Martial God Asura - Chapter 4433

Chapter 4433: 4433

Chapter 4433: Spurting Blood Out of Anger

“Didn’t we agree that since we came together, we’ll leave together too? I can’t possibly have you waiting outside for me, right?”

Chu Feng pushed Long Xiaoxiao away, but the look he directed toward the agitated Long Xiaoxiao remained gentle .

His impression toward Long Xiaoxiao had always been good, and it only improved further after what that had happened earlier .

Chu Feng did play a part in helping Long Xiaoxiao to assimilate the Dragon Vein Source, thus enhancing her talent and potential to a brand new level . Due to that, her mother was saved, and they regained their father’s favor .

However, not everyone in the world knew gratitude .

Take Yin Daifen for example, Chu Feng had helped her during the examination, but not only was she not grateful to him, she even tried to put him down .

Long Xiaoxiao’s actions really formed a stark contrast to that of Yin Daifen’s . She was willing to go the extent of giving up her right to undergo training within the Godwish Palace to him, and she didn’t utter a single word of complaint while doing so .

“Hahaha! Little benefactor, I thought you gave your slot to Yin Daifen because you were moved by her beauty, and I was still feeling a little sour inside . Only now did I know that that’s not the case at all!” Long Xiaoxiao remarked shyly .

“Do you still feel sour now then?” Chu Feng asked .

“No, no, of course not! If anything, I’m happy about it!” Long Xiaoxiao replied cheerfully .

“Damn it! There’s actually such a thing?”

When Yu Hong and the others first saw how Chu Feng and Long Xiaoxiao were unfazed by the lightning bolts, they felt deeply conflicted inside, especially since they were suffering greatly from the lightning bolts .

However, after hearing Chu Feng’s explanation, they finally understood the truth .

Chu Feng was doing it all on purpose .

He asked Long Xiaoxiao for his key not to take advantage of her but to help her .

And the fact that Chu Feng had cleared the examination showed that he wasn’t lying at all . He had really given his own key to Yin Daifen .

The one who had been lying all along was Yin Daifen . After taking Chu Feng’s key, she refused to admit to it . Instead, she even tried to frame him as a shameless person who tried to take credit for something he hadn’t done .

“I didn’t expect Miss Yin to be such a despicable person . I’m sorry, Brother Chu Feng . I really misunderstood you earlier,” Bao Yue told Chu Feng with an ashamed look .

“Brother Chu Feng, I’m sorry too . ”

Kui Wudi also did the same too .

“Brother Bao and Brother Kui, do you need my help?” Chu Feng suddenly asked the two of them .

“Ah? Help?”

“What do you mean by that?”

The two of them were stunned . They were unable to grasp what Chu Feng was talking about .

In the next moment, Chu Feng swiftly set up two formations, and with a casual wave of his hand, the two formations swiftly activated around the two of them .

The lightning bolts were still falling toward the two of them, but under the effects of the formation, the lightning bolts were redirected to the ground around them .

While the sparks from the lightning bolt were still inflicting some pain to them, the situation was still much more bearable than before .

At the very least, Bao Yue and Kui Wudi were able to tolerate the pain and rise to their feet now .

“Brother Chu Feng, you really are a good person . ”

“I really don’t know how we can thank you for this!”

The two of them thanked Chu Feng profusely for his help . They were so grateful that it looked like they were going to burst into tears .

“It’s nothing much, you need not think too much about it,” Chu Feng replied .

“Brother Chu Feng, can you… help me too?”

It was at this moment that Yu Hong asked for his help too .

“You? I don’t think so,” Chu Feng replied dryly .

“I’ll compensate you . As long as you’re willing to help me, I’ll give you whatever you ask for!” Yu Hong exclaimed .

“My apologies, but I don’t need anything from you . ”

After saying those words, Chu Feng began heading toward the depths of the desert together with Long Xiaoxiao .

“You despicable, narrow-minded scoundrel! You aren’t a man at all!”

Seeing how Chu Feng was going to leave him behind just like that, Yu Hong began berating him furiously .

Hearing his insults, Chu Feng suddenly halted his footsteps before turning around to look at Yu Hong .

“Right, I should have warned you . Just like how I’m capable of using my formations to lessen the effects of the lightning bolts, I can also use my formations to concentrate the prowess of the lightning bolts too . Judging from what you have just said, you seem really interested in having a taste of a full-blown lightning therapy?” Chu Feng asked .


Yu Hong was terrified to the point where he couldn’t utter a word anymore .

The lightning bolts falling on him was already intolerable to him . If it were to get any stronger, he might really die here .

“There’s another thing that I suppose I should tell you . I have read everything that is on the stone monument, so I can tell you that the punishment will continue for ten days . Not only so, the prowess of the lightning will also steadily grow stronger with time .

“Did you think that I only set up the formation for these two brothers from the Monstrous Herd Temple in order to alleviate their suffering? You’re sorely mistaken . I’m saving their lives .

“There’s no need for ten days at all . I can tell you directly that if I didn’t protect them with my formation, all of you would die here within three days!” Chu Feng said .

