Martial Peak - Chapter 2037

Chapter 2037, Self-Destruct

These moonlight beams shot out by the Heavenly Lunar Cycle Grand Array were incredibly lethal, with extreme corrosive and penetrating ability. Just like how the Flying Saint Palace disciple tragically died before, all those who were struck by these moonlight beams screamed miserably one after another as they watched parts of their body melt, their auras ceasing to exist shortly after.

And all the Saint Qi protection around their bodies didn’t work at all. Even the defensive artifacts of these cultivators were melted in half.

“Deacon Liu, save me!” One person didn’t immediately die, but the moonlight beam had left a large hole in his abdomen that one could clearly see his five viscera, six organs through. This man struggled to fly toward Liu Yi Zhi, shouting for help.

The corrosive force around the wound on his abdomen was like maggots on rotting bone, unable to be dispelled and quickly corroding the other intact body parts. As this disciple flew towards Liu Yi Zhi, the wound on his abdomen continued to expand and soon even his bones were exposed.

Suddenly, a slap landed on this person’s head, causing it to burst.

The Flying Saint Palace disciples in the vicinity, who were still alive, went silent for a moment as they turned looks of horror towards Liu Yi Zhi.

“He couldn’t be saved!” Liu Yi Zhi shouted in fury, “Rather than let him suffer, it’s better to give him a quick and painless death!”

“Hahaha!” Han Leng’s laughter suddenly echoed from everywhere, “Is everyone from Flying Saint Palace so cruel? You’ve opened this Han’s eyes today.”

Having been ridiculed by him, Liu Yi Zhi immediately grew angry out of shame and lashed out in anger, “If your surname is Han, I dare you to show your figure and fight fairly against this Liu! Cowering behind a Spirit Array, how can that be considered your own skill!?”

“Ridiculous! How ridiculous! If this Han taking advantage of this Spirit Array can’t be called my skill, can your act of using many to bully the few be called skill?” Han Leng rebuked in contempt.

Liu Yi Zhi’s provocations had no effect, leaving him with no other choice. Liu Yi Zhi turned to the surviving Flying Saint Palace disciples and shouted, “Why are you just standing there doing nothing! If you want to survive, attack this Spirit Array with your full strength!”

Nobody dared to be negligent after hearing this and quickly displayed their most powerful attacks, aimlessly bombarding the surrounding space.

Although Liu Yi Zhi’s brutality had scared them just now, they knew that he was right. Surrounded by this Heavenly Lunar Cycle Grand Array, they could only continue attacking if they wanted to survive.

“A bunch of clowns!” After ridiculing everyone, Han Leng’s figure suddenly appeared somewhere mid-air. Forming a series of hand seals, he had the silver moons shoot untold beams of moonlight towards a certain spot, condense together, causing a massive sense of oppression to those down below.

“Go!” The huge beam of moonlight immediately shot in the direction of a certain Flying Saint Palace disciple with the wave of Han Leng’s hand. The speed of this beam was much faster than before and was impossible to guard against.

That disciple didn’t even have the chance to make an evasive action before he was directly enveloped by that beam of moonlight and vanished from the face of this world.

Liu Yi Zhi seemed to have been waiting for this very moment though, and as soon as Han Leng’s figure was exposed, Liu Yi Zhi spat out a mouthful of Blood Essence onto his sabre, causing it to vibrate slightly. In the next instant, his figure disappeared from its place and reappeared again before Han Leng, slashing down at him with his sabre.

Under Liu Yi Zhi’s anticipating gaze, Han Leng’s figure was cut into two.

A look of joy immediately appeared on Liu Yi Zhi’s face, but soon after, he realized there was something wrong.

Although Han Leng’s body was split into two, no blood flowed out. Soon after, Han Leng’s severed figure distorted before it disappeared altogether.

What he hit was Han Leng’s phantom, while Han Leng had clearly hidden again long ago.

Liu Yi Zhi furrowed his brow, finding the situation very difficult to deal with. In terms of cultivation, Han Leng and he were on par with each other and their combat power was almost equal, so it was reasonable to say that it was impossible for Han Leng to have such an obvious advantage. However, with the assistance of the Heavenly Lunar Cycle Grand Array, Liu Yi Zhi couldn’t grasp Han Leng’s location at all and was forced to defend passively, causing him to grow increasingly anxious.

The huge beam of moonlight didn’t disappear after its first kill and instead kept flying back and forth within the range of the array, melting away one Flying Saint Palace disciple after another.

In just a short span of a dozen or so breaths, only two Origin Kings remained.

The two Origin Kings both looked at each other and noticed the intention to escape in each other’s eyes. They knew that if they didn’t make a run for it, they would definitely die.

And so, their figures bolted straight towards the ship.

With a flash of moonlight, one of them was struck by the large beam and disintegrated before he could even scream. The last man managed to escape to the front of the ship where he cried out, “Young Palace Master, please let your subordinate in.”

On the deck of the ship, Ning Yuan Chen stood there with a panicked look on his face, turning a deaf ear to the cries of that disciple and instead angrily lashing out at him “Get away from here, don’t lead that thing here!”

“Young Palace Master, you…” The disciple looked at Ning Yuan Cheng as desperation filled his face, but before he could finish his words, the beam of moonlight struck him from behind, piercing a hole straight through his chest.


A thunderous clap resounded through the sky.

