Martial God Asura - Chapter 4429

Chapter 4429

Chapter 4429: This Is What You’re Looking For

Chapter 4429: This Is What You’re Looking For

“Is your elder sister still doing well at the moment?” Chu Feng asked .

He wasn’t particularly concerned about Yin Daifen and her mother . The only one he was worried about was Yin Zhuanghong .

“Of course! She’s the person whom our master has great expectations for . She’s being raised as a potential successor of the Cloudsky Immortal Sect, you know! If not for the fact that my elder sister is in closed-door training right now, the one who would have been here with me would be not Fu Feiyue but my elder sister,” Yin Daifen replied .

“Got it . I’ve heard all I wanted to know . Let’s deal with the examination now . Right, I should warn you that you shouldn’t try to play any more tricks with me . There’s a limit of my patience,” Chu Feng told Yin Daifen .

Following that, the two of them began to carefully examine the large stone monument covering the sky . They knew that the rules of the examination were likely to be inscribed on it .  

As the stone monument was simply too huge, and the characters inscribed on it were simply too complicated, it was no easy feat to decipher its meaning .

With their attention fixated on the stone monument, the entire world quickly fell silent . Only the sound of the waves and a light breeze could be heard .

“How is it, young master Chu Feng? Did you manage to figure out anything?”

After around two hours had passed, Yin Daifen turned to Chu Feng and asked .

She had a slightly gleeful look on her face, which seemed to indicate that she had managed to figure something out .

“I still have no clue at all,” Chu Feng shook his head helplessly .

“Young master Chu Feng, I think I have managed to catch onto some leads,” Yin Daifen said with a hint of smugness .

“Oh? What did you manage to figure out? Can you tell me about it?” Chu Feng asked .

“Sure! I am deeply ashamed to have recklessly offended young master Chu Feng earlier, so I’m glad that I can make use of this opportunity to make up for my earlier mistakes . I would be more than glad to share the rules of the examination with you,” Yin Daifen said with a twinkling smile .

Putting all else aside, this lass did have quite a charming smile . She looked like a little adorable demoness who sought to wreak havoc upon the world with her pranks .

“Great! Let me hear what you got,” Chu Feng replied expectantly .

“Young master Chu Feng, it’s like that . Based on the inscriptions on the stone monument, we have to challenge our inner demons and overcome them in order to clear the examination . However, there are only two locations to challenge the inner demons, which are namely the southwest boundary and the northeast boundary of this world .

“We have to head to a specific location and meditate there in order to enter a trial, where we’ll be challenging our inner demon . However, the stone monument is simply a little too complicated, so I’m unable to decipher where the exact coordinates are . I’m only able to figure out the rough locations .

“Young master Chu Feng, if you don’t mind, why don’t you take the one at the southwest boundary whereas I’ll take the one at the northeast boundary? Of course, if you don’t trust me, you can continue to decipher the stone monument and make a judgment for yourself,” Yin Daifen said .

“To be honest, I still can’t bring myself to fully trust you after all that has happened . So, Miss Yin, I’ll just put the awful words at the forefront .  

“Don’t play tricks with me . You might not know well what kind of person I, Chu Feng, and I think that it would be best for you to keep it that way . If you try to play games with me, even if you manage to get out of here, I won’t let you off that easily,” Chu Feng said .

“Young master Chu Feng, I’ll have to ask you to trust me on this one . I really am not lying to you . I haven’t fallen so low to resort to deceiving a friend of my elder sister,” Yin Daifen said .

“Fine, I’ll trust you this once . I hope that you are sincere in becoming a friend of mine, or else you’ll regret it dearly . ”

After saying his piece, Chu Feng stood up and flitted toward the southwest, the direction which Yin Daifen had pointed out to him . Along with his movements, a massive wave swept up along with him .

On the other hand, Yin Daifen also began to move toward the northeast direction too .

However, a few moments later, she suddenly came to a halt . Instead of flying all the way to the boundary of the world, she changed her direction and began heading southward .

In the end, she stopped at a certain location, and her lips curled into a smile .

Right beneath her, there was a whirlpool on the surface of the ocean . The whirlpool was extremely small, but Yin Daifen knew that it was exactly what she was looking for .


Yin Daifen darted into the whirlpool without any hesitation . She descended deeper and deeper into the ocean, all the way till she reached the seabed .

At the very bottom of the ocean, there was a mysterious flow of current .

Upon sensing the current, Yin Daifen shot a glance at the direction where Chu Feng had headed toward before a gleeful smile appeared on her face once more .

