was still quivering uncertainly on the spot, it still provided Chu Feng with the general direction he needed .

“Looks like it isn’t too far away from here . ”

Chu Feng quickly rose to his feet and set off in the direction indicated by the world spirit compass .

It was just that barely after Chu Feng rose to the air, several figures suddenly flew in his direction . They were the beautiful fairy-like women whom he had bumped into earlier .

As Chu Feng hadn’t concealed himself, they soon noticed him as well .

“You again?”

They were still a little uncertain earlier, but as they came closer and closer, they realized that it was the man whom they had mistakenly captured earlier .

However, Chu Feng ignored them and proceeded to leave the area anyway .

But before he could get anywhere, a martial power wall suddenly appeared before him, blocking his path .

It was a wall formed using the martial power of a rank two Utmost Exalted-level cultivator, but it wasn’t sufficient to stop Chu Feng if he really wanted to leave .

Nevertheless, Chu Feng didn’t try to break this martial power wall . He knew that these women were all powerful cultivators, especially that pure lady .

So, Chu Feng turned to that woman who had created the martial power wall and asked, “Why did you block me?”

“I asked you a question . Why are you here?”

Even though that woman looked quite beautiful, she had a snobbish look on her face .

This really irked Chu Feng, so his attitude toward her wasn’t too good either .

“What business of yours is it that I’m here?”

“What business of mine is it? It was just a moment ago that a demonic being slaughtered cultivators outside the teleportation formation earlier, and you just so happened to be there .

“After you left, we found that the teleportation formation had been affected by the power of the demonic being and couldn’t be operated anymore, causing everyone within the teleportation formation to be trapped in it . Those who were outside the teleportation formation, even if just passing by, would have surely stayed far away from it upon seeing that sight . No one would have come close at all .

“And yet, you happened to be right there by coincidence? You have to give us a reasonable explanation to convince us,” that woman said .

Chu Feng had no idea that there was a problem with the teleportation formation . After all, he came out of it just a moment ago, and he didn’t sense anything off about it .

But thinking about it, it was often the entrance teleportation formation that was more important than the exit teleportation formation .

The ancient teleportation formation that he had used back at the Holy Light Galaxy had been tampered with by the Ox-nosed Old Daoist, so it wasn’t surprising that it harnessed exceptional power compared to ordinary teleportation formations .

However, there was no way he could explain this to these people, and even if he tried to, it was unlikely that they would believe him .

It would be much more effective to lie to them .

“I just happened to pass by . Is there a problem with that?” Chu Feng replied .

“You happened to pass by? Fine, let’s assume that I believe you on that . This mountain range that we’re in has just come under the attack of a demonic being, and just by looking at the state it is in, it’s obvious that it hasn’t been long since the demonic being rampaged here . Yet, you appeared here a short moment later . Are you going to claim that this is a coincidence too?” that woman asked once again .

The other women present, other than the pure lady, also directed sharp eyes used for interrogating criminals toward Chu Feng as well .

It was almost as if he would become a goner if he failed to answer their questions properly .

However, Chu Feng was not afraid .

There was no doubt that these women were all formidable individuals, such that they could be considered geniuses, but other than the pure lady, he really didn’t fear any of them at all .

As long as the pure lady had no enmity toward him, even if all of these women were to attack him at once, Chu Feng had nothing to worry about .

So, with an even more haughty attitude from before, he replied emphatically, “It is a coincidence . ”

“Coincidence? If it really is a coincidence, why are you acting so suspiciously, running as soon as you see us?” that woman asked once more .

“Do words not go through your brain before you speak? Even if I wanted to run, I would have run in the opposite direction from you! Who in the world would run straight toward the person he is escaping from? That’s not escaping, but suicide!” Chu Feng scoffed .

“You wanted to play mind games with us, so you did it intentionally . You knew that it was already too late for you to get away by the time you saw us, so you chose to fly in our direction in order to mislead us that you have nothing to do with this matter!” that woman replied coldly .

“Senior, let him leave,” the pure lady suddenly interjected all of a sudden .

Just as Chu Feng thought, the pure lady had no intention of making things difficult for Chu Feng this time around .

“But little junior…”

That woman who had stopped Chu Feng didn’t seem willing to let things rest just like that .

However, the pure lady said, “Senior, he’s a cultivator, not a demonic being . ”

“But even if he’s not a demonic being, he could be in cahoots with it!” that woman protested .

“No, that’s very unlikely . The demonic being that rampaged here is different from that one at the teleportation formation,” the pure lady answered .


That woman still wasn’t willing to let things go .

“Let him go,” the pure lady repeated once again .

This time, that woman didn’t say anything else . She reluctantly released the martial power wall she had created to block Chu Feng’s path and allowed him to leave .

From the looks of it, the pure lady did have quite some standing within their group .

“Young master, do you harbor some other motive toward the demonic beings, or are you intending to hunt the demonic beings to earn their bounty?” the pure lady asked Chu Feng .

“I’ve no interest in demonic beings . I just stumbled into this by coincidence,” Chu Feng replied .

“It’s none of my business what your motive is, but young master, I would like to offer you some words of advice . Those demonic beings are not within your means to deal with, so I suggest that you stay away from here as much as possible . ”

It was clear that the pure lady didn’t believe what Chu Feng said . She had already determined for herself that he was here to hunt down the demonic beings, but she felt that Chu Feng was overestimating his own abilities, so she gave him a word of advice .

After saying those words, the pure lady began to descend upon the mountain range .

However, Chu Feng’s gaze still remained upon her .

To call her a lady didn’t seem apt . Her appearance still carried the youthfulness of a child .

It might be more appropriate to call her a pure girl instead .

While she was unlikely to be as young as she looked, Chu Feng could tell that she wasn’t too old either . Most likely, she was younger than him .

Despite her young age, she possessed strength far beyond his .

There was no doubt that she was a rare genius .

Top-notch geniuses tended to have a sense of superiority over others, causing them to act in a conceited manner . Yet, this pure girl was able to treat others calmly, not putting on airs at all .

It was due to this that his impression of her remained decent despite her having suppressed him to the ground using her oppressive might earlier .

“Continue staring, and I’ll dig your eyeballs out!”

A cold bellow suddenly sounded from behind . It was from the seniors of the pure girl .

“A toad lusting for the flesh of a swan . ”

“Do you really not know what kind of person she is?”

“A person like you actually dares to set your eyes on her? Are you even qualified?”

The women all berated him as they eyed him with disdain .

“Oh? Who is she then?” Chu Feng asked .

“You really don’t know? I’ll tell you then! We’re the disciples of the Lady of Dao Sea, and she’s the most talented prodigy of the Nine Souls Galaxy, Wang Yuxian!

“Daring to eye her, you’re no more than a toad lusting for the flesh of a swan . No, you aren’t even worthy to be considered as a toad! You better keep your distance from her . If I see you looking at her again, I’ll dig out your eyeballs for your insolence!”

After tossing these words behind them, these women glared at Chu Feng coldly before quickly descending to the mountain range together with the pure girl .

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