Martial God Asura - Chapter 5161

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Chapter 5161: Massacre

“What is that?”

The peculiar sight caught the attention of everyone in the ancient city. A terrifying pressure coming from the black gaseous smoke made Situ Xiangyang’s oppressive might seem weak in comparison.

Within moments, the black gaseous smoke cloaked the city, plunging everything into darkness. It would have been impossible to see at all if not for the fact that they were all cultivators.

Amidst the black gaseous smoke, a young man walked into everyone’s line of sight.

City Lord Liang’s face erupted in joy. He recognized the young man to be Chu Feng, though there was a huge difference in his current appearance.

Chu Feng’s eyes had turned pitch-black, and he was emanating bone-chilling killing intent that was much more frightening than Situ Xiangyang’s.

Most important of all, the barrier erected by the Situ World Spiritist Clan should have been impossible to breach unless one had reached Half-God level, but the fact that Chu Feng was now in the city meant that he had successfully breached the barrier.

It made him think that Chu Feng had come to save them.

“Who are you?” Situ Xiangyang asked.

He was carefully assessing Chu Feng, knowing that the latter wasn’t to be made light of.

“Were you the one who injured her?” Chu Feng asked through gritted teeth.

A chilling intent swept into the surroundings, unnerving those from the Situ World Spiritist Clan.

The fact that Chu Feng recognized Song Yuwei hinted that they were accomplices, but why would such a terrifying fellow suddenly side with the fallen Golden Dragon Flame Sect?

“You’re her accomplice? It looks like we weren’t thorough enough with the Golden Dragon Flame Sect,” Situ Xiangyang calmly replied, showing little fear toward Chu Feng.

“Men, take down that wretched scum of the Golden Dragon Flame Sect!” Situ Xiangyang ordered.

Two White Dragon God-cloak World Spiritists immediately stepped forward. They were the ones who had set up the formation sealing off the ancient city. They were indignant at having their formations breached, so they wished to prove themselves by taking Chu Feng down.

Bam bam!

Two dull thuds sounded before they could approach Chu Feng. Before anyone could react, they had already been reduced to a puddle of bloodied water.

The crowd froze in place.

Those were White Dragon God-cloak World Spiritists, possessing might comparable to rank one Half-God level cultivators!

“That is?”

Taking a closer look, the crowd quickly noticed someone emanating the cultivation of a Half-God level cultivator standing right behind Chu Feng. It was none other than the Asura King.

Realization dawned upon them.

The arrogant Situ Xiangyang and Situ Jianling flew into a panic. They knew deep well that they didn’t have the means to deal with a rank four Half-God level cultivator.

Meanwhile, Chu Feng began making his way toward Song Yuwei. The Asura King dispelled the formation cast on Song Yuwei with a wave of his hand.

“Elder Yuwei, you have suffered.”

Knowing that Song Yuwei needed emergency treatment or else her life would be in danger, Chu Feng quickly constructed a formation around her.

“W-who are you?” Situ Xiangyang and Situ Jianling asked with a much more respectful voice than before.

However, Chu Feng paid them no heed. He carefully constructed the recovery formation around Song Yuwei before finally turning his attention back to them.


A spirit formation gate appeared in the sky.

“Master, are we going to clear off these small fries?” the Asura King asked.

He thought that Chu Feng was planning to release all of the Asura World Spirits to massacre the Situ World Spiritist Clansmen.

“Elder, please return to the World Spirit Space for now,” Chu Feng said.


The Asura King didn’t understand what Chu Feng was planning.

“Please lend me your power. I wish to deal with these beasts myself,” Chu Feng replied.

His eyes swiftly turned pitch-black, assuming an appearance reminiscent of an Asura World Spirit. His cultivation was not very powerful, but the killing intent coming from him was blood-curdling. It was to the extent that even the Asura King felt a little intimidated.


The Asura King entered the spirit formation gate and returned to Chu Feng’s World Spirit Space. At the same time, he transferred his rank four Half-God level cultivation to Chu Feng.


In the meantime, Situ Xiangyang had already bolted out of the ancient city. He knew that things had gone awry, so he exploited the window where the Asura King returned to the World Spirit Space to make his escape.


