Martial God Asura - Chapter 4439

Chapter 4439: 4439

Chapter 4439: Turning Tables

“What makes you think that we would believe your words? Who do you think that you are standing before? What rights do you even have to testify before us?” an elder of the Yu Heavenly Clan sneered in disdain .

The Godwish Grandmother was an extremely elusive figure . None of those present had ever seen her before, so who here could possibly be able to recognize her disciple?

That elder of the Yu Heavenly Clan assumed that the old woman was another accomplice of Chu Feng, so his tone toward her was incredibly impolite .

On the other hand, however, Yu Hong and Yu Yin knew of the old woman’s background very well . Thus, when they heard the words spoken by the elder, their faces immediately paled in fright .

They knew that this old woman had a horrible temper, and there was no way she would tolerate their elder talking to her in such a manner .

To make things worse, there was an incensed atmosphere crackling around the Yu Heavenly Clan . The elder might have been the first one to speak up, but there were many others who looked as if they would soon voice their dissatisfaction too .

Seeing that the situation was quickly turning awry, Yu Yin quickly informed them, “Lord Elder, she… she’s the disciple of the Godwish Grandmother!”

Afraid that the other clan members would speak words that would offend the old woman, he chose to speak very loudly so as to warn all of them .

“The disciple of the Godwish Grandmother…”

Upon hearing that the old woman was the disciple of the Godwish Grandmother, the elder’s face immediately turned ghastly pale .

There was no way he wasn’t terrified . He knew just how powerful a figure the Godwish Grandmother was, and offending her disciple was no joking matter at all . He quickly shut his mouth out of fear of saying anything else to further offend the old woman .

Under such circumstances, it was the Yu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief who first spoke up to break the silence, “Audacious! How dare you disrespect the Godwish Grandmother’s disciple? Hurry up and apologize to her!”

The Yu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief couldn’t display the same domineering attitude as he did before anymore . Not only did he not stand up for his own clan’s elder, but he even demanded the elder to apologize to the old woman .

“Please forgive me! I didn’t know that you are the disciple of the Godwish Grandmother . I beseech you to be magnanimity and forgive my moment of folly!” the elder quickly bowed deeply and apologized .

He was nervous that even his teeth were clattering when he spoke .

However, the old woman chuckled to herself and remarked coldly, “Why should I forgive you just because you asked me to?”


Everyone in the Yu Heavenly Clan was dumbstruck .

“Milord, it was indeed his fault for daring to disrespect you . May I know how you wish to sentence him?” the Yu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief asked carefully .

“He dared to spout nonsense . Sever his tongue, and I’ll let this matter pass,” the old woman said .

“W-what? Sever his tongue?”

The complexion of those from the Yu Heavenly Clan turned awful upon hearing those words .

Even those from the Cloudsky Immortal Sect, Monstrous Herd Temple, and Dragon Clan were stupefied by this turn of events .

It was true that what the elder of the Yu Heavenly Clan had said was quite jarring to the ear, but considering that he didn’t know the identity of the old woman, his action was still forgivable .

Yet, to sever his tongue just like that… Wasn’t that being a little too oppressive?

“You look awfully unwilling to do so . Do I need to invite my master out to talk to you personally?” the old woman asked .

Those words made the faces of those from the Yu Heavenly Clan turn even more awful . Regardless of whether they were disciples or elders, they felt deeply pressured by what the old woman had said .

This matter had already blown up beyond what they could deal with . They could only look to the Yu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief to make a decision .

“Milord, he’s only…”

The Yu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief tried to plead with the old woman on behalf of the elder .

“Lord Clan Chief . ”

However, the elder of the Yu Heavenly Clan suddenly stood forward and stopped him .

Everyone immediately turned their gazes toward him, only to see that he was already holding onto a sharp dagger in his hand .

The elder looked at the old woman and said, “Milord, I have spoken out of place and offended you . It’s only right for me to be punished . ”

After saying those words, he flicked his wrist, and a cold glint flashed across the air .

In the next instant, blood spurted out from his mouth .

He didn’t want to bring a calamity upon the Yu Heavenly Clan, so he could only punish himself .

