Martial God Asura - Chapter 4553

Chapter 4553: A Shocking Action

“Quick, snatch the purple droplets!”

It was as if everyone had gone into a frenzy this time around. They quickly leaped into the air and used whatever means possible in order to grab those droplets of purple light.

They knew that the droplets of purple light were the chips that they would be able to use in the Niantian Gambling Formation later on. Once the gamble finally came to an end, they would be able to exchange these droplets of purple light for Niantian Energy.

However, the crowd swiftly noticed that they were unable to catch hold of the droplets of purple light.

This was a limitation that applied not only to Utmost Exalted level cultivators but Martial Exalted level cultivators too.

The droplets of purple light appeared to already have targets in mind, and they flew right into the bodies of their intended targets. Only those who were chosen by the droplets of purple light could obtain them; there was no way to intercept at all.

And in truth, everyone had already expected this to happen. This wasn’t the first time that the Niantian Gambling Formation had appeared in this world, after all.

They only tried to snatch it earlier in hopes that it might work, but when they realized that it was impossible to do so, they swiftly calmed down and resigned themselves to fate.

While these chips were free, not everyone had the qualification to obtain a chip.

In the end, there was a small portion of people who didn’t receive a droplet of purple light, which meant that they had lost their rights to participate in the gambling formation.

“The gamble is very simple this time around. We’ll be gambling on who will emerge as the strongest junior of this tournament.

“Choose the person whom you think is the strongest of all, and at the end of the tournament, return to this formation, and the formation will grant you the reward you deserve. Alright, you may proceed away to place your bets,” Daoist Niantian told the crowd.

“Lord Niantian, may I ask if Yu Lie will be participating in the tournament?”

“Is Long Xiaoxiao here as well?”

“Will those two from the Cloudsky Immortal Sect be joining in too?”

The crowd bombarded questions upon Daoist Niantian.

As many of them hadn’t seen them around, they weren’t sure if they would be participating in the tournament as well. If they were to bet on Yu Lie or Long Xiaoxiao but they ended up being absent, they would have wasted their bets for nothing.


It was at that moment that Daoist Niantian suddenly raised his hand, and the droplets of purple light that had already entered the cultivators’ bodies suddenly flew back out and returned back to Daoist Niantian’s hands.

“Milord, what do you mean by this?”

The crowd asked in bewilderment.

“If I were to give you all the answers, would I even need you to place your bets? Anyone who continues asking any question will have their chips taken away from them,” Daoist Niantian replied in displeasure.

Those words made everyone widen their eyes in realization.

Those who had their droplets of purple light taken away were those who had asked a question to Daoist Niantian earlier.

Given the current circumstances, it was apparent that there was no way they would be getting any clues out of Daoist Niantian. They could only rely on their own judgment for this gamble.

So, the crowd began to make their move.

They walked into the gambling formation and fused the purple droplet of light in their bodies into the mountain of the person they had decided to bet on.

The eleven mountains swiftly glowed purple under the dark sky, creating quite a beautiful sight.

The radiance emanated by the eleven mountains differed based on the number of droplets of purple light they received. After everyone made their choices, the radiance emanated by the mountains, from the brightest to the dimmest, was as followed…

Long Xiaoxiao.

Yin Daifen.

Fu Feiyue.

Yu Lie.

Yu Hong.

Yu Yin.

Kui Wudi.

Chu Feng.

Jiang Changkong.

Yin Buyu.

While everyone knew that Yu Lie was incredibly powerful, they felt that it was unlikely that he would participate in this tournament out of consideration that he hadn’t appeared in public view for such a long time.

As a result of that, Yu Lie wasn’t the person that received the most vote.

While the crowd had little understanding of Long Xiaoxiao, Yin Daifen, Fu Feiyue, and the others, they were still the top geniuses nurtured by the four behemoths. Given so, it was impossible for them to be weak.

Besides, Daoist Niantian must have his own reasons for showing his evaluation of their strength too. There were many cultivators who decided to trust in Daoist Niantian’s judgment, which resulted in Long Xiaoxiao, Yin Daifen, and Fu Feiyue receiving the most bets.

There was one exception to that rule though, and that was Chu Feng.

Daoist Niantian had placed Chu Feng’s name on the highest mountain, but that did little to inspire confidence in the latter. Chu Feng’s humble background made him look shady, and the only thing that the crowd knew about him was that he had managed to defeat Lu Jie.

Make no mistake, that was indeed a formidable feat, but it was still too much of a stretch to call him the strongest junior over that.

As a result, not many people betted on Chu Feng.

Nevertheless, he still ended up ranking higher than Jiang Changkong and Yin Buyu, and this made the two of them rather displeased.

“Young friends, aren’t you going to participate in the gamble too?” Daoist Niantian turned to Chu Feng and the others were and asked.

Daoist Niantian’s question was initially met with incomprehension from the crowd, but when the air tremble a little and the armies of the Dragon Clan, Yu Heavenly Clan, Monstrous Herd Temple, and Cloudsky Immortal Sect showed themselves, a huge commotion immediately broke out.

But when they looked at the juniors present amongst them, they immediately felt bitter regret.

That was because they spotted Yu Lie’s figure amongst them.

“Yu Lie is really here! That man who has disappeared for decades is here!”

“My gosh! If Yu Lie is here, the result of the tournament is pretty much decided!”

“How could I have been so dumb as to not bet on Yu Lie? Sigh…”

Such bitter complaints sounded all around.

But while there were some who regretted their decisions, there were also those who could hardly stop their smiles from showing on their faces.

The fact that Yu Lie was in the fourth place showed that he did receive a substantial amount of bets on him.

They were really just gambling on the odds that Yu Lie was here, and it looked like they had betted correctly.

“Looks like it’s our turn to choose now.”

Under everyone’s gazes, Long Xiaoxiao stepped forward and tore the talisman paper which Daoist Niantian had personally given her a while back. In an instant, a huge burst of purple light surged into her body.

Looking at the tremendous purple radiance she was emanating, the crowd felt deeply envious.

Of the crowd who had received the purple light, most of them received at least several droplets of purple light, although there were a few who received up to thirty droplets of purple light.

However, the amount of purple light that had surged into Long Xiaoxiao’s body was an amazing 900 droplets.

As long as Long Xiaoxiao betted on the right person, she would be able to double her prize and receive a huge amount of Niantian Energy.

One must know that Niantian Energy was an incredibly precious cultivation resource!

“That lass, is she… insane?”

But in the next instant, everyone widened their eyes in astonishment.

Long Xiaoxiao had just done something that left all of them utterly bewildered.