Martial God Asura - Chapter 4353

Chapter 4353: Chapter 4353: No Choice But To Make a Move

Chapter 4353: No Choice But To Make a Move


A terrifying cry rattled the surroundings . The massive black flame that had covered both the surface and the sky began launching attacks from all directions toward Wang Yuxian .

There was an absolute difference in size between the two of them, making it look as if the fight between a mortal and a divinity from the heavens .

This time around, however, the black flame wasn’t just attacking Wang Yuxian anymore . It had begun launching attacks against Wang Yuxian’s seniors too .

Facing such a situation, Wang Yuxian had no choice but to divert her attention to protect her seniors too .

These seniors of hers tended to pull their weight and put on airs, acting domineering before those beneath them . However, in the face of the black flame, they didn’t even have the strength to protect themselves . From the start to the end, they could only hide behind Wang Yuxian, unable to do anything at all .

They were, in the truest sense, excess baggage to Wang Yuxian .

“Quick, quick!”

Chu Feng turned his attention away from the battle and focused his efforts entirely on building his offensive formation . He could already tell that it wouldn’t be long before Wang Yuxian fell in defeat against the black flame .

While he wasn’t obliged to help Wang Yuxian, he had quite a favorable impression of her . Perhaps it was because he found it a pity for a prodigy like her to die here just like that, he didn’t wish to see her come to harm .

However, Chu Feng’s abilities were limited . If he wanted to save Wang Yuxian, he would have to complete the offensive formation first . It was a race against time .


However, fate worked in a mysterious way where the things that one was the most fearful of would somehow end up occurring .

The black flame’s attacks suddenly grew even more ferocious, resulting in Wang Yuxian being swiftly pushed to a corner .

“Elder, we don’t mean any harm . We only happened to pass by this area . Our master is the Lady of Dao Sea, so I ask of you to let us off!”

Seeing that Wang Yuxian wasn’t a match for the black flame, a person amongst them began begging for mercy . It was the same person who had used her martial power wall to block Chu Feng’s path earlier .


Hearing that someone was begging for mercy, the black flame suddenly began laughing sinisterly . It sounded as if the laughter had come from all around the black flame all at once, making it seem particularly eerie .

“Like I would care whether you are some dastardly disciple of what Lady of Dog Sea, this Exalted has never heard of anyone by that name! You dared to interrupt this Exalted during a crucial phase of my cultivation . Don’t worry, I won’t let you die easily over here . I shall slowly corrode those pretty faces of yours until you are down to your final breath!!!”

Right after saying those words, the offense of the black flame suddenly changed .

A bluish glow had suddenly surfaced in the midst of its black body .


Without any warning, blue droplets of water burst forth from within the black flame . These blue droplets of water carried an incredibly acrid smell, and it shot forth from all directions toward Wang Yuxian and her seniors .

In response, Wang Yuxian and her seniors quickly set up a martial power barrier together in order to fend against the droplets of water .

However, the droplets of water turned out to be more powerful than they thought . Even though they managed to block most of it, there were still some dribbles of it that managed to pass through the martial power wall they had set up and fell on Wang Yuxian and her seniors .

Surprisingly, those who were touched by the blue water droplets didn’t feel pain at all .

The woman who had begged with the black flame earlier, perhaps it was out of true disgust or glee, spoke with an extremely disdainful voice, “This demonic being is truly disgusting . How dare it sully us with such stuff?”

Those words immediately caught the attention of those around .

“Senior, you!!!”

Very soon, another person amidst the crowd screamed in horror .

The woman was still confused at the start, so she turned to look at those around her, but in the next moment, her eyes widened in horror .

“Juniors, l-look! Look at your own faces!” that woman shrieked in utter terror .

Just like that, the scream rippled across the group, and everyone was suddenly shrieking in panic .

There were some transformations happening to them at the moment . Red acne was popping out of their skin one after another, and their faces were becoming incredibly bloated . On top of that, their facial features were slowly distorting out of place .

They were all beauties, but in just a few matters of moments, their faces had warped into those reminiscent of ugly monsters .