The thick moonlight beam’s remaining power hit the protective screen of the ship, causing a sizzling noise to ring out as if something was being melted. The light shield around the ship was also flickering.

Ning Yuan Cheng couldn’t help but stumble a few steps back before falling down on his butt.

Luckily, the grade of this ship wasn’t low, seemingly reaching the Dao Source Grade, so its defence was quite good.

“So that’s how it is, I’ve finally caught you!” The moment the moonlight beam disappeared, Liu Yi Zhi suddenly appeared before the ship and slashed the sabre.

Suddenly, a figure appeared in front of him. It was none other than Han Leng, his face somewhat pale and there was a fresh cut on his robes. Apparently, he had been hit by Liu Yi Zhi’s attack just now.

Facing each other before the ship, Han Leng’s face was gloomy while Liu Yi Zhi looked solemn.

“It seems you noticed some clues,” Han Leng’s face was a little pale, seemingly having become exhausted from maintaining the operation of the Spirit Array.

“Indeed,” Liu Yi Zhi lifted his sabre, “This Liu had heard of the Heavenly Lunar Cycle Grand Array long ago, but after seeing it today, I realize that it is just an auxiliary Spirit Array. You have been hiding in the moonlight this whole time; this Liu had almost failed to notice this!”

Han Leng broke into laughter, “Deacon Liu really has a sharp eye, this Han had been trying to hide his whereabouts, but I hadn’t thought I would still be discovered by you.”

“Since I have found this flaw, today this place will be your burial ground!” Liu Yi Zhi pointed the sabre at Han Leng as his voice grew colder.

However, Han Leng just grinned wider as he said, “That will depend on whether you have the ability or not.”

Saying so, he formed a few hand seals as the countless silver moons started vibrating again.

“Are you still trying the same old trick?” Liu Yi Zhi fiercely shouted as he slashed the sabre in his hand all around him, sending out arcs of sabre Qi one after another. Principle Strength began to vibrate in the surrounding, causing the silver moons to distort and shatter, “The Heavenly Lunar Cycle Grand Array is just so-so!”

“Is that so?” A strange look appeared on Han Leng’s face before his entire figure blossomed with a dazzling radiance, like he had turned into a brilliant full moon.

“What!?” Liu Yi Zhi turned pale with fear as he instinctively felt a lethal threat. Hurriedly, he summoned a shield-like artifact before him, one that rotated rapidly as it expanded to the size of a tabletop, shielding Liu Yi Zhi’s entire figure behind it.

Right then, Han Leng seemed to have finished his preparation and a piercing blade of moonlight flew straight out towards Liu Yi Zhi like an arrow flying off the bowstring.

Not only that, the silver moons in the surrounding, which had been de-stabilized, also shot beams of moonlight under Han Leng’s control, pouring into the sword of light.

The light sword grew larger and in just a few short breaths, it became several dozen metres long.

A terrifying pressure immediately came bearing down from the sky, not only causing Ning Yuan Cheng, who had just fallen on his backside, to turn pale, but also causing Liu Yi Zhi, who was desperately urging his shield artifact, to feel a deathly threat.

Only now did he realize that he had vastly underestimated Han Leng and the Heavenly Lunar Cycle Grand Array.

The Heavenly Lunar Cycle Grand Array was a Spirit Array that originated from Star Soul Palace, and as the overlord of the Southern Territory, it was an outstanding masterpiece. Liu Yi Zhi might have seen through some of its intricacies, but he couldn’t see through them all. By underestimating this Spirit Array, he had brought about his own defeat.

“Young Palace Master, quickly escape!” Liu Yi Zhi gritted his teeth and shouted before biting the tip of his tongue and spewing his Blood Essence forward.

The shield artifact guarding him suddenly started glowing brightly, its defensive strength seemingly increasing another level. At the same time, the sabre in his hand buzzed violently while even Liu Yi Zhi’s aura began to inflate and grow chaotic.

“Self-destruct?” Han Leng’s cry of shock sounded from the Heaven-shaking light sword, a hint of fear apparent in his voice.

Not all artifacts in this world could self-destruct, but those that could would release massive amounts of destruction when they did. However, if someone really did this, not to mention that he would lose the artifact, the owner of the artifact would definitely suffer severe backlash.

The long-sword artifact in Liu Yi Zhi’s hand was a Dao Source Grade Low-Rank artifact, and the force of its self-destruction would definitely not be low, so Han Lend didn’t dare to take it head-on.

“Don’t even think about it!” Han Leng’s face distorted as he hid inside the moonlight sword, pressing his attack even harder, seemingly wanting to take Liu Yi Zhi’s life before the artifact could self-destruct.

A dazzling brilliance suddenly covered the entire world as a deafening thunderclap shook Heaven and Earth.

The surrounding World Energy fluctuated while even the local World Principles became disordered.

A black hole had suddenly appeared in Liu Yi Zhi’s location.

The power of that artifact’s self-destruct had actually shattered space, proof of how terrifying the explosion was.

An endless suction force appeared from this tear in space, swallowing everything around it before it fiercely constricted and disappeared under the restorative power of the local World Principles.

Many of the silver moons in the sky had gone dim as Han Leng’s final blow had seemingly drained most of the Heavenly Lunar Cycle Grand Array’s remaining power.

Han Leng’s figure was also revealed.

At this moment, his face was extremely hideous, his body covered in blood and his left arm twisted in an unnatural angle, a ghastly sight to behold.

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