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Chapter 1028: Get Rid Of Voldemort

Mount Numinous.

Jiang Feng, who was hugging ling feiyu, fell asleep unknowingly.

During this period of time, he was also quite tired.

Although he did not need to sleep now, the happiness of Hugging Ling Feiyu made him unable to help but close his eyes to rest.


Ling Feiyu, who had fallen into a deep sleep state, woke up after sleeping for two to three hours.

When she woke up, she was shocked. However, when she felt the warmth of her embrace, she turned her face and saw a handsome face. She smiled happily.

Perhaps happiness was that simple.

One action, one smile, and one embrace could make the person she loved feel satisfied!

She gently kissed Jiang Feng’s lips, stretched out her slender palm, and gently stroked Jiang Feng’s cheek.

This is my man!

A peerless hero!

Ling feiyu smiled and muttered, “If there is an afterlife, can you still marry me?”

Jiang Feng’s eyelids twitched and he slowly opened his eyes. He hugged ling Feiyu even tighter, “Don’t worry, we will. We will never be separated. If you want to live forever, I will accompany you forever. If you want to reincarnate, I will follow you forever!”

“I love you!”Ling Feiyu said blissfully.

“I love you too!”


Their lips pressed together. An unbreakable oath seemed to revolve around their lips, fusing into their flesh and blood!


They lingered with Ling Feiyu for a long time.

Jiang Feng and Ling Feiyu left the room.

Although love was important, there were still some things that needed to be done.

The responsibility on both of them was not small.

Only by taking off all the responsibilities on their bodies would they have the opportunity to travel the world and live a carefree and happy life.

The injuries of Qi Kui and Zhulong were almost healed.

After all, their physiques were extraordinary. It could be said that other than the god of creation, the physiques of the ten great ancient sacred beasts were the strongest existences.

Although all the invaders from the divine realm had finished their sweep.

However, the two of them did not leave. They continued to wait on the spiritual mountain.

Qing Qiu and a group of monsters accompanied the two of them.

Qing Qiu discovered.

This time, after Qi Kui and Zhu long saw their boss, they seemed to have transformed into a sacred beast. Their eyes flickered with excitement, and tears kept falling from the corner of Qi Kui’s eyes.

Its tears flowed into the surrounding sea like a lake, causing the true spirit Qi in the surrounding sea area to become even denser.

Many creatures in the sea turned into demonic beasts in an instant, and some of the ordinary herbs and fruits nearby also turned into spiritual herbs and spiritual fruits. It was very magical.


Jiang Feng appeared in the sky above Mount Numinous with Ling Feiyu.

“Boss, you’re finally back. Sob, sob… you’ve made us wait so long!”

Seeing Jiang Feng appear, Qi Kui burst into tears.

The dignity of the sacred beast was gone.

Zhulong was also wagging his tail excitedly. He was also very excited.

Jiang Feng looked at the excited Qi Kui and Zhulong and smiled faintly. “I’m back. This time, I even brought Shi long back!”

He had already learned the reason from Shi long.

Therefore, he was not surprised.

Since everyone thought that he was the creator god of this universe, perhaps it was true. He no longer doubted or denied it.

However, he did not know if he could achieve the great feats of the creator god of a long, long time ago. All he knew was to do his best to protect everyone.

After he finished speaking.

He released Shi long from the divine residence.


Shi long appeared and roared toward the sky.

When he saw Qi Kui and Zhulong flying toward the two of them, he whipped Qi kui and Zhulong with his tail. “Hey, I heard boss say that you two old guys are disrespectful to boss. Are you tired of living?”

Qi Kui and Zhu long smiled bitterly as they looked at each other.

They didn’t know why, but in the past, they couldn’t feel the aura of a god of creation from Jiang Feng’s body.

But this time, when Jiang Feng returned, his body was filled with the aura of a god of creation. It was precisely because of this that they knew Jiang Feng’s true identity.

They were really wronged!

“Alright, stop fooling around. Let’s go to obsidian star together!”

Jiang Feng said and waved his hand. The time barrier enveloped everyone as they headed towards obsidian.

This time, they came to obsidian.

Firstly, it was for the promise they made to obsidian, secondly, it was to find a way to unravel the will of Heaven’s secrets and Earth’s will. Thirdly, it was to get rid of Voldemort!


In the blink of an eye.

Jiang Feng brought everyone to obsidian and appeared at the mountaintop where Mo Zhuang and Mo fan were staying.

The two of them were playing chess when they were shocked by Jiang Feng’s sudden appearance.

Mo Zhuang grumbled, “Are you trying to scare us again after showing off?”

Jiang feng smiled and said, “It’s been a long time since we last met.”

Mo fan curled his lips, “You’re probably not here to see us two old geezers right?”

Jiang Feng smiled and did not reply but closed his eyes.

“Obsidian will, come out!”

“It’s coming, it’s coming!”

This time, the obsidian will came very quickly. Its tone was filled with respect.

It seemed that she had also found out about his identity.

The obsidian will said agitatedly, “I didn’t expect you to actually be the reincarnation of a creator god. I’ve offended you in the past. Boss, please don’t take offense!”

Jiang Feng said, “Alright, I’m not a petty person. Here, this is the promise I made back then. Although I’m a few years late, I hope you won’t take offense!”

As he said this, he took out a spatial bead and took out the largest heaven and earth spirit root as he spoke to the obsidian will.

“Thank you, God of Creation!”

The obsidian will was extremely excited as it hurriedly controlled the heaven and earth spirit root and planted it in the lake where Mo Zhuang and Mo fan were fishing.

In the next moment, the heaven and earth spirit root grew crazily as the territory of obsidian continued to expand. The ability of the obsidian will was also rising.

“Aiyo, my fish pond!”Mo Zhuang and Mo fan, the two old men, said with some heartache.

In half an hour’s time.

The size of the obsidian star had expanded tenfold.

But it was still far from Earth.

But no matter what, the obsidian star could be considered to have the heaven and earth spirit roots. Its territory had expanded, and its will had also become stronger.

Now, the obsidian will was simply too excited.

At this moment, Jiang Feng asked, “Obsidian, may I ask how you can remove the barrier between the heaven’s will and Earth’s will?”

This was the key to his arrival here.

If he did not release the wills of the two planets, he would not feel at ease for even a moment.

The obsidian will said, “It’s very simple. Kill the main culprit that blocks the heaven’s will and Earth’s will, or use your strength to surpass the other party and destroy it!”

Hearing the Obsidian Will’s words.

Jiang Feng released Voldemort and said coldly to the ugly voldemort, “Tell me, who blocked the heaven’s will and Earth’s will?”

Voldemort was very straightforward. “Divine emperor Qi Xun!”

He knew that no matter what he did, he could not live on. He only hoped that Jiang Feng would kill him immediately.

In any case, his soul had already split apart. There were five souls in the five containers. Even if his main body died, he would only need to spend one to two hundred years to re-create his physical body.

Voldemort’s answer was so straightforward that the corners of Jiang Feng’s mouth curled up slightly. He did not say anything. With a squeeze of his palm, Voldemort’s soul dissipated.

When his soul dissipated, a bronze mirror fell from his body.

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