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Chapter 1022: News From Elder Mo.

It took him one day.

He recreated ten clones.

This time, the strength of the clones increased.

He added some special materials when he created them.

It was his blood and the soil of the creation village.

When he came out of the creation village.

He brought out many things.

None of the things in the creation village were common objects.

For example, the soil was even more powerful than the resting soil.

And because of that.

He spent some time creating the clones.

It made the strength of the clones become stronger.

Now, the strength of ten clones was even more powerful than ordinary godly monarchs.

[ Ding ~ Demon refinement system notification ] : Someone is contacting you. Do you want to pick up?

“These two old men finally remembered to contact me, Haha!”

Just as he was about to use his doppelganger to start looking for a way back, the demon refining system notification suddenly sounded, which made him excited.


He was so excited that he hurriedly picked up the voice that came through.

As soon as he picked up, the voice of the Old Man from Mo Zhuang came from the other side. “Yo, you’re still alive?”

Jiang Feng rolled his eyes and scolded jokingly, “Old Man, even if you die, I won’t die.”

Mo Zhuang said, “Alright, I Won’t stay here with you anymore. Where are you now?”

Jiang Feng scanned his surroundings. “In the universe, but I don’t know the exact location.”

“Oh? In the universe, then tell me about the situation around you. I’ll help you investigate!”

Mo Zhuang was able to place the heaven’s secret gate on every planet with humans, so he naturally had many tricks up his sleeve.

He even had a rough idea of how big the universe was, including the topography of every part of the universe.

As long as Jiang Feng could provide him with some information.

It was still very easy to determine Jiang Feng’s location.

Jiang Feng described the scene around his location.

Very soon, MO Zhuang said, “Oh, so you’re now in the barren region of the universe.”

“Barren Region?”

“Yes, that is the edge of the universe. It is an undeveloped planet. The planets around it were all left behind by the creator god. Back then, I used 20 years to get there from the middle of the universe. Because I was too disappointed, it left a deep impression on me!”

“Help me see if there are any planets around the gate of Heavenly Secrets.”

“There are. Fly East. With your current strength, you should be able to reach Mino planet in a month. A planet that is comparable to Earth is very technologically advanced.”

“A month?”

“Qing Qiu asked me to tell you something. After you know about this, your speed will probably be even faster!”

“What is it?”

“The Heaven’s secret great world and Earth’s will have been blocked. The people from the deity world have already arrived in the heaven’s secret great world. They are currently arresting people everywhere. I don’t know what they are going to do!”

“What? !”

Jiang Feng’s expression changed.

He remembered that he was discovered by the Great Xia’s divine emperor last time, but he did not manage to kill Sun Hu and Voldemort.

Based on his guess, it was likely that Sun Hu and Voldemort had set up an altar and used it to come to the Heaven’s legacy great world.

However, what puzzled him was how the will of the Heaven’s legacy great world and the will of earth had been blocked?

But no matter what.

He had to hurry back.

The other party had started to capture people everywhere. It seemed that the altar in the great world of Heaven’s secrets was ready. As long as they used the blood of humans, they could activate the altar and head to Earth.

Once he entered Earth, it would be a big deal.

Thinking of this.

He told Mo Zhuang to contact him if there was any situation, and then quickly used the great spatial shift to the east.

In any case, there was no danger in the vicinity.

When he used the spatial transference, he was also unscrupulous.

After using up his true energy, he let his avatar take turns to bring him to use the spatial transference. The speed at which he rushed was very fast.


The great world of heavenly secrets.

Western region.

The place where the Heavenly Devil region was located.

The altar in the middle was filled with people.

There were 1,000 people who came from the divine realm. There were also 7,000 to 8,000 people whom they had captured in the great world of heavenly secrets.

The strength of these 7,000 to 8,000 people had basically been crippled. They lay limply on the ground.

Divine king Sun Hu swept his gaze over and said to the group of divine mystery realm subordinates standing behind him, “7,863 people? Are you all F * cking useless? There are hundreds of millions of humans alive here, and you’ve only captured this few people in a week?”

A divine mystery realm expert said helplessly, “Please Calm Down, divine king. This place is mainly the territory of the skyfiends and the Black Fiends. No other races dare to come here. The aborigines have all been killed by them. In addition, to head to other regions, we need to use the heaven’s secret gate to teleport. However, the Heaven’s secret gate in other regions has basically been destroyed. We Can’t teleport through the Heaven’s secret gate in the residence. If we want to rush over, we’ll need at least half a month’s time. If we return without the Heaven’s secret gate, we’ll need at least a month’s time.”

Divine King Sun Hu looked at Voldemort. “You have stayed here before. You should know how to travel to other areas in a short period of time, right?”

Voldemort said with a smile, “There’s really no other way. I believe the news of us arriving here has already spread. Many people have destroyed the public heaven’s secret door. We don’t have the transmission authority for the Heaven’s secret door in the residence, so we can only head to other areas!”

“Yes,”said Sun Hu. “A month’s time is too long. If they were to change their target within a month’s time, they would be finished!”

“There’s another way,”said Voldemort. “That is to bring the altar with us. If we take the altar with us, we can reduce the time by half. Furthermore, if we encounter an aboriginal village on the way, we will have almost all the people we need!”

Sun Hu nodded. “That’s the only way!”

The next moment.

Voldemort took out a scepter. With a wave of his hand, black mist flew out and enveloped the entire altar. The altar was lifted up and stored in the divine residence.

“Let’s Go!”

Sun Hu said as he led a thousand people in the direction of the central region.

The central region had already been divided up between the various races and the Fey thearch battle team.

As for the players from the mysterious demon race and the heavenly demon region, they had all been chased away.

After all, many of the mysterious demon race’s experts had died on the heaven and earth spiritual root fruit. They simply had no means of resisting.

Now that the players from the mysterious demon race and the heavenly demon region had been captured, the mysterious demon race would most likely face the risk of extinction after experiencing this calamity,

when Sun Hu’s group disappeared…

A rat crawled out from the ground.

He looked in the direction Sun Hu had flown off to and hurriedly headed to the original Xingyue region. He used the heaven’s secret gate in the mansion he had previously purchased to teleport to the central region.


The central region, inside a large mansion.

Yin Ke and cat girl Li’er were both here.

Seeing a large rat appear, yin ke asked, “Rat, didn’t I tell you to keep an eye on the people from the divine realm? Why Are You Back?”

Rat said, “They are already flying towards the central region. With their speed, they should be here in less than half a month. I’m here to inform you to get ready!”

Cat girl Li’er translated for Yin Ke.

Yin Ke frowned. “Quickly tell the natives of the central region and people from other races to retreat to other regions. No matter what they want to do, we must not let them gather enough people!”

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