Martial God Asura - Chapter 4437

Chapter 4437: 4437

Chapter 4437: Stand On My Side

Chu Feng and Long Xiaoxiao headed to the place where they had agreed on with the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief, and soon, they arrived at their destination .

And just as Chu Feng expected… trouble was indeed waiting for him .

The Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief, Long Xiaoxiao, and Long Busheng weren’t the only ones at the agreed location . There was also a massive war chariot towering in the midst of the desert with thousands of massive beasts resting beside it .

Hanging on the war chariot were the massive flags of the Cloudsky Immortal Sect .

There were various figures standing at the forefront of the war chariot, most notably, Yin Daifen and Fu Feiyue .

There was a man standing in between Yin Daifen and Fu Feiyue though . Just like the two of them, he didn’t conceal his appearance with the mist, revealing his face .

This man was most likely a junior . He wasn’t as dashing as Fu Feiyue, but he commanded a far more refined disposition, making him appear more mature and reliable .

Judging from how the domineering Yin Daifen and Fu Feiyue were standing by his sides, it should be safe to assume that this man had considerable standing within the Cloudsky Immortal Sect .

Other than the three of them, the other members of the Cloudsky Immortal Sect had their appearances concealed amidst a layer of mist .

It was just that with the advancement in Chu Feng’s world spiritist techniques, he was already able to see through their concealment as if it didn’t exist at all .

He could tell that most of the other members of the Cloudsky Immortal Sect present were from the older generation, though there were some other juniors around too . However, there were none of them which Chu Feng recognized at all .

Of course, it was likely that there were still other experts inside the war chariot . It was just that the insides of the war chariot appeared to have been sealed by some sort of treasure, such that Chu Feng was unable to peer into it .

“Chu Feng and Xiaoxiao, you’re finally back! How did the training go?” Long Xiaoxiao’s mother asked in agitation upon seeing the two of them .

Even though they had been waiting outside, they had already heard that Chu Feng and Long Xiaoxiao had cleared the trial and were chosen to undergo the training . Most likely, it was those from the Cloudsky Immortal Sect who informed them of the matter .

“Chu Feng? That person is Chu Feng?”

However, as soon as Long Xiaoxiao’s mother spoke up, Yin Daifen and Fu Feiyue’s foreheads creased into a frown .

The impression they had of Chu Feng was a hideous creature who looked worse than a toad, but the current Chu Feng standing before them was one who had regained his original appearance .

With his dashing appearance and his refined disposition, he really seemed like a completely different person from before .

After all, Chu Feng had cultivated from the very bottom and braved through innumerable storms before he was able to get this far . All of his experiences built up an imposing disposition which even the so-called prodigies of the Holy Light Galaxy were unable to compete with .

Given how much Yin Daifen and Fu Feiyue disliked Chu Feng, they felt uncomfortable seeing that he was actually doing much better than they thought .

They knew that they were unable to defeat Chu Feng with their own strength . Be it in terms of strength or wits, they were outclassed by Chu Feng .

Given so, the only way they could possibly get their revenge was to suppress him with the overwhelming prowess of the Cloudsky Immortal Sect .

And that was exactly what they did .

“Why? You can’t recognize me now?” Chu Feng glanced at Yin Daifen and Fu Feiyue as he asked .

At the same time, he also halted his footstep, choosing not to head forward anymore .

He knew that the invisible barrier which forced them to part with the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief, Long Xiaoxiao’s mother, and Long Busheng earlier was still around . As long as he refused to step out, the experts of the Cloudsky Immortal Sect would be unable to step in and do anything about him either .

“Chu Feng, I wouldn’t have thought that you would have dared to come out!”

Yin Daifen and Fu Feiyue were literally spitting out words hatefully from clenched jaws .

“Chu Feng, what happened?” the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief asked Chu Feng and Long Xiaoxiao .

In contrast to Long Xiaoxiao’s mother, who was only delighted by the return of the duo, the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief had a solemn and even severe expression on his face .

This made Chu Feng and Long Xiaoxiao realize that the Cloudsky Immortal Sect had lodged a complaint regarding them to the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief . Of course, there was also no guarantee as to how true what they had said was .

After all, Chu Feng and Long Xiaoxiao had a clear glimpse into just what kind of people Yin Daifen and Fu Feiyue were .

“Father, you can’t blame little benefactor for this matter . Those from the Cloudsky Immortal Sect are simply sore losers . ”

Long Xiaoxiao began to recount everything that had happened inside to her father . She went through the story from the start to the end just in case Yin Daifen and the others had warped the story to their own advantage .

And after hearing Long Xiaoxiao’s side of the story, Long Xiaoxiao’s mother and Long Busheng nodded their heads slightly in approval . They were relieved to hear that Long Xiaoxiao and Chu Feng weren’t in the wrong here .

After that, they turned to look at those from the Cloudsky Immortal Sect with an imposing look on their faces, as if daring them to do anything .

At the same time, the severe expression of the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief also alleviated significantly after hearing what Long Xiaoxiao had to say .

“Everyone, based on what my daughter has said, it doesn’t seem like young friend Chu Feng has done you any injustice . Since that’s the case, I must say that I can’t comprehend your actions of marching here and demanding an explanation,” the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief spoke to those from the Cloudsky Immortal Sect .

“She’s lying! That’s not how things went at all . That despicable Chu Feng was the one who bullied my junior first!” Fu Feiyue bellowed indignantly .

“Are the juniors of the Cloudsky Immortal Sect such sore losers? I didn’t think that they would resort to lies and frame others for their own weakness!”

All of a sudden, a voice rumbled loudly from the sky .

It was so abrupt that Yin Daifen and the others shuddered instinctively upon hearing that voice .

“Since you’re here, why don’t you show yourself? Only people who have something to hide would sneak around furtively!”

In response, a powerful voice sounded from the Cloudsky Immortal Sect’s war chariot .

Even though the person within the war chariot hadn’t released his oppressive might, Chu Feng could still tell from the powerful voice that he was a formidable expert who was very likely to be at Martial Exalted level .

“Sneak around furtively? A mere Cloudsky Immortal Sect actually dares to speak to me in such a tone?”

The deafening voice that was even louder than thunder sounded from the sky once more .

Following that, the air began to shudder intensely before a massive rip appeared in midair, as if someone had torn the sky into two .

Three figures flew out from the rip .

They were from the Monstrous Herd Temple .

One of them was three meters tall . He had a gray-scaled body that was cloaked in a black robe, as well as a pair of crimson eyes that seemed to be emanating killing intent all around . His appearance itself was already extremely terrifying .

However, as if that wasn’t enough, from the moment he appeared, a powerful pressure crushed down upon all that was present in the area .

Without a doubt, this person was no human . He was a demon who would have no hesitation whatsoever before taking a life .

The aura of savagery that was emanating from him was something that could have only come from taking innumerable lives .

As for the other two that had come out of the rip together with him, they were Bao Yue and Kui Wudi .

“I have seen that person before . He’s the sectmaster of the Monstrous Herd Temple . His cultivation is nowhere beneath that of my father!” Long Xiaoxiao told Chu Feng .

“Brother Chu Feng, there’s no need to fear . The two of us will clarify the truth on your behalf . ”

“That’s right, the two of us can testify for you!”

“We won’t watch as those two despicable scums of the Cloudsky Immortal Sect frame you with their lies!”

Bao Yue and Kui Wudi exclaimed passionately .

Hearing those words, Chu Feng felt a little more confident about the situation . From this, he could tell that the Monstrous Herd Temple had chosen to stand on his side .

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