Martial God Asura - Chapter 4436

Chapter 4436: 4436

Chapter 4436: I’m Going to Puke

Long Xiaoxiao spent a much longer time cultivating as compared to Chu Feng .

She only woke up three days later .

When she finally opened her eyes once more, the two dragon horns above her head materialized once more, and they were glimmering with a slight glow .

She would usually keep her dragon horns concealed . Otherwise, if news were to spread to the Holy Light Clan, it could very well bring a catastrophe upon the Dragon Clan .

Thus, it was truly fortunate that Long Xiaoxiao was able to control her dragon horns to some extent .

As the glow shrouding Long Xiaoxiao’s body faded, the dragon horns on her head also began to disappear as well .

From the joyous look that could be seen on Long Xiaoxiao’s face, Chu Feng immediately knew that she had managed to successfully make a breakthrough .

“Xiaoxiao, how far did you manage to advance your cultivation?” Chu Feng asked .

“I’m at rank seven Exalted Martial level at the moment . What about you, little benefactor?” Long Xiaoxiao asked .

“I’m at rank five Exalted Martial level,” Chu Feng replied .

Chu Feng had already told Long Xiaoxiao his current cultivation level while they were journeying to the Godwish Palace, so there wasn’t much point in hiding his current cultivation level from her,

“You managed to raise your cultivation level by a rank too . How long did it take for you to make a breakthrough?” Long Xiaoxiao asked .

“I was slightly faster than you,” Chu Feng replied concisely, fearing that he might burden her .

“Hehe, that’s good . I’m glad that I didn’t keep you waiting for too long!”

As expected, the smile on Long Xiaoxiao’s face grew even brighter after hearing Chu Feng’s response .

“He was much faster than you . It only took him two hours to grasp the profound nature of the Holy Water and make a breakthrough,” an old voice suddenly sounded from the surroundings .

Following that, the old woman from before suddenly appeared in the sky .

After saying those words, the old woman took out a black gourd and tilted its opening toward the lake . The runes on the black gourd began to squirm around .


The water inside the lake began to flow upward into the black gourd . It took only a moment for the huge lake to vanish from sight, leaving behind a huge hole in the midst of the desert .

It was impossible to tell that a glistening lake had been there a moment ago .

“Little benefactor, you lied to me . Even the elder said that you only took two hours,” Long Xiaoxiao pouted her lips as she grumbled with feigned anger .

“It wasn’t really a lie . Going by the lifespan of a cultivator, a few days is just a short while, isn’t it?” Chu Feng replied .

“Tsk!” Long Xiaoxiao clicked her tongue .

But soon, the pout on her lips reverted back to a sweet smile .

She knew that Chu Feng was lying to her for her own good . It was a white lie, but she could feel Chu Feng’s concern for her .

“Cough cough…”

A series of light coughs suddenly sounded . It was from the old woman .

“You have cleared the earlier examination, and the Holy Water which you have cultivated in a moment ago is your reward . Right now, I’ll be bringing just one of you over to meet my master . There’s only one chance, and it’ll be determined through a lottery,” the old woman said .

“Lottery? How will it work?” Chu Feng asked .

“The person who spends the longest time cultivating inside the Holy Water is the one who will be meeting my master . The answer should be very clear right now . Long Xiaoxiao is the one who has been bestowed with the opportunity,” the old woman said .

“Ah? What kind of lottery is this?” Long Xiaoxiao was perplexed to hear those words .

It was apparent that she preferred to pass this opportunity on to Chu Feng .

“Oh? You seem to be very reluctant . If you don’t wish to meet my master, you can give up on the opportunity,” the old woman said .

“You should go with the elder, Xiaoxiao . Don’t let this precious opportunity slip past your fingers,” Chu Feng advised her .

Seeing how even Chu Feng was persuading her, Long Xiaoxiao quickly directed a sheepish grin toward the elder and said, “Aiyo, elder, you’re jumping to conclusions here! It would be my honor to meet the Godwish Grandmother! I’m just a little taken aback by the peculiar format of the lottery . As expected of the Godwish Grandmother, even her way of doing things is so unique!”

“Cut the crap and get in!”

The old woman quickly constructed a spirit formation gate as she spoke .

Without any hesitation, Long Xiaoxiao walked into the spirit formation gate, and the old woman followed her right after .

A few moments later, the old woman suddenly returned from the spirit formation gate .

This time around, she was holding onto a bowl of gooey paste that looked exceptionally abhorrent .

The old woman walked up to Chu Feng, shoved the bowl into his face, and said, “Drink it . ”

“Pardon me for asking, but what is it?”

Chu Feng scanned the content of the bowl, and he could sense some medicinal energy within the gooey paste . It was just that its smell was as repulsive as its looks .

Unless there was some compelling reason to do so, Chu Feng really didn’t want to drink something as disgusting as this .