Chu Feng morphed into a shadow and chased after him.


A split moment later, a hair-raising cry shook the sky. It scared the remaining members of the Situ World Spiritist Clan so much that their faces turned pale. Even Situ Jianling was afraid as well.

They tried to escape, but the city had been completely sealed off by black gaseous flames. They then turned their eyes to Song Yuwei and City Lord Liang, but Chu Feng knew that they might try to hold them hostage and had already wrapped them in a layer of energy to protect them.

The Situ World Spiritist Clansmen were like fishes on a chopping board. They could only watch helplessly as their moment of execution beckoned.

Shortly after, Chu Feng returned to the scene. He flung his arm, and a mishmash of broken limbs scattered all over the floor. Those belonged to Situ Xiangyang.

His plight was much worse than Song Yuwei’s. His body was so deformed that it was hard to tell that he had been a human at all, but what was the most terrifying of all was that there was actually still a breath left in him. He was still alive…

The crowd shuddered just to imagine the pain he must be feeling at the moment.

“Milord, we aren’t the ones who inflicted those injuries. It’s all Situ Tingye’s doing! You should go after him if you wish to exact vengeance on Song Yuwei!” a Situ World Spiritist Clansman cried.


Chu Feng didn’t pay him any heed. He flung his sleeves, and an arc of light shot toward the Situ World Spiritist Clansmen.


Screams of agony ensued. They continued without the briefest respite for the next two hours to come.

With Chu Feng’s strength, he could have easily decimated all of the Situ World Spiritist Clansmen in the blink of an eye, such that they wouldn’t even have a chance to let out a squeak. Yet, those spine-chilling screams continued for two whole hours.

This wasn’t just a massacre. It was a torture session.

By the time everyone stopped, the ground, city walls, and nearby buildings were soaked in blood. Everyone in the ancient city had gone completely pale. Their bodies were shivering out of sheer fright. Many bent over and vomited. Some even fainted.

One must know that these were not ordinary people but cultivators. Some of them were even serial murderers who had lost all respect for the sanctity of life. Yet, they couldn’t stand the horrors unfolding before their eyes.

There was not a single person of the Situ World Spiritist Clan’s army of nine thousand who survived the ordeal. All of them were brutally mutilated.

The only one who remained intact was the person who sold out Situ Tingye earlier. He was just a small fry. No one in the crowd understood why Chu Feng left him behind despite having killed everyone else.




Footsteps echoed. Chu Feng slowly made his way to the sole survivor of the massacre.

“Milord, please spare my life! I am from the Situ World Spiritist Clan, but I have never killed any innocent people or committed any evil deed! I have parents to take care of and children to raise! I’m begging you, please let me off!”

The Situ World Spiritist Clansman kneeled down and kowtowed.

The current Chu Feng was simply too terrifying. He was covered in the blood of those he had slaughtered. In particular, his hands were crimson from forcefully tearing the Situ World Spiritist Clansmen into two. He looked more like a beast than a human at this point… or a demon from hell might have been more apt.

No one dared to look him in the eye.

“Where did Situ Tingye go?” Chu Feng asked.

“H-he returned to the Situ World Spiritist Clan,” the Situ World Spiritist Clansman meekly replied.

“Your information was useless, but I’ll at least grant you a whole corpse.”

With those words, Chu Feng pressed his palm down on the Situ World Spiritist Clansman’s head.


With a cry of agony, the Situ World Spiritist Clansman swiftly lost his life force and grew emaciated. His origin energies had been sapped from him.

Chu Feng chose to kill him because he thought that he deserved to die.

After all was done, Chu Feng turned his gaze back to the others in the ancient city.

“Milord, please spare our lives!”

Even though there was no bad blood between them and Chu Feng, the civilians in the ancient city quickly kneeled to the ground and begged for mercy. How could they not be frightened after witnessing how the Situ World Spiritist Clansmen suffered brutal deaths in Chu Feng’s hands?

Their fear for Chu Feng permeated their very bones. They were afraid that he would come after them next.

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