Martial World - Chapter 2262

( Result and rear-drive is free chapter) Today, was the date of Thirty Three Heavens Human Emperor preach the Dao. Human Emperor preach the Dao, the time is uncertain, sometimes hundred years have 2-3 times, but sometimes are several hundred years have one time. Each preach the Dao, is a Thirty Three Heavens big grand occasion! Often the Human Emperor preach the Dao date, entire Thirty Three Heavens, all True God Sect, in Heavenly Venerate Sect, the major experts, will converge Human Emperor World! Generally such as True God birthday feast, the large celebration of True God influence, this activity, will converge many True God Sect to celebrate. But at this time, even if many influence homages to the dynasty, actually also mostly send envoy. But Lin Ming preach the Dao, these great power may be various great power actual hierarchs kisses/close to! This is also one day that many experts most anticipate! Thirty Three Heavens major True God and Heavenly Venerate, nobody is willing to miss such opportunity. influential figure that even many closed up, knows Human Emperor preach the Dao, will go out in a hurry, directly soars Human Emperor World! But generally in the ordinary martial practitioner eye is Great World King of side overlord, and even Half Step Heavenly Venerate, not necessarily had the qualifications to listen respectfully to Human Emperor preach the Dao. Each preach the Dao, Human Emperor Lin Ming will know the word to express oneself fully all, however Heavenly Dao is faintly recognizable, Lin Ming cultivates law by the spoken language is not to talk clearly, must comprehend by oneself, can comprehend many, that looked at respective Good Fortune. Besides the True God Human Race powerful master of influence and Heavenly Venerate influence, some natural talent outstanding level, obtain the approval in Human Emperor Tower trial young younger generation, can attend. At this time, on Human Emperor World Human Emperor Mountain, surrounding area thousand Li (500 km) region already under arrange/cloth array, only then Heavenly Venerate above cultivation base, or in the hand Human Emperor Token record completion achieves over 70% young talents, has in qualifications enter array, listens respectfully to Human Emperor preach the Dao. Requests even though to be harsh, but Thirty Three Heavens is too big, the person of useful qualifications is not infrequent, therefore above array. Person's shadows from the sky shuttle back and forth, these people, stand in the Thirty Three Heavens pyramid highest character, is usually optional to stand, can frighten Great World. In Human Emperor Mountain, these people is very but respectful, arrives at beside array. No matter True God and Heavenly Venerate, or peerless talent. Will reduce speed speed, while mount below mount, while spirit battleship below spirit battleship, shows the respect to Human Emperor Lin Ming. „More than 200 years, His Majesty the Human Emperor went out unexpectedly preach the Dao.” Has separated such long time, has the person who listens respectfully to the preach the Dao qualifications more, therefore this preach the Dao will be livelier, what a pity, we do not have qualifications enter.” Before the Human Emperor World surrounding celebration obtained the Human Emperor Token three Master gate youth also to arrive at beside barrier. Harbors mood that the respect envies, looks up in the sky the Thirty Three Heavens people of these communication shuttles to be outstanding. even though they do not have qualifications enter array, but witnesses this Thirty Three Heavens biggest grand occasion, this does not live in vain. Really is grand, if I had the opportunity to be able enter to listen respectfully to one time to be good, heard that listened respectfully to the person of His Majesty the Human Emperor preach the Dao, often obtained not the small chance. Even also some people at the scene achieve enlightenment, directly break through the bottleneck, does not know that real or exaggerates.” Real, His Majesty the Human Emperor preach the Dao, not only spoke some Dao Law and truth, His Majesty the Human Emperor sat there. The surroundings will form dao field, your majesty realm is too high, generally talent elite sits in this dao field, withstands the Heavenly Dao Law washout meridians, will obtain the greatest advantage! Listens to His Majesty the Human Emperor preach the Dao, even if has not understood, the light is places oneself in dao field. Is a chance!” In the middle of three people Big Senior Brother, to Lin Ming preach the Dao are the understanding, then tells all that he knows, hearing his two Junior Brother one's blood bubbles up to the brim, such legend, such opportunity, naturally makes them extremely be charmed! Do not think that some useless, we, catch such opportunity well diligently, otherwise we currently have the qualifications to go, cannot obtain too, by our strengths, one cannot understand Dao Law that His Majesty the Human Emperor spoke, two were also not necessarily able to withstand His Majesty the Human Emperor dao field. If because of not being able to withstand dao field faints, or has to the midway leave the stage, that disgraced lost in a big way.” Lin Ming preach the Dao is the chance, but also tests similarly. When Lin Ming preach the Dao, within the body law revealing naturally, unifies with the space of surroundings. Lin Ming cultivates law, originally is Celestial Being unites, the human body and universe fusion, after his Dao Law dissipates, his surrounding space has formed a universe on the nature, but the pressure of this universe, actually is who cannot withstand. Therefore the talent is insufficient, or strength insufficient Thirty Three Heavens martial practitioner, even if listens to Lin Ming preach the Dao unable to insist. Big Senior Brother, you said before His Majesty the Human Emperor closes up except for preach the Dao, cultivation never idles, to complete two wishes, what are that these two wishes?” Two Junior Brother consult modestly, Big Senior Brother raises head to look at grand formation of distant place, long saying: It is said your majesty two wishes, one is to wield Life and Death Samsara, unique to become Zhuhuai extinguishes, 200,000 years ago Thirty Three Heavens Great Tribulation were too frigid, human, Saint Race and Soul Race also had Primordial God Clan expert to sacrifice did not know many, including peerless person with the hero senior, such as Immortal Sovereign, Jun Biyue, Vast Universe Heavenly Venerate and Divine Mist Heavenly Venerate...” These people, are the His Majesty the Human Emperor friends, even is the kind teacher, they actually to protect His Majesty the Human Emperor died in battle!” Besides these people, His Majesty the Human Emperor most important teacher --- Asura Road Master, because of that last war, overdraws falls into the dormancy excessively, has not awaked.” His Majesty the Human Emperor has constructed second Emperor Bone Sea in Human Emperor World, the seal the souls of many fall guys, these soul sealed into in Totem Tower, was anticipating some day, can wield Heavenly Dao, counter reincarnation dies, resurrects all fall guys!” The Big Senior Brother words, let two Junior Brother both are one startled, „the person of dying, but can also resurrect? This possibility?” Has the possibility, His Majesty the Human Emperor has not stepped into the Martial Dao peak, perhaps but he has touched, since His Majesty the Human Emperor is this goal is trying hard, should be some assurances...” This...” Two Junior Brother look at each other one, felt that does not know how to describe own mood, this has surpassed beyond their understanding. „That also wish, what does UU read( is?” „When this second wish, is 200,000 years ago Great Tribulation, His Majesty the Human Emperor beloved wife Soul Empress Sheng Mei, follows His Majesty the Human Emperor, named Little Yu'er girl, they for some reasons but enter strange world, the whereabouts are still not bright!” This world is what kind, nobody knows, the His Majesty the Human Emperor second wish is understands the universe all secrets, goes all over the universe each corner, found that different world to be, and found Sheng Mei and Little Yu'er!” Beside Thirty Three Heavens, different world?” Two Junior Brother are startled slightly. Yes, sounds inconceivable, some people said this world... Perhaps and Thirty Three Heavens is equally great...” The rear-drive second chapter, the new book of silkworm cocoon decides initially on October/ten months 8 issued, 20 days. ...( To be continued. If you like this work, welcome you to cast the recommendation ticket and monthly ticket, your support, is I biggest power.)


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