Martial God Asura - Chapter 4425

Chapter 4425: 4425

Chapter 4425: Divine Lightning Heaven Massacre Formation

“You despicable scoundrel! You must have set up this formation in advance! I dare you to dispel this formation and face us fair and square!” Yu Hong cried out indignantly .

“Oh? Are the clan members of the Yu Heavenly Clan such sore losers? Is this all their prodigies weigh up to?”


As Chu Feng said those words, the golden lightning in the surroundings grew even more ferocious as they flowed through Yu Hong and Yu Yin’s bodies with even greater force .


The electrocution from the Yu Hong and Yu Yin golden lightning inflicted such great pain on the two of them that their eyes were rolling upward, revealing the whites of their eyes .

“Stop it! Stop it right now!”

Yu Hong and Yu Yin cried out .

However, Chu Feng paid them no heed at all .

“You have shown disrespect to Princess Xiaoxiao a moment ago . Apologize to her right now, or else…”

Before Chu Feng could finish his words, Yin Daifen had already cut right in, “Or else what?”

She couldn’t accept this situation . Neither could Fu Feiyue, Yu Hong, or Yu Yin .

Who were they?

They were the most outstanding geniuses of the Holy Light Galaxy! They had always been standing above the masses, so when had anyone dared to threaten them before?

Not to mention, the person who was doing so had come from an Abandoned Starfield, a place where they deemed no more than trash .

“You want to know?” Chu Feng asked as he began walking toward Yin Daifen .

Lightning gathered in his hands to form a gleaming golden dagger within his grasp . Even though it was formed out of spirit power, its might wasn’t to be underestimated .

“This dagger of mine can pierce right through your soul . If you don’t apologize to Princess Xiaoxiao, I’ll carve up your face, and you’ll become the same as the so-called ‘hideous creature’ that you detest so much,” Chu Feng spat coldly as he pressed the dagger against Yin Daifen’s cheek .

“You dare! If you dare to touch me, I’ll massacre your clan!” Yin Daifen bellowed furiously .

Despite her fuming front, her eyes were already twitching from panic . She was flustered and afraid .

After all, Chu Feng had already shown that he wouldn’t hesitate to make a move on them . With the galls of his audacity, he might really dare to do something overboard!

“You want to gamble on my audacity? Hahaha! Very well, shall we put it to a test then?” Chu Feng replied with a vicious glint in his eyes .

“NOOOO!!!” Yin Daifen shrieked in horror .

Her voice was so piercing that one could feel the terror quivering from within her . It trembled the forest, causing huge flocks of birds to escape into the sky .

Out of sheer fear, she had closed her eyes tightly shut .

Chu Feng could see that there were two streams of tears flowing down her cheeks . She had really been scared out of her wits .

Chu Feng was only saying those words to scare her—he had no intentions of doing for real—but in any case, his scare worked out .

No matter how unreasonable or vile a person Yin Daifen was, as it turned out, she still cared deeply for her appearance . She couldn’t accept being disfigured .

“Apologize,” Chu Feng ordered .

“I was wrong for my earlier disrespect, Miss Long . Please don’t hold it against me . ”

Yin Daifen cried as she apologized to Long Xiaoxiao . Her lips were quivering from fear as she spoke, revealing just how unnerved she was .

All of her bravado had collapsed, exposing the feeble side of her .

“What about the rest of you? Do you still want to grasp hopelessly to your pride and have your cultivation crippled?”

Chu Feng turned his eyes toward the four men from the Yu Heavenly Clan and the Monstrous Herd Temple .

“Brother, aren’t you being unfair here? Why is it only disfigurement when it’s Yin Daifen, and when it came to us, it’s crippling our cultivation? Aren’t we too pitiful like that?” the skinny man from the Monstrous Herd Temple protested .

“Yeah, that’s unfair!” the muscular man agreed too .

“If you’re discontented with that, shall we sever your manhood then?” Chu Feng asked as he shot a glance at the crotches of the duo .

Those words caused a shudder to run through their bodies as they instinctively moved their hands forward to shield their manhood from premature death .

Following that, they quickly lowered their backs and said, “This brother over here and Miss Long, we have eyes but failed to recognize Mount Tai . We forgot the adage to not judge a book by its cover . We apologize for offending you with our words earlier, and we seek your forgiveness on that . ”

Pah pah!

Following that, the skinny man even raised his arm and slapped his own cheeks forcefully twice .

This sight had shocked not only Chu Feng and Long Xiaoxiao but even Fu Feiyue and the others too .

Pah pah!

But right after that, yet another two slaps sounded . It was from the muscular man this time around .

Chu Feng didn’t expect the two of them were extremely sincere in their apologies . What else could he say after they had gone this far?

“What about the rest of you?”

Chu Feng finally turned his gaze toward Fu Feiyue, Yu Hong and Yu Yin .

