Martial God Asura - Chapter 4815

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Chapter 4815: Mysterious Expert

“Is the sectmaster spying on this place using her formation?” Chu Feng asked.

He suddenly remembered what Yu Ting had said prior to her departure. Back then, he thought that she was just joking around, but now that he was looking at it once more, it felt more like a warning.

“It isn’t the sectmaster but someone else. There’s someone else in this Abandoned Land,” Zi Ling replied.

“Is that person imprisoned here too… or is he responsible for managing this place?” Chu Feng asked.

Amidst his words, he had already activated Heaven’s Eye and started to scan the area.

He immediately spotted Yu Ting who had left some time ago, but he wasn’t able to find anyone else except for her. This made him acutely aware that the person Zi Ling spoke of was not anyone ordinary.

Most likely, the latter was an expert far stronger than him.

“You can think of him as the master of this place,” Zi Ling said.

“Master of this place? Is he from our Hidden Dragon Martial Sect as well… or is he from somewhere else?” Chu Feng asked.

“Big brother Chu Feng, I didn’t think that you would know of the foreign existences in our sect. As expected of my big brother Chu Feng. You’re the most outstanding one no matter where you go! There’s no way such stuff would have eluded your notice.”

Zi Ling looked at Chu Feng with a gleeful look.

It was a secret that there were foreign existences in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect. While there were some rumors floating around, most people didn’t believe in them, thinking that it was implausible.

However, Chu Feng’s tone made it clear that he knew that something was going on in the shadows.

He had only entered the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect not too long ago, but he was already able to verify this fact. This showed just how outstanding he was.

“Silly girl, it looks like you’ve gotten good at complimenting others. Based on what you’ve said, it looks like the master of this place isn’t from our sect?” Chu Feng asked.

“Indeed,” Zi Ling replied.

“Who is he then? Have you met him before? Does he… pose any threat to you?” Chu Feng asked.

He was worried about Zi Ling.

“I’ve never met him in person before, but I know that he’s a formidable individual. Even my master was unable to do anything to him,” Zi Ling replied.

The master she was referring to here was naturally the sectmaster of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect.

“Is he a threat to you?” Chu Feng asked once more.

He could sense that Zi Ling was averting his question. Her words hinted that the sectmaster had fought with the ‘master of this place’ before but was unable to do anything about it, which meant that the latter was quite a frightening existence.

“Of course not. Why would such a powerful expert possibly go to the extent of dealing with someone as minor as me? Big brother Chu Feng, don’t think too much into it. Aren’t I still standing perfectly well before you?” Zi Ling said with a smile.

“I’ll bring you out of here,” Chu Feng gestured to the token on his waist as he spoke.

“I can’t leave this place yet.”

Unexpectedly, Zi Ling rejected him right away.

“Did your master forbid you from leaving this place?” Chu Feng asked.


Zi Ling nodded in response.


But the next moment, her face suddenly distorted in great pain. She tried her best to hide it, but the pain was only getting worse with each passing second. It was impossible for her to mask it.

She bent down and grasped her own chest as her face turned ghastly pale.

Horrified, Chu Feng quickly rushed forward to support her. At the same time, he used his means to inspect her body, only to realize that there was a shackle over her soul. It was the power of the shackle that was torturing her at the moment.

“Did your master do this, or is it someone else?” Chu Feng asked lividly.

“Big brother Chu Feng, I’m fine. You don’t have to worry about me,” Zi Ling said with a forced smile.

Chu Feng could tell that this matter was more complicated and severe than it seemed by how Zi Ling was avoiding his question.

“Zi Ling, who did this to you?” Chu Feng asked once more.

“It’s this Exalted who did it. What are you going to do about it?”

A voice suddenly boomed in the distance.

“Who are you?”

Chu Feng turned to where the voice was coming from and asked grimly.

“Who am I? I am the master of this place. Does it displease you to see your lover in pain? But so what if you’re displeased? If you’re that capable, why don’t you free her from her pain?” that voice said.

“How do I free her from her pain?” Chu Feng asked.

“It’s simple. This land is my territory, and anyone who wishes to stay here has to play a game with me. If you win, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of this land. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay a price and be shackled by this Soul Lock. If you can’t win against me, you’re condemned to stay here for your entire life and serve me as my slave.

“How about it? Do you want to take on the challenge? If you defeat me, I’ll allow you and that lass to leave safely. Of course, unlike her, you have no need to stay here, so even if you turn down my challenge, I wouldn’t enforce the Soul Lock on you. It’s just that this lass will continue to suffer till the end of her life.

“I saw how lovey-dovey the two of you were earlier. The two of you must be deeply in love… or am I mistaken?” the voice sneered.

“Big brother Chu Feng, you mustn’t accept its challenge. I simply got careless with it, and I can deal with this myself. I don’t want to implicate you into this!” Zi Ling quickly tried to dissuade Chu Feng.

She knew that he would try to help her, but there were great risks involved here. She didn’t want Chu Feng to put himself in danger because of her.

“Silly girl. How can I possibly leave you be?” Chu Feng said.

“It looks like you still have some guts. Good! Since that’s the case, come right in!” the voice sounded once more.

The earth before Chu Feng cracked, opening up an abyss-like hole.

“Big brother Chu Feng, don’t go!” Zi Ling cried.

However, Chu Feng looked at her pale face and smiled gently at her, saying, “Wait here for me.”

After that, he leaped right into the crack.