Martial God Asura - Chapter 4426

Chapter 4426: 4426

Chapter 4426: Splitting Into Groups

“Sure . The name sounds good . Let’s go with it then . ”

And what that infuriated the crowd even more was that Chu Feng actually approved of the name!

Chu Feng took out a scroll, and on an empty spot on the scroll, he began calligraphing with his finger, writing out the words ‘Divine Lightning Heaven Massacre Formation’ .

“Waaaa, little benefactor! You have already jotted down the method to set up on the formation?”

Upon seeing the scroll, Long Xiaoxiao’s saliva nearly dripped from her mouth . She looked as if she would snatch it over at any moment .

“This formation is very hard to practice and use . You can try playing around with it first,” Chu Feng said as he passed the scroll to Long Xiaoxiao .

He felt that Long Xiaoxiao wouldn’t be able to master this formation . Even if she was able to grasp a portion of it, it would be hard for her to bring out significant prowess from the formation as he did .

A significant reason for that was because Chu Feng had infused his world spiritist bloodline into the formation in order to draw out greater prowess from it .

To put it in other words, other than Chu Feng himself, unless someone shared the same bloodline as that of his mother, no one else would be able to bring the formation to such a level .

“The formation of this brother over here is really formidable . It’s the most remarkable formation I’ve seen in my life . If I hadn’t seen it with my eyes, I would have never thought that it would be possible for a world spiritist to curb a cultivator . I can’t even begin to describe just how awed I am by you . ”

The skinny man from the Monstrous Herd Temple exclaimed exaggeratedly as he approached Chu Feng .

“What are you trying to say?” Chu Feng replied with a wary gleam in his eyes .

While these two men from the Monstrous Herd Temple had surrendered pretty quickly earlier, Chu Feng had no intention of putting down his guard before them . After all, he wasn’t close with them and had no idea what kind of people they were .

“Brother, I have a deep respect for the formation you have just used, and I wish to share its splendor with my friends too . If it isn’t too much to ask for, may I ask you to impart it to me too? I’m more than willing to tell others than you’re the one who imparted this formation to me so that others will learn of your greatness!” the skinny man from the Monstrous Herd Temple said .

Upon hearing those words, Chu Feng suddenly burst into laughter . He didn’t think that the other party would have been so thick-skinned as to make such an unreasonable request .

So, he replied curtly, “What do you think?”

“Hehe… I was just cracking a joke to alleviate the tense atmosphere . Brother, your name is Chu Feng, right? I’m from the Divine Might Panther Tribe of the Monstrous Herd Temple . My name is Bao Yue . ”

The skinny man from the Monstrous Herd Temple clasped his fist and suddenly began introducing himself formally to Chu Feng .

“Brother Chu Feng, I’m from the Monstrous Herd Temple too, but I’m from the Mount Yin Behemoth Tribe . My name is Kui Wudi, though my friends tend to call me Gutsy Kui . If you are fine with you, you can just call me Gutsy too . ”

Following that, the muscular man also stepped forward and introduced himself too .

His earnest demeanor made it look almost as if that arrogant self he had displayed earlier was another person .

“The two of you sure change faces very quickly,” Long Xiaoxiao remarked speechlessly .

While she didn’t have a high opinion of these two men, at the very least, they seemed much better compared to Yu Hong, Yu Yin, and the others .

“Ah, the two of us do have the bad habit of looking down on others . It can’t be helped . We might be monstrous beasts, but we still share some of the bad habits that humans have . That being said, we aren’t bad at heart!”

“Yes, that’s right! The two of us aren’t bad at heart . We might run our mouths at times, but it usually just ends there . ”

Bao Yue and Gutsy Kui exclaimed .

“They say that a fight brings bonds closer . We probably wouldn’t have gotten to know one another better if not for the fight,” Chu Feng clasped his fist as he returned the gesture .

He did think that the two men from the Monstrous Herd Temple were much more likable than the others from the Yu Heavenly Clan and the Cloudsky Immortal Sect .

While Bao Yue and Gutsy Kui did say a lot of nasty words at the start, they were at least sincere in their apologies and expressing their regrets .

Well, there was no denying that the two of them only changed their tune after witnessing Chu Feng’s strength, so it wasn’t wrong to say that they were the type of people who only bowed to those stronger to them .

Nevertheless, it was still much better than those obstinate fellows from the Yu Heavenly Clan and the Cloudsky Immortal Sect, who persisted in their prejudice .

While Yu Hong, Yu Yin, and the others weren’t saying anything, Chu Feng could tell that they were definitely cursing him in their hearts . If he were to show any signs of weakness, there was no doubt that they would exploit the opportunity to bring him to his doom .

“I didn’t think that the juniors of the Holy Light Galaxy would be so weak and have such atrocious characters . A bunch of weaklings actually dare to pull their weight and look down on their peers from the same galaxy? It’s no wonder why the famed Ancestral Martial Galaxy back then would fall into such a plight!”

A hoarse voice suddenly sounded from behind the Godwish Palace .

Soon after, a hunched figure began walking out from the Godwish Palace .

