Martial God Asura - Chapter 4670

Chapter 4670: Nine Sons of Fate

“Brother Chu Feng, you have really colored me surprise. It looks like I’ve been underestimating you thus far. I am delighted with your results.”

Instead of displeasure, Zhang Yingxiong seemed incredibly excited to see that Chu Feng had managed to induce three rays of light from the Immemorial Fate Stone.

“I’d like to thank you for allowing me to try out the prowess of the Immemorial Fate Stone for myself too. However, according to the rules we’ve agreed on, you should tell me the matter concerning my master now, right?” Chu Feng asked.

He was overjoyed by the results of the Immemorial Fate Stone as well. He viewed it as proof of the efforts he had put in thus far. However, he was more worried about his master, the Ox-nosed Old Daoist.

“Brother Chu Feng, give me a moment first. I assure you that I’ll definitely hold to the end of my promise.”

Zhang Yingxiong turned to Wang Yuxian and asked, “Miss Wang, this is a rare opportunity. Won’t you give it a try too?”

“Lele, you should go ahead and give it a try.”

Before Wang Yuxian could respond, the Lady of Dao Sea had already urged her forward. She seemed more eager than Wang Yuxian herself to see what the latter’s talent was.

“My junior is the most talented person in the Nine Souls Galaxy! There’s no doubt that she’ll be able to induce three rays of light!”

“Indeed! Junior, let them see your talents so as to curb that fellow’s arrogance. He dares claim that he’s the only one who has managed to induce three rays of light thus far!”

“Yeah, we’ll show him here that two other people are able to do the same too!”

“Hmph, perhaps even I might be able to do it too! I want to give it a try after our junior too.”

“Me too! I’d be glad if I could just light up two rays of light.”

The disciples of the Lady of Dao Sea were filled with confidence for Wang Yuxian. There were even a couple who were excited to give it a try themselves. They hoped to prove themselves through the Immemorial Fate Stone.

After all, their teacher had said that it was a legendary treasure.

As for Wang Yuxian, from the moment the Lady of Dao Sea spoke up, she had already begun making her way toward the Immemorial Fate Stone.

Just like Chu Feng, she was able to set up the mini formation and activate the Immemorial fate Stone without receiving Zhang Yingxiong’s impartation.

Neither the Lady of Dao Sea nor the other disciples were surprised to see this. Wang Yuxian’s talents weren’t just for show after all.

If Chu Feng could do it, there was no reason why Wang Yuxian couldn’t.


Shortly after Wang Yuxian stepped into the Immemorial Fate Stone, the first ray of light emerged. The incredible divinity of the light brought a brilliant smile to the Lady of Dao Sea’s face.


Soon, the second ray of light gushed outward and shrouded the world with the doomsday illusion.

The smile on the Lady of Dao Sea’s face deepened. She looked proud of her disciple.

However, the third ray of light never appeared after that.

Initially, everyone thought that the third ray of light had just been delayed, and it would appear very soon. However, the surrounding illusion suddenly began wavering intensely before fading off into a whiff of smoke. Everything swiftly reverted back to normal.

It was only then that the Lady of Dao Sea and the crowd realized that the evaluation had come to an end.

Wang Yuxian had failed to induce the third ray of light.

Before long, Wang Yuxian walked out from the spirit formation gate in front of the Immemorial Fate Stone. Unlike Zhang Yingxiong and Chu Feng, she was panting heavily, and her clothes were soaked with sweat too. It looked like she had overexerted herself inside.

“Lele, are you fine?”

The Lady of Dao Sea and the other disciples immediately rushed forward to check on Wang Yuxian’s condition.

“I’m sorry, master. I’ve… let you down.”

Instead of worrying about her own injuries, Wang Yuxian looked at her master with self-reproach in her eyes. She knew just how much hopes her master had pinned on her, and she felt terrible for letting her down.

“Lele, you’re in a feeble state at the moment. It’s only natural that you’re unable to trigger the third ray of light. I believe that you’ll be able to do it once your body recovers fully,” the Lady of Dao Sea replied.