“Little junior, y-you too!”

Someone turned to look at Wang Yuxian and realized that even she was undergoing similar changes as well . The only difference was that Wang Yuxian’s changes were less pronounced as theirs .

Even though she wasn’t as ugly as the rest, she had also lost her beautiful appearance as well .

However, Wang Yuxian didn’t scream . She didn’t even have time to take a look at her own appearance at all . She had to use her full strength to ward against the black flame, especially since its attack had never stopped all this while . Otherwise, not only would they lose their beauty, but they would also lose their lives as well .

“We’re doomed, doomed! How in the world did we stumble upon such a formidable demonic beast? Even little junior isn’t a match for it!”

Those conceited women suddenly began bawling on the spot out of despair, and the only one who managed to remain calm in this situation was the youngest Wang Yuxian .

“Hey, you little demon . What is so great about bullying women? If you have guts, come at me instead!”

But at this moment, a voice suddenly echoed from a distance away .

Tracing the origin of the voice, Wang Yuxian and her seniors saw a figure standing in midair not too far away from the battlefield .

That person was no other than Chu Feng .

Finally, Chu Feng had finished setting up his offensive formation .

The only problem was that in order to exert the full might of the offensive formation, he had to lure the black flame above the formation first, and that was why he had no choice but to step forth and provoke it .

“It’s him… It’s actually him!”

“I told you, didn’t I? He’s conspiring with the demonic being! Little junior, I already told you previously that he’s working with the demonic being, and we mustn’t let him go!”

It should have been plenty obvious that Chu Feng was provoking the black flame, but as soon as those women saw Chu Feng, they actually began criticizing him .

“There’s really something wrong with your heads . I’m obviously here to save you! Shut your filthy mouths up and come over to my side if you want to live!” Chu Feng bellowed coldly .

“You’re lying! You’re definitely in cahoots with the demonic being! Little junior, you mustn’t believe him!”

“He’s a conspirator with the demonic being! He’s intending to help the demonic being deal with us . We’ll really be goners if we were to heed his instructions!”

Those women didn’t trust Chu Feng at all .

However, there was one person who trusted Chu Feng, and it was the one whom Chu Feng had the deepest impression of—Wang Yuxian . She began to change her offense to find a way to break out of the encirclement and get to where Chu Feng was .

This left Chu Feng feeling a little relieved .

Unfortunately, the black flame had already managed to claim the upper hand here .

Despite Wang Yuxian’s efforts, she was unable to break free of its encirclement .

“Demonic being, don’t you think that only trash would bully women to inflate their egos? If you’re really as great as you say you are, why don’t you fight against me instead!” Chu Feng tried provoking the black flame once more .

“Looks like there’s a hero wannabe here who wants to save these beauties! Don’t worry, you’ll be next after I’m done with them!”

Yet, who could have thought that the black flame wasn’t falling fro Chu Feng’s taunts at all . It continued to focus its attacks on Wang Yuxian’s group .


Screams of agony sounded from those women as pained looks filled their faces . Wang Yuxian was no exception to that either .

Not only so, but her aura was also beginning to decline .

The effects of the blue water droplets weren’t so simple as to simply modify their appearances . The true poison had just started setting in .

At this rate, Wang Yuxian would really lose all of her strength . Even without the black flame making a move, they would all die to the poison .

He couldn’t drag it out anymore .

“It looks like I have no choice then…” Chu Feng sighed helplessly to himself .

He couldn’t bring himself to watch as all of them died in the hands of the black flames .

So, he began forming several hand seals before shouting, “Activate formation!!!”


In the next moment, the power of concealment vanished, and a powerful formation came into appearance .

A brilliant burst of light filled the sky, that was covered by the vast expanse of black flame earlier . It was so blinding that it looked almost as if another sun had risen in the world .

However, this brightness came not from a golden sun but a blood-red sun .

The blood-red light dyed everything within sight crimson, such that even the black flame was starting to reflect tinges of redness .

It looked so sinister that it was no exaggeration to say that it was several times more frightening than the demonic being itself!

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