Martial God Asura - Chapter 4739

Chapter 4739: Doubt

“What are you laughing at? There’s no man who doesn’t love a beauty, and Junior Chu Feng does have the right to participate in the selections.”

Sensing that the atmosphere was a bit off, he quickly tried to bring the matter over with a joking tone.

Li Muzhi’s words clearly wielded some weight. Despite his joking tone, the others reined in their smiles right away.

“Junior Chu Feng, did Senior Lu tell you what we’re doing?” Li Muzhi asked.

“Yes, Senior Lu has told me about it, and I’ve taken a look at your formation too. Senior Li, the reason why you haven’t been able to succeed thus far is due to the formation you’ve constructed. It’s far too conservative. If you were to dispel the second layer of formation you have built up, you will be able to successfully forge the treasure,” Chu Feng said.

Li Muzhi’s formation contained two layers. The first formation was the forging formation whereas the second one was a link between the forging formation and the supporting formation.

Chu Feng felt that the reason why Li Muzhi and the others weren’t able to succeed was due to the obstruction of the second formation.

“You must be joking with me! Do you know what the use of the second formation is?”

Xu Langzhi looked at Chu Feng doubtfully.

“If I’m not mistaken, the second formation is constructed with the intent to better absorb the energy from the supporting formation,” Chu Feng replied.

“You’re only half right. This second formation also serves as a dampener to slow down the intake of the energy from the supporting formation. You should already know that this supporting formation was created by our sect founder. The energy it harnesses is so great that ordinary supporting formations can’t even hold a candle to it.

“If one wants to tap into the power of the supporting formation, one would have to construct another layer of formation in order to slow down the absorption of energy from the supporting formation. Otherwise, it’ll become difficult to control the excess of energy and possibly lead to a disaster.”

Xu Langzhi directed a sneering look at Chu Feng, as if he was looking at a countryside bumpkin.

However, Chu Feng simply chuckled softly and replied, “I know that.”

“You know that? If you know that, how could you even suggest for us to remove the second formation? Are you intending to kill all of us?” Xu Langzhi roared.

“Senior Xu, Junior Chu Feng is someone with true capabilities, or else I wouldn’t have invited him over. Let’s hear more about Junior Chu Feng’s thoughts before deciding on what to do.”

There was nothing wrong with Li Muzhi’s words, but his tone reflected a hint of displeasure. It was obvious to everyone present tha Li Muzhi was unhappy with Xu Langzhi’s attitude.

Seeing that Li Muzhi was displeased, Xu Langzhi hurriedly explained, “Junior Li, I have no intention of picking on Chu Feng. It’s just that…”

However, Li Muzhi waved his hands impatiently and cut him short, “Enough, let’s listen to Junior Chu Feng’s idea first.”

After that, he turned to Chu Feng and asked, “Junior Chu Feng, can you share more about your thoughts?”

There was a clear difference in tone between how Li Muzhi addressed Chu Feng and Xu Langzhi. He was clearly much more amicable now.

“Just like what Senior Xu mentioned earlier, the supporting formation here is far too powerful that it’ll be hard to control the excess of energy without an additional formation to dampen the inflow of energy. However, forging the treasure takes time, and time is what you lack at the moment. At the current rate, I think that it’s unlikely for you to be able to finish the treasure on time.

“What we need right now is to take in more energy of the supporting formation to hasten the process. If you remove the second formation and create another formation core in the forging formation, I’ll help you to control the energy coming in from the supporting formation. With that, you can focus your effort on channeling the forging formation without worrying about anything else,” Chu Feng said.

“Junior Chu Feng, are you… serious? The energy coming in from the supporting formation is no joke. Are you certain that you can control it all alone?”

Li Muzhi couldn’t help but doubt Chu Feng’s words.

“Senior Li, leave this to me. I’m willing to take any punishment if I fail. However, if I do succeed, I have a small request I’d like to make of you,” Chu Feng said.

“What request is it? Feel free to speak,” Li Muzhi said.

“I’d like to borrow the supporting formation to cultivate for a moment. It won’t take too long, just a couple of hours will do,” Chu Feng said.

“This… There’s no problem with that. Even if you don’t help me here, you’re more than welcome to use the supporting formation to construct any formation you need,” Li Muzhi replied candidly.

Li Muzhi’s attitude toward Chu Feng was far better than before. He had put down his lofty and domineering attitude. In fact, if not for the sharp edge in his tone when he addressed Xu Langzhi earlier, Chu Feng would have wondered if he was still the same person he had met back then.

“However, Junior Chu Feng, this matter is of grave importance. Do you want to try seeing if there are any other alternative measures first?”

Li Muzhi clearly had some reservations toward Chu Feng’s plan.

“Junior Li, as long as you open up another formation core in the forging formation so that I can control the flow of energy, I’m certain that it’ll work out. You just have to concentrate your effort on channeling the formation. If it fails, you can do whatever you want with me,” Chu Feng said.


Li Muzhi didn’t respond right away as he wasn’t too sure about what Chu Feng was planning to do.

“Hmph, you’ll let us do whatever you want with you? Do you know how much effort and time we have spent on forging this treasure? If we fail because of you, not even your life will be able to compensate for our loss!” Xu Langzhi sneered.

Chu Feng shot a glance at Xu Langzhi and said, “It looks like Senior Xu is certain that I’ll fail.”

“Of course! What arrogance it is to think that you can single-handedly control the energy of the supporting formation here! Who do you think you are? Not even Junior Xia Yan will dare to spout such words of arrogance!” Xu Langzhi said.

“Since that’s the case, do you want to make a bet with me? If the forging process fails after using my method, my life will be yours. However, if it does work out, your life will be mine. What do you think?” Chu Feng asked.


Xu Langzhi panicked. He didn’t think that Chu Feng would dare to refute him and even raise such a bet.

Betting on his life? Of course he wouldn’t dare to do it even if he was confident that Chu Feng was unwilling to do it.

“Since you don’t dare to do so, you should stop yapping off. It’s on Senior Li’s account that I’m here today. I’m here to propose ideas to Senior Li regarding the problem he’s facing. Whether he wants to adopt my solution or not is up to him. This has nothing to do with you at all.

“To put it in a more direct manner, if you really had the ability to forge the treasure, Senior Li wouldn’t have to seek my help in the first place,” Chu Feng said.

“Y-you!!! How arrogant! Do you know who I am? How dare you look down on me? Very well, let’s compete our spirit power against one another then! If you can defeat me, I’ll let you do whatever you want!” Xu Langzhi said.

“Sure. However, if I win, your life will be mine,” Chu Feng replied.


Xu Langzhi’s face turned steely. He was so frustrated that he felt like his heart was going to explode. He knew that Chu Feng was intentionally saying those words because he knew that he wouldn’t dare to accept this bet!