Martial God Asura - Chapter 4511

Chapter 4511: Anticipation

Chu Feng reached into his Cosmos Sack and took out a blue sword. It was an Incomplete Exalted Sword, the Blue Jade Mandarin Duck Sword.

Holding the Blue Jade Mandarin Duck Sword tightly in his grasp, Chu Feng turned his sight toward the direction where the scent of danger was coming from. It looked as if he was preparing himself to face a formidable enemy.

“He seems to be preparing something…”

Compared to Chu Feng’s grave expression, Shengguang Jin’an was much more interested in what Chu Feng was doing at the moment.

Chu Feng wasn’t releasing any energy at the moment, but Shengguang Jin’an had a strong feeling that Chu Feng was preparing to unleash something formidable.

He had no evidence behind this deduction; it was based entirely on his instincts. However, his instincts had always proved to be a trusty aide to him, and very rarely did it fail him. After all, he had been honing it as a cultivator over the years.

However, the only one who had noticed this thus far was Shengguang Jin’an. The crowd was still a little overwhelmed by how Chu Feng had managed to cripple Hun Yong that they didn’t notice the changes in Chu Feng’s expression.


Blood-curdling laughter suddenly sounded in the air.

The laughter swept across the air as sonic booms, shattering stones and shaking the earth. The trees in the area were uprooted as they were swept ten thousand meters up into the air.

The hearts of the crowd jolted upon hearing the eerie laughter. They were frightened, not just due to the imposing momentum of the attack but the killing intent that they could feel within the laughter as well.

Soon, the owner of the laughter appeared before everyone’s eyes.

“Hun Lei? How did he end up in such a state?!”

The person who had arrived at the scene shared the same appearance as Hun Lei, but he looked vastly different from before. His clothes had nearly been seared away, leaving behind just a few pieces of cloth hanging on his body that covered his nether regions.

His skin was scorched black, and those close to him could smell the scent of barbecued meat.

Everyone was astonished and intrigued to see him in such a state, and they wanted to know just what in the world had happened to him.

“You sure were lucky,” Chu Feng remarked coldly.

“It’s fortunate that the Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master taught me a formula that allowed me to avoid getting corroded by the power of assimilation. However, you still put me through quite a bit of suffering by trapping me in there. Now that I’m out, you shouldn’t dream on living anymore!” Hun Lei told Chu Feng.

Those words told the crowd that the culprit who had landed Hun Lei in his current state was no other than Chu Feng.

“Hun Lei, that bastard smashed my dantian and crippled my cultivation! You have to exact vengeance for me!” Hun Yong screamed from the ground.

Hun Lei was charged here in fury, so he didn’t notice Hun Yong’s plight at all. But when he turned his sight over and saw the state that Hun Yong was in, the rage in his heart billowed like the burning lava, unable to be curbed anymore.

“I know that you have quite some background, but you should have never touched my brother. Even the Jade Emperor won’t be able to stop me from killing you today!”

With an enraged roar, Hun Lei drew an Incomplete Exalted Armament shaped in a silver saber. Despite its silvery exterior, there was a golden glow that was coming from within it.

He raised it up and hacked it down upon Chu Feng with the might of the charge of thousands of cavalry.

This was an Exalted Taboo Martial Skill!


However, standing in the face of this Exalted Taboo Martial Skill, Chu Feng simply lifted his feet and stepped down on the air in front of him.


Chu Feng’s martial power manifested into a powerful shockwave that gushed forth to fend against Hun Lei’s silver saber.

Martial power was the fundamental strength of a cultivator whereas martial skills were a means to elevate the prowess of martial power. Exalted Taboo Martial Skills were an advanced form of martial skills, so naturally, it went without saying which one was superior amidst the three.

Yet, when those two forces collided with one another, they ended up being equally matched!

Hun Lei’s offense had been undone by a single step of Chu Feng’s foot!

“H-how amazing! Isn’t that fellow way too powerful?”

The crowd was rendered speechless by the prowess Chu Feng was displaying.

In their view, Hun Yong and Hun Lei were the strongest amongst the younger generation, comparable to true monsters. Most of them had never seen a junior who was even stronger than Hun Yong and Hun Lei.

Yet, of these two most talented juniors, one of them was crippled by Chu Feng and the other one had been clearly outmatched over here.

“Wait a moment, this isn’t right. Hun Lei shouldn’t have been so weak! I saw Hun Lei fighting before, and this is far from his true prowess. That burn must have affected him!”

A few people amongst the crowd spoke up on Hun Lei’s behalf.

They were right. Even if Hun Lei was not a match for Chu Feng, he wasn’t so weak as to have his Exalted Taboo Martial Skill neutralized by Chu Feng’s martial power.

The reason why such a situation happened was mostly due to the severe injuries he had incurred, especially since Chu Feng had pierced through Hun Lei’s dantian earlier on.

Hun Lei didn’t lose his cultivation entirely as a result of that, but it had still reduced his strength tremendously.

Shoosh shoosh shoosh!

Chu Feng made a move once more.

He began swinging the Blue Jade Mandarin Sword swiftly, releasing a sword ray with each swing. The sword rays expanded in midair, swiftly growing to a size of tens of thousands meters large, allowing them to slice through the clouds and sever the earth.

These sword rays formed relentless waves of attacks that struck Hun Lei again and again, not granting him any opportunity to rest.

“Yes, he’s indeed holding something back. He’s intentionally not using his martial skills at all. Just what kind of means is he saving up here? I’m really looking forward to seeing it.”

Meanwhile, Shengguang Jin’an was still looking intently at Chu Feng.

Typically speaking, Chu Feng could have charged in with his martial skill and claimed victory for himself right away, but instead of doing that, Chu Feng chose to continue attacking with just his martial power.

It was not that he didn’t know how to make use of this opportunity, but he was charging up for an even stronger skill. He would be interrupted if he were to use his martial skill at this moment.

Having seen through all of this, Shengguang Jin’an couldn’t help but look forward to what was going to come.