She was a very skinny person, almost just skins and bones . She was also rather short, being at around a meter or so .

She held a walking cane in her hand as she limped her way forward . It looked almost as if she would fall at any moment .

Even though she was wearing a veiled hat, making it impossible to see her appearance, one could still see her snowy hair peeking out from the ends of the veil . Her hands were also dry, wrinkly, and filled with age spots .

All of these showed that she was extremely advanced in age .

“Paying respects to the Godwish Grandmother!”

Upon seeing this old woman, the duo from the Yu Heavenly Clan immediately bowed deeply with a fawning attitude .

“Do everyone from your Yu Heavenly Clan take every opportunity that comes its way to lick the boots of those stronger than them?”

The respectful attitudes of the Yu Heavenly Clan only brought about the scorn of the old woman .


Yu Hong and Yu Yin couldn’t help but fidget awkwardly after hearing those words .

“I’m not the Godwish Grandmother, so watch how you address me . I am a disciple of the Godwish Grandmother,” the old woman said .

“May I know how I should address you, elder?” Fu Feiyue stepped forward and asked .

His attitude wasn’t as fawning as that of Yu Hong and Yu Yin . He carried himself a bit more dignity and poise .

Yet, the old woman acted as if she hadn’t seen him at all . Instead, she asked the crowd, “You should have managed to fuse with your Godwish Pearls, I suppose?”

“Yes, elder . That has been done . ”

The crowd replied .

“Come forward and grab your key,” the old woman said as she took out a gourd before explaining further .

“I have eight keys of four different colors here, which means that there would be two keys with the same colors . Those who receive keys of the same color will be in the same team for their examination . Remember, you have to coordinate with one another to clear the examination in order to qualify for the training . ”

Seeing this, Yu Hong, Yu Yin, and the others immediately rushed forward to grab a key each .

It was at this point that Long Xiaoxiao suddenly raised her hand and asked, “Elder, I have something to ask . ”

“What do you want to ask?” the old woman asked .

“Can we choose our own team?” Long Xiaoxiao asked .

Needless to say, she would rather form a team with Chu Feng than anyone else .

“That won’t do . You’ll be assigned according to the key you take . You aren’t permitted to swap amongst yourselves,” the old woman said .

“Then allow me to take a key first,” Long Xiaoxiao said as she walked up to the old woman with brisk footsteps .

However, just as she was about to pick a key, she hesitated for a moment before she turned to Chu Feng and said, “Little benefactor, why don’t you go first instead?”

“Sounds good . ” Chu Feng nodded with a smile .

He walked up to the old woman and stretched his hand forward .

The old woman patted the gourd lightly, and a key fell out from within .

The key was extremely small, and its design was very simple too . It shone with a slight violet luster .


“O’ heaven above, please bless me . Give me a violet key, a violet key!”

Long Xiaoxiao muttered beneath her breath as she stretched her hand forth nervously . She was so anxious to the point that her small hands were trembling .

Everyone present could tell what she was going for .


A key fell out from the gourd and into Long Xiaoxiao’s hands .

But upon seeing the color of the key, Long Xiaoxiao nearly burst into tears .

It was a white key, which meant that she was assigned to a different team from Chu Feng .

“Milord, are we really unable to swap the keys?” Long Xiaoxiao asked in a hint of disappointment in her eyes .

“Quit with the grumbling and scram!”

Who could have thought that Long Xiaoxiao’s words would enrage the old woman . As the old woman spoke, a powerful burst of wind actually pushed Long Xiaoxiao away .

It was fortunate that the force wasn’t too strong, so Long Xiaoxiao was unhurt by it .

“She’s just asking a question . Is there a need for you to resort to force?” Chu Feng asked with a frown .

“If you have a problem with how I do things here, you can leave right away,” the old woman replied coldly .

“Little benefactor!”

Sensing the tense air between Chu Feng and the old woman, Long Xiaoxiao quickly rushed forward to grab Chu Feng’s arm to stop him from saying anything else .

Long Xiaoxiao might have an explosive temper, but she could still differentiate whom she could offend and whom she couldn’t offend .

On the other hand, seeing how Chu Feng and Long Xiaoxiao were berated by the old woman, Yu Hong and the others couldn’t help but giggle quietly . They were more than pleased to see Chu Feng and Long Xiaoxiao being put down .

“What are you laughing at? The same goes for you too . If you have any problems with me, you are free to leave right now!” the old woman bellowed at Yu Hong and Yu Yin .

“N-no, we don’t have any p-problem!” Yu Hong and Yu Yin quickly replied .

They were so intimidated that they stuttered through their words .

“If you don’t have any problem, come here and get your key . Don’t waste my time!” the old woman shouted .

The others dared not dawdle any longer . They quickly rushed forward to grab a key each .

All in all, the four colors of the keys were violet, white, red, and black .

Long Xiaoxiao and Yu Hong had the white key .

Yue Bao and Yu Yin had the red key .

Fu Feiyue and Kui Wudi had the black key .

And Chu Feng and Yin Daifen had the violet key .

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