“We are sorry . We shouldn’t have run our mouth and insulted you . Please let us off . ”

The three of them were tortured by the lightning to the point where they didn’t even have the strength to speak anymore . The arrogance that they had shown earlier were completely zapped out of them .

After hearing their apologies, Chu Feng waved his hand, and the golden lightning binding their body finally dissipated, returning Fei Feiyue, Yu Hong, and Yu Yin their freedom .

As soon as they were freed, Yu Hong and Yu Yin rose back to their feet and shot a dirty look at Chu Feng .

However, in the next moment, they found themselves met with Chu Feng’s sharp glare too .

For some reason, they found themselves their bodies shuddering involuntarily in the face of Chu Feng’s glare . They hurriedly diverted their eyes elsewhere, not daring to face Chu Feng directly .

They had initially intended to settle the score with Chu Feng as they couldn’t accept losing just like that, but when the look in Chu Feng’s eyes brought fear to them . They suddenly found themselves wondering if the lightning formation in the surroundings had really dissipated or that it was just hidden from their view .

So, in the end, they chose to let it go for the time being .

As for Fu Feiyue, he immediately rushed over to Yin Daifen’s side to coax his crying junior .

“Little benefactor, you are nothing less than what I expect you to be . You’re really my idol!” Long Xiaoxiao skipped over to Chu Feng’s side and exclaimed delightfully .

It was said that every single woman hoped for the man in her heart to be an indomitable hero .

While Chu Feng was no hero, his feat of subduing these experts from the various top powers in the Holy Light Galaxy within such a short period of time was more than enough to display his capabilities .

One must know that even Long Xiaoxiao herself would be unable to pull something like this off

“Don’t provoke others, but don’t shy away from battles . Isn’t that what your father instructed you?” Chu Feng said .

Hearing those words, Long Xiaoxiao couldn’t help but chuckle . That was indeed what her father had instructed her earlier .

While she had no idea what her father had secretly told Chu Feng prior to their parting, she had a feeling that the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief would spit blood if he were to learn about everything that had just happened .

It was true that Chu Feng had managed to stop Long Xiaoxiao from going on a rampage, but in the midst of doing so, he stirred up even greater trouble .

After all, these people had extraordinary backgrounds, such that they could be said to be the nobles of the Holy Light Galaxy .

“Little benefactor, where did you learn that formation from? Teach me when you have time, alright?” Long Xiaoxiao said .

This was the first time she had seen a formation that disallowed cultivators from raising their cultivation . It was just refreshing and unique to her .

Even though it could only bind opponents whose strength was beneath that of the formation, it could have exceptional effects if utilized well in battle .

“I created it myself,” Chu Feng replied .

“You created it yourself?” Long Xiaoxiao exclaimed in shock .

The others present also turned to look at Chu Feng as well, and suspicion could be seen in their eyes .

They found it hard to believe that Chu Feng would be able to devise such a formidable formation by himself .

“That’s right . ” Chu Feng nodded his head with a trace of glee on his face .

He had indeed created this formation by himself .

The reason why he had been cultivating an Exalted Taboo Martial Skill was so that he would have more trump cards he could rely on when facing a difficult opponent .

But at the same time, he knew that his spirit power was stronger than his martial power, and since that was the case, he felt that it might have been more effective for him to devise a formation to curb his opponent instead .

More often than not, the opponents he faced would have methods to raise their prowess when pushed to a desperate position, so he thought of restricting them with his formation instead .

So, he began looking into it, and to his delight, everything worked out well .

However, this formation was still a little rough on the edges . One particular flaw about it was that he could only conceal its presence before those who had weaker spirit power, such as Long Xiaoxiao .

If he were to try the same before the experts of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, such as Li Muzhi, there was no doubt that he would fail tragically .

Of course, he would still continue to work on it till even world spiritists on Li Muzhi’s caliber wouldn’t be able to detect it .

“Little benefactor, you are simply too incredible! You are actually able to create such power formations too? What is this formation of yours called?” Long Xiaoxiao asked .

It was clear that she didn’t doubt Chu Feng’s words at all . Instead, she carried unwavering trust in him .

“I haven’t given it a name yet,” Chu Feng replied .

“Why don’t I come up with a name for you instead?”

As Long Xiaoxiao asked this question, her eyes seemed to be twinkling with stars . It seemed like she really hoped that she could come up with the name for Chu Feng .

“Sounds good . ”

“Why don’t we call it Divine Lightning Heaven Massacre Formation?”

Right after Long Xiaoxiao said those words, Yu Hong, Yu Yin, Fu Feiyue, and the others immediately shot displeased looks over .

What Heaven Massacre Formation?

Wasn’t she simply referring to them? After all, they had called themselves sons of heaven earlier .

This name was really a slap in their faces .

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