Martial God Asura - Chapter 4510

Chapter 4510: 4510

Chapter 4510: The Truth

“Don’t kill me! You can’t kill me! If you were to do it, my master will never let you off!” Hun Yong threatened Chu Feng .

Even though his tone was forceful, his dilated pupils and quivering eyes did little to conceal his fear of death .

“Rest assured, I won’t kill you right away . That would have been a mercy to you . I shall first enlighten everyone about the truth first . ”

After saying those words, Chu Feng turned to the crowd and said, “Just because Hun Yong told you that your bloodline powers have been absorbed by the two women inside the Divine Cavern, you simply took his word for it? So, if Hun Yong told you that he’s your father, would you trust him right away too?”

There was no one who replied to Chu Feng because they feared him, but they felt like Chu Feng was mocking them with his words .

“A bunch of fools . Use your brain and think about it! What kind of state were you in after your bloodline powers were absorbed, and what kind of state was Hun Yong in? Does he look like he has been weakened prior to me attacking him?” Chu Feng questioned .


Those words sent the crowd into deep thoughts .

Initially, Hun Yong was lying on the ground together with them, seemingly weakened by the turn of events . But all of a sudden, he stood back up and began guiding the crowd into knocking down the barrier together with him so as to kill the two burglars inside the cavern .

Following that, he began using his full strength to break down the barrier .

That was indeed a huge contrast to his seemingly feeble state he had put on previously .

Previously, the crowd was simply too riled up in their emotions to have noticed the discrepancies in Hun Yong’s state, but Chu Feng’s words had struck a chord in them . They immediately noticed that something was amiss .

“We’re all cultivators here . Take a look at this barrier here; do you think that it’s something that can be knocked down with just your martial powers? Do you honestly think that you were so formidable as to be able to weaken this barrier by so much with your own strength?

“Let me enlighten you to the truth . Your attacks were all futile . Even Hun Yong’s attack was futile too . The barrier weakened because Hun Yong had this in his hand!”

Right after saying those words, Chu Feng grabbed Hun Yong’s wrist and pulled his sleeves back, revealing the treasure that was hidden in there .

“Do you see this? This is the tool that Hun Yong used to break open the barrier . It’s also the culprit that had sapped away your bloodline powers!” Chu Feng told the crowd .

“The one who took our bloodline powers is actually Hun Yong? That would explain why he still has so much strength while we’re so severely weakened!”

Everyone came to a realization .

“Don’t listen to his nonsense, he’s framing me! Why would I steal your bloodline powers?”

Seeing that the situation was turning against him, Hun Yong immediately tried arguing his way out of this .


However, barely after he said those words, he suddenly coughed out a spurt of crimson blood from his mouth .

“Refusing to admit it, huh? I don’t really care either way, it has nothing much to do with me anyway . I just want to expose your true self to everyone; whether they believe me or not is their own problem .

“But now that I’ve done what I wanted to do, you can go to hell now,” Chu Feng said as murderous intent crept forth from his body .

“D-don’t kill me! F-fine, I admit it . I was the one who did it all, so spare me, alright?” Hun Yong immediately began pleading for mercy .

He could sense that Chu Feng wasn’t just trying to scare him here . The latter would really kill him!

“Since you’ve already admitted to it, why don’t you come completely clean and tell everyone what’s going on?” Chu Feng said with narrowed eyes .

“I… I was working with Hun Lei . I would use the treasure to extract your bloodline powers and transfer it over to Hun Lei through this treasure, and in turn, he would use the bloodline powers to activate the formation core beneath the mountain range to deal with those two women .

“Those two women actually aren’t burglars at all . They have been duped by the Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master here because the Villa Master was intending to use their powers to refine the Conquerstar Immortal Grass .

“It’s just that those two women were more formidable than the Villa Master thought, and they actually managed to wrestle over a portion of the control of the formation here . This left the Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master with no choice but to send Hun Lei and me here so as to assist him on this matter .

“All of us have been used by him! There have been no burglars in the first place! He only brought us here in order to make use of our bloodline powers to take control of the formation core!

“This brother over here, I have already confessed to everything that I know . Please let me go, I’m begging you . I don’t want to die here!”

Hun Yong gave everything away while sniffing miserably .

“That bastard Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master! To think that he has been using us all this while!”

Everyone flew into a state of rage upon learning the full story, and they began cursing the Villa Master, Hun Lei, and Hun Yong furiously .

And in truth, Chu Feng wasn’t planning to kill Hun Yong anymore after he confessed to the matter . Instead, he tightened his grip and crushed Hun Yong’s dantian .

He felt that it would be a far more deserving cultivation for Hun Yong to live without his cultivation than to kill him right away .

“Y-you bastard! I already told you everything that I know! Why did you still cripple my cultivation?!” Hun Yong cried out in despair .

It was just that there was not a single person here who pitied him, especially not Chu Feng .

For daring to direct his killing intent toward Su Rou and Su Mei, Hun Yong deserved to die a hundred times over .

“This aura… Could it be?!”

All of a sudden, Chu Feng sensed the scent of danger swiftly closing in on him .

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