“You’re still way too young to fight against me . Who cares whether you know my elder sister or not? A hideous creature like you only deserves to be played like a toy on the top of my palm! The only one to clear this examination is me!”

After saying those words, Yin Daifen sat down and began forming hand seals . She was cultivating using a unique method .

A few moments later, the current that was around her began surging into her body .

In truth, Yin Daifen had lied to Chu Feng .

She had managed to decipher something from the stone monument, but she didn’t tell the entire truth to Chu Feng .

The truth was that there was only one person who could clear the examination in this world . The one who failed would be eliminated .

There were multiple places where one could challenge the examination, but they were all located within the ocean and not at the boundary of the world .

She intentionally gave Chu Feng the wrong information in order to waste his time so that she could clear the examination while he was still fumbling around .

As long as she were to clear the examination, she would be the victor here . Chu Feng would nothing be more than a loser who was defeated by her .

That being said, Yin Daifen hadn’t lied to Chu Feng about the format of the examination . By cultivating in accordance with the method indicated on the stone monument at specific locations, one would be able to trigger the trial .

The trial would bring the cultivator into another world, and within that world, he would have to face an opponent—himself . Naturally, this ‘himself’ was his own inner demon, and only by defeating this inner demon would he be considered to have cleared the trial and thus, the examination .

However, this was no easy feat .

Time ticked by, and soon, four hours had already passed .

Finally, Yin Daifen opened her eyes .  

Her face was pale, and her aura had turned weak . It looked like she had overexerted herself . But despite so, there was an excited look in her eyes .

“I’ve succeeded… I’ve succeeded! I managed to clear the trial!” Yin Daifen shouted in glee .

Needless to say, she had managed to defeat the other her inside the trial . She managed to conquer her inner demon .

In her view, given that she managed to triumph over her inner demon within such a short period of time, the victor of this examination should have been no other than her .

“Where is it? Where is it?”

After a short moment of celebration, Yin Daifen quickly searched her surroundings .

She knew that she would receive a token as proof that she had cleared the examination after overcoming the trial, but for some reason, no matter how she searched around, she was unable to find it .

Due to the limitations of her ability in deciphering the stone monument, she was unable to tell what that token was and where it would appear . As such, she couldn’t help but feel a little panicked inside .

“Damn it, I was too hasty! But it doesn’t matter . Since I’ve managed to clear the trial, the token should have appeared by now . I reckon that Chu Feng has already been eliminated . I am already the victor . As long as I can find the token, I’ll be able to leave this world and undergo the training!”

With such thoughts in mind, instead of searching blindly around the area, Yin Daifen left the seabed and began rising out of the water . She was intending to head back to the stone monument to continue deciphering it so as to figure out where the token would be hidden .  

“Chu Feng?”

However, what left her feeling surprised was that when she rose out of the surface of the ocean, she saw Chu Feng floating beneath the stone monument too .

Hadn’t Chu Feng already failed the examination? He should have already been expelled out of this world, shouldn’t he?

As confused as she was, Yin Daifen still managed to prevent it from showing on her face .

“Young master Chu Feng, when did you get back?” Yin Daifen asked with an amicable voice .

“Aren’t you back here too?” 

Chu Feng looked at Yin Daifen with a deep, penetrating gaze .

“Indeed . I searched around the area for four hours, but I couldn’t find the exact location where the examination is at . It seems like I was too hasty . However, young master Chu Feng, you need not worry . I’ll continue deciphering the stone monument . Once I find the exact location, we’ll continue on with the examination . ”

After saying those words, Yin Daifen turned to the stone monument and began deciphering it once again .

It was just that what she was deciphering this time around wasn’t the location of the trials anymore . She had already cleared the trial by conquering her inner demon . What she was trying to find out now was where the token was at .

“Miss Yin, you aren’t searching for the location of the trials, aren’t you?

Chu Feng suddenly spoke up with a slightly dry tone .

Those words made Yin Daifen’s heart squeeze a little .  

She realized that her lies might have already been exposed, but nevertheless, she still shot an uncomprehending look toward Chu Feng, asking, “Young master Chu Feng, what do you mean by that?”

She felt that as long as she didn’t admit to it, Chu Feng wouldn’t be able to do anything about her .  

“You are looking for this, aren’t you?” 

As Chu Feng spoke, he opened his palm and revealed a violet key .

Yin Daifen had this violet key too . It was the same one which the old woman had given to them earlier .

However, there was one difference between Chu Feng’s violet key and hers . His violet key was emanating a divine glow that seemed to resonate together with this world they were in .

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