Shocked by what Chu Feng had just said, Yu Hong was stunned for a brief instant before he began bawling loudly, “Brother Chu Feng, I’m begging you! Save me, please! Save me! Set up a formation for me too! I’ll give you all of the treasures I have, all of them!”

He even took out his Cosmos Sack and tossed it over to Chu Feng .

He didn’t make any conditions this time around, and he didn’t dare to do so either . He simply threw everything to Chu Feng .

Instead of accepting the Cosmos Sack, Chu Feng looked at Yu Hong deeply and remarked, “Well, I’m not really sure about this . You might just turn around and bite me, saying that I stole your Cosmos Sack . ”

“No no, definitely not! I gave everything to you on my own volition!” Yu Hong exclaimed .

Chu Feng smiled lightly to those words before turning to look at Yue Bao and Kui Wudi .

“The two brothers over there, I’ll need you to testify for me . He is the one who gave me his Cosmos Sack on his own accord, begging me to help him . I, Chu Feng, didn’t force him into anything at all,” he said .

“We’ll bear witness that he gave his Cosmos Sack to you willingly,” Yue Bao and Kui Wudi replied .

“In view that you’re repenting sincerely, I’ll help you this once . ”

Chu Feng picked up the Cosmos Sack before setting up a formation around Yu Hong too .

As soon as the formation was activated, Yu Hong’s suffering reduced greatly .

“Thank you, young master Chu Feng, thank you! I’ll remember the grace you have shown me!” Yu Hong thanked Chu Feng profusely .

Regardless of whether he was sincere about it or not, he knew that he had no other choice but to do this . He was afraid that if he were to accidentally piss Chu Feng off somehow and the latter retracted his formation, he would be doomed .

“If I hadn’t seen this with my own eyes, I would have never believed that he would be such a person . Little benefactor, you sure are amazing!”

Long Xiaoxiao looked at the groveling Yu Hong, and she couldn’t help but feel deeply heartened by the sight . The frustrations she felt from having to deal with them earlier seemed to have been all vented out .

As for Chu Feng, he simply flashed Long Xiaoxiao a smile before leading her into the depths of the desert .

However, less than an incense’s time after Chu Feng left, the ominous clouds in the sky began to dissipate, and the lightning bolts swiftly weakened proportionately .

Following that, a silhouette appeared in the sky . It was the old woman from earlier on .

“The punishment has ended . You may leave now . ”

As she spoke, she waved her sleeves, and a spirit formation gate formed in the midst of the desert .

“It has ended? Wasn’t it supposed to last for ten days?” Yu Hong asked with his mouth agape .

He was having difficulties grasping what was going on .

“Who told you that the punishment is going to last for ten days? It has already ended, so hurry up and scram . Otherwise, the spirit gate formation will vanish, and the punishment will fall upon you once more . If you wish to be struck by lightning for your entire life, you may choose to remain here!”

After saying those words, the old woman’s silhouette blurred before vanishing from sight .

All that was left was the spirit gate formation .

Yu Hong was utterly dumbfounded . He stood there in a daze, as if he had lost his senses .

It took a long while before another emotion crept onto his face .

“Chu Feng, this isn’t over yet!!!”

Yu Hong roared with great fury, his voice echoing loudly within the desert .

He realized that he had been duped . The punishment wouldn’t last for ten days, and it wasn’t fatal either . On the contrary, the punishment only lasted for a short moment .

Yet, for the sake of a minor formation to alleviate his suffering for just a few minutes, he actually gave away all of his treasures to Chu Feng!

“You liar, you darned liar! I’ll kill you! Mark my words, I’ll hunt you down and rip you into pieces!”

Yu Hong bellowed so furiously that he started coughing out blood . Yet, he paid no heed to it at all .

He felt so indignant that tears were starting to flow from his eyes .

“Aiyo, Brother Yu . It isn’t right for you to do this . You were the one who begged Brother Chu Feng to help you earlier, and you willingly gave your Cosmos Sack to him too,” Yue Bao reminded by the side .

“Indeed . Even us, monstrous beasts, know about keeping our promises . As a human, shouldn’t that be at least one of the basic principles you adhere to? You can’t implicate Brother Chu Feng over a decision you made by yourself,” Kui Wudi exclaimed with a righteous look on his face .

“Shut up, the two of you! It’s easy of you to say since you aren’t the one losing all your treasure! I don’t just have my treasures inside that Cosmos Sack, our Yu Heavenly Clan’s Exalted Taboo Martial Skill is inside here too! That is something that cannot be passed on to outsiders!” Yu Hong cried out in agitation .

When had he, a prodigy of the Yu Heavenly Clan, ever suffered such injustice?

After saying those words, he waved his sleeves furiously before stomping out of the spirit formation gate .

As for Bao Yue and Kui Wudi, they had no sympathy for Yu Hong at all . Instead, they looked at one another before bursting into laughter .

They saw with their own eyes how Yu Hong directed his malicious intent toward Chu Feng right from the start, and even from the eyes of a spectator, they felt deeply satisfied to see Yu Hong getting what he deserved .

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