In truth, this bit of physical pain wasn’t much of a punishment to cultivators . What was truly at stake here was one’s dignity .

Nevertheless, from this incident, one could see just how much influence the Godwish Grandmother wielded . She was, after all, an expert whom even the Holy Light Clan feared .

“Yu Hong, tell your own clan how your Cosmos Sack ended up in the hands of Chu Feng . ”

The old woman turned her gaze to Yu Hong and commanded .

Feeling the old woman’s intent gaze on him, Yu Hong’s body trembled in fear . He had never thought that the disciple of the Godwish Grandmother would actually get involved in this matter .

He couldn’t help but recall the price an elder of his clan had to pay just because he unintentionally disrespected the old woman . This was more than enough to make him realize that the old woman had actually been keeping her temper in check while dealing with them earlier .

It was just that everything was over now, so the old woman was finally revealing her true vicious side .

Facing such a terrifying individual, Yu Hong dared not to cause any trouble at all .

“I-I lied . I was the one who gave Chu Feng my Cosmos Sack on my own volition… But things aren’t as simple as that! Chu Feng also lied to me as well!

“We were undergoing a lightning punishment then, and he said that he could save my life by setting up a formation . That was why I gave my Cosmos Sack to him in exchange for his help . But in truth, the lightning punishment isn’t fatal at all!” Yu Hong spilled the beans indignantly .

“Hoh, the lightning punishment isn’t fatal? I must have read the stone monument wrongly then,” Chu Feng replied .

“Stop putting on an act over there! How could you possibly not know?!” Yu Hong pointed a finger at Chu Feng as he bellowed furiously .

However, upon meeting the eyes of the old woman standing beside Chu Feng, he immediately reined himself in and averted his furious eyes elsewhere .

The old woman then turned her gaze upon Yin Daifen and asked, “Yin Daifen, did Chu Feng bully you while you were in the same group as him?”

“H-he didn’t… I’m sorry, I lied…” Yin Daifen uttered with a look of repentance on her face .

That wasn’t just it . Two streams of tears began trailing down her cheeks yet again .

However, the old woman had no intention of letting things rest just like that . She asked once again, “Is there any falsehood in what Long Xiaoxiao has just said?”

“N-no…” Yin Daifen replied .

With this, the truth was out .

A smile surfaced on the faces of the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief, Long Xiaoxiao’s mother, and Long Busheng .

They were on Chu Feng’s side, and this revelation only served to bolster their pride . As it turned out, they were indeed on the moral high ground over here .

Meanwhile, those from the Cloudsky Immortal Sect and Yu Heavenly Clan couldn’t help but feel deeply conflicted on the inside . They had come here to redress their grievances, and never in their wildest dreams did they expect the Godwish Grandmother to actually back Chu Feng up .

“Elder, thank you for clarifying the truth for us,” Long Xiaoxiao turned to the old woman and said .

“Since you’ve undergone the training of our Godwish Palace, it’s only right for us to bring the truth to the surface lest some despicable knaves soil the reputation of our Godwish Palace .

“However, there’s no need for you thank me . I only came to testify in case someone claims that our Godwish Palace has been unfairly siding with you . I have no intention of bailing the two of you out from this situation . Now that I’ve done what I came for, the rest of you proceed on to do what you’re planning to do . Fight, kill, massacre, do whatever you want . Our Godwish Palace won’t be interfering anymore . ”

After saying those words, the old woman vanished from sight .

Not only so, but the humongous barrier that Chu Feng and Long Xiaoxiao were taking cover in started to dissipate as well . In matters of moments, it had already completely vanished from sight .

“This is bad . ”

Upon seeing the disappearance of the barrier, Chu Feng knew that things had proceeded in a really bad direction .

The disciple of the Godwish Palace was right . She didn’t come here to help Chu Feng; on the contrary, it felt like she came here to sabotage him .

The truth didn’t matter at all in this situation . How could those from the Yu Heavenly Clan and the Cloudsky Immortal Sect not know how their disciples were like?

They were simply refusing to admit it so that they would have a legitimate ground to deal with Chu Feng .

The only reason why they hadn’t made a move so far was due to the barrier shielding Chu Feng .

However, with the disappearance of the barrier, the tables had turned .

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