“The evaluation has nothing to do with one’s physical condition. No matter how weakened one is, those who can induce three rays of light will definitely be able to do so. That said, it’s already remarkable that Miss Wang is able to induce two rays of light.”

Zhang Yingxiong suddenly spoke up at that moment, pouring a pail of cold water over the heads of the Lady of Dao Sea.

“What did you say? Can’t you tell that my junior is in a feeble state? If my junior is in her normal condition, she’d surely be able to induce the third ray of light without fail!”

The other disciples argued vehemently with Zhang Yingxiong in displeasure, but the latter simply replied with a wry smile.

“Do you really take this Immemorial Fate Stone to be the ordinary evaluation tools you use? If you want to give it a try, I’ll give you a chance then. However, I can tell you frankly that you won’t even be able to induce a single ray of light. If you can do it, consider it as my loss!

“Here, this is formation to trigger the formation. If you don’t believe me, you can go ahead and embarrass yourselves here.”

Zhang Yingxiong really imparted the way to activating the Immemorial Fate Stone to them publicly, not showing any hesitation at all.

“Hmph! Who’s scared of who?”

There were already a couple of disciples who wanted to give it a try, and Zhang Yingxiong’s insult only further riled up their desire to prove themselves.

However, things wouldn’t go as they wished. The first one who stepped in failed to produce any rays of light, and when she walked out of the spirit formation gate, she even spurted a mouthful of blood. She was in such a frail state that she didn’t even have the strength to remain standing.

There were still some disciples who refused to concede and activated the Immemorial Fate Stone. However, none of them managed to induce the first ray of light, and they left with considerable injuries. One of them even bled from all seven apertures before losing consciousness altogether.

Seeing this, there was no one else who dared to give it a try anymore.

As much as they refused to admit it, the results proved that what Zhang Yingxiong said was true. Other than Wang Yuxian, there was not a single disciple of the Lady of Dao Sea who was able to induce the first ray of light of the Immemorial Fate Stone.

The faces of the disciples all turned sullen, but Milady Queen was overjoyed at the turn of events.

“This Immemorial Fate Stone sure is interesting.”

It looked as if Milady Queen was praising the Immemorial Fate Stone, but in truth, she was just indirectly complimenting Chu Feng.

Meanwhile, after seeing that no one was interested in trying out the Immemorial Fate Stone anymore, Zhang Yingxiong turned to Chu Feng and said, “Brother Chu Feng, we can be considered as true friends now. To be more exact, we’re brothers who will be fighting alongside one another. I’ll be counting on you to take care of me in the future.”

“What do you mean by that?” Chu Feng asked.

He had a feeling that Zhang Yingxiong was alluding to something here.

“Cultivators are blessed with long lifespans. As long as they don’t meet with any mishaps, living over 10,000 years of age poses no difficulty at all. Yet, only those who are within 100 years of age are termed as ‘juniors’. Of the massive world of cultivation, we share the same era with cultivators coming from many generations. However, I can tell you outright that our generation is the most outstanding generation ever since the inception of the world of cultivation.

“Our generation is bound to have many outstanding prodigies who would surpass the legacy of the preceding generations. Do you know why that is so?” Zhang Yingxiong asked.

“Why don’t you tell me about it?” Chu Feng said.

“A catastrophe that will sweep across the world of cultivation is imminent. The doomsday vision you saw earlier during the second ray of light will eventually become reality. The burden won’t just be shouldered by the elders above us; on the contrary, we bear a heavy responsibility here because of the prophecy.

“The only ones who could stop the catastrophe aren’t the elders who have cultivated for many years but the cultivators of our generation. There are many cultivators who share the same generation as us, but of us all, there are only nine people who can induce three rays of light from the Immemorial Fate Stone. These nine people are the ones who will be stopping the catastrophe, and they are known as the Nine Sons of Fate.

“And you and I, we are both one of them.”

Zhang Yingxiong looked at Chu Feng as he said these words.