Martial God Asura - Chapter 4351

Chapter 4351: Chapter 4351: Such Treasure

Chapter 4351: Such Treasure

“Wang Yuxian? The most talented prodigy of the Nine Souls Galaxy? That explains why she possesses such power!”

Meanwhile, Chu Feng took down the pure girl’s name in his mind .

A person who was younger than him and yet possessed cultivation far beyond him, such that he was unable to see through her cultivation .

She was indeed qualified to have Chu Feng remember her name .

After this short incident, Chu Feng began searching around for the whereabouts of the item with his compass in hand .

The closer he came to the item, the more accurate the location pinpointed by the compass became . At the same time, he realized that the people in the surroundings were growing fewer and fewer .

But Chu Feng was feeling more and more uncertain on the inside .

The fact that the direction pointed out by the compass was becoming more certain meant that he was coming close to the item, but he was unable to sense where that item was despite having kept his Heaven’s Eye opened all this while .

He was entirely reliant on the compass .

This made Chu Feng realize that the Ox-nosed Old Daoist was not exaggerating at all .

Upon reaching maturity, that item’s prowess was at least above his right now .

If he continued to track the item, it was likely that the latter would notice him too . Perhaps, he might even lose his life before he could notice anything at all .

Facing such circumstances, Chu Feng quickly utilized his Nine Dragons Saint Cloak to conceal himself . On top of that, he also spent quite a bit of effort to set up a concealment formation around him .

Despite so, he still felt uncertain about this whole thing .

That being said, Chu Feng still continued to proceed ahead . He knew right from the start that he was venturing into danger, but for the Ox-nosed Old Daoist, he couldn’t afford to back down right now .

All of a sudden, the compass in Chu Feng’s hand started to glow lightly .

“It’s in the vicinity?”

Seeing the glow on the compass, Chu Feng quickly halted his footsteps and scanned his surroundings warily .

The glow on the compass indicated that the target he was tracing was in the vicinity . However, he didn’t see any trace of the item he was tracking down .

So, he began to scan the area carefully, and under the intent gaze of the Heaven’s Eye, he finally noticed an anomaly .

There was actually a hidden barrier in the area . It was not a spirit formation, but its ability to conceal was formidable .

If not for the fact that Chu Feng was looking at it in close up, he might not have noticed it at all .

“This is the power released by that item? What is it doing here? Is it resting?”

Chu Feng knew that there was no point in guessing what was going on . If he really wanted to know the truth, he would have to break this barrier first .

The only problem with that was that this barrier wasn’t made up of spirit power . It was already difficult for him to notice it, and peering through it would surely pose to be a great challenge .

Under such circumstances, he had no choice but to bring out the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk once more .

He hoped that the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk could resolve this quandary he was in once more .

Fortunately, the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk hadn’t let him down . As soon as he took it out, the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk began to quiver in agitation once more . It was the same feeling he felt right before it gathered the aura of the black flame for him .

So, he immediately activated it .

As expected, the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk began releasing a blood-red smoke once more .

It was just that the blood-red smoke this time around had a different aura from the one that had covered the entire mountain range earlier .

This time around, the blood-red smoke was far weaker, and its movements were very careful . With incredible speed and dexterity, it sped toward the barrier .

Soon, the blood-red smoke was already clashing with the barrier, and a spirit formation gate formed before Chu Feng’s eyes .

Chu Feng quickly passed through the spirit formation gate, and in the next moment, he found himself seeing a completely different scenery before him .

He was still in the midst of a mountain range, but it was one that was covered in lush greenery .

The mountain range that Chu Feng had been in earlier should have been in such a state as well, but all of the plants had been charred black as if it had been ravaged by a merciless inferno .

As soon as Chu Feng stepped across the spirit formation gate, the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk immediately retracted its blood-red smoke, and the spirit formation gate dissipated as well .

However, Chu Feng couldn’t care that much . As soon as he entered the area, the first thing he did was to fly into the air, and soon, he found the item he had been looking for .

The item was actually a bundle of black flame .

The black flame spanned a frightening diameter of ten thousand meters . Even though it was still blazing ferociously, it wasn’t spreading any further than that . From this, Chu Feng deduced that the black flame was either at rest or was cultivating at the moment .

Chu Feng used the Heaven’s Eye to examine the black flame carefully, but he was unable to determine what cultivation the black flame was at .

Under such circumstances, Chu Feng dared not to make a move recklessly .


However, just as Chu Feng was at a loss as to what to do, the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk in his hands suddenly began moving once more .

So, he activated it once again .

Yet again, the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk released its blood-red smoke .

And once again, Chu Feng was able to see yet another side of the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk . The smoke that it released this time morphed into complicated runic patterns .

With just one look, Chu Feng was able to tell that it was a particularly advanced offensive formation that was tailored to deal with mystical products of nature .

Without a doubt, it would be a formidable weapon against the black flame .

The only problem was that building this formation needed quite some time, and it’ll cause quite a bit of ruckus .


But at this very moment, the blood-red smoke emanated by the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk suddenly became incredibly dense, and with Chu Feng at its center, it diffused across a radius of ten thousand meters .

Just that this time, the blood-red smoke released a peculiar aura together with it .

Seeing this sight, Chu Feng’s eyes lit up, but at the same time, his heart jolted in astonishment as well .

“The power of concealment?” Chu Feng remarked .

In his moment of helplessness, the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk not only created an offensive formation to deal with the black flame, it even used its own powers to conceal this area so as to buy time for Chu Feng till the offensive formation was fully set up .

“With such a treasure on my hand, it looks like that black flame is mine for the taking then!” Chu Feng muttered to himself in delight .

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