“Long Xiaoxiao has wished for the restoration of your appearance . Her wish is reasonable, so my master has chosen to grant it . Drink this bowl of soup, and you’ll regain your original appearance,” the old woman said .

“That lass, she really is…”

Chu Feng would have never thought that Long Xiaoxiao would make such a request for all things .

One must know that the Godwish Grandmother was known for her incredible means, such that she could fulfill even the most unimaginable of requests .

The reason why most people would pay a heavy price to obtain a Godwish Pearl wasn’t just so that they could undergo the training of the Godwish Palace . More than that, they also hoped to be the person who was granted a wish from the Godwish Grandmother .

Precisely due to that, Chu Feng couldn’t help but think that Long Xiaoxiao was squandering this precious opportunity presented to her .

But that being said, he still felt a surge of warmth flowing through his heart .

He realized that he had underestimated just how much Long Xiaoxiao cared about him . Just her willingness to spend this wish on him was more than enough to show that .

Knowing that this was Long Xiaoxiao’s kind intention, Chu Feng took the bowl over and gulped the gooey paste down .

To be honest, he was also quite curious whether the Godwish Grandmother was really that formidable of a person . After all, he did know that his current condition was rather complicated, and restoring his appearance was no easy feat .

As expected, the gooey paste tasted horrendous . However, as soon as he swallowed it down, he felt a mysterious flow of energy surging toward his soul .

He quickly looked at his body, and he realized that the burn marks that covered his entire body were swiftly healing up .

In the blink of an eye, his appearance had already been restored back to its original state .

“The Godwish Grandmother is really an incredible person!” Chu Feng remarked in astonishment .

Even someone of the prowess of the Lady of Dao Sea was unable to do anything about his condition, but the Godwish Grandmother was able to resolve it so easily . That was more than enough to show how formidable of a person she was .

Of course, there could also be a chance that the Lady of Dao Sea simply wasn’t skilled in world spiritist technique whereas the Godwish Grandmother was a master in that field .

Regardless of what the truth was, the important thing was that Chu Feng had finally regained his original appearance .

At the very least, the wish which Long Xiaoxiao made hadn’t gone to waste .

“Little benefactor!”

A sweet voice sounded in the air, and Long Xiaoxiao skipped her way out of the spirit formation gate .

“Waaaa, you managed to regain your original appearance! How did you manage to do it?”

Long Xiaoxiao stared at Chu Feng with a look of wonderment, as if she had no idea what was going on at all .

“Silly lass, did you think that I didn’t know it? This elder has already told me that you made a wish for me,” Chu Feng replied .

“Elder! Didn’t we agree not to say it?” Long Xiaoxiao turned to look at the old woman indignantly .

“Enough . Stop flaunting your love before me, I’m already on the verge of barfing!” the old woman told Long Xiaoxiao and Chu Feng impatiently .

With a wave of her hand, another spirit formation gate opened up in front of her .

“The training is over . Hurry up and get lost,” the old woman urged them in irritation .

Without any hesitation, Chu Feng and Long Xiaoxiao bade the old woman goodbye before leaving through the spirit formation gate .

In the next moment, they found themselves stepping into yet another desert . It was just that this time around, there was a forest behind them .

It was the same forest they had passed through previously in order to get into the Godwish Palace . The forest had another additional layer of barrier around it, which clearly indicated that it was impossible for Chu Feng and Long Xiaoxiao to return there anymore .

“Princess Xiaoxiao, you should return with your father first,” Chu Feng told Long Xiaoxiao .

“Little benefactor, where are you going?”

At this point, Long Xiaoxiao paused for a brief moment before hurriedly adding on, “You have to tell me the truth . You mustn’t lie to me!”

“There’s already an irreconcilable grudge between me and the Yu Heavenly Clan and the Cloudsky Immortal Sect . Given how they usually operate, as well as the personalities that Fu Feiyue and the others had, there’s no doubt that they won’t let this matter off easily .

“I don’t want to implicate you and the Dragon Clan in this matter, so I’ll leave on my own . We have eventually part ways anyway, so let’s just do it now,” Chu Feng replied .

“That won’t do . We already agreed that we’ll leave together! Besides, my father is around . I don’t believe that they would dare to do anything to you before my father!

“Little benefactor, you have to go with me, or else I’ll never be able to rest at ease . It’s due to me that you ended up falling out with them, especially since I was the first one to make a move against them . ”

Speaking up to this point, Long Xiaoxiao suddenly grabbed Chu Feng’s arm and hugged it tightly in her embrace .

“I don’t care, you have to leave with me . Otherwise… I’ll tie you up and drag you back with me! My cultivation is currently above yours anyway,” Long Xiaoxiao insisted as she hugged Chu Feng’s arm tightly .

“Alright, alright . Let’s leave together then,” Chu Feng replied helplessly .

Despite his seemingly helpless tone, the corners of his lips were inching up a little .

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