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Chapter 1029: Calamity Spreading

Jiang Feng picked up the copper mirror that had fallen from Voldemort’s body and examined it.

This copper mirror wasn’t very big, and it didn’t seem to have anything special about it.

He injected true energy into it.


The mirror let out a buzzing sound, and then Jiang Feng’s soul seemed to be restrained as it entered the mirror.

There was a small space inside the mirror.

There were ten grooves in this small space.

Each groove projected a light shadow of a stone tablet.

The light shadow of the first stone tablet was carved by the heavenly soul stone, but it was not complete, only half of it.

The other few pieces were the same.

Except that the light shadow of the other few pieces was not very solid, so the contents on them could not be seen clearly.

“Kunlun Mirror!”

Near these grooves, there was a small stone tablet with three big words written on it.

Seeing this, Jiang Feng knew the origin of this mirror.

According to his guess.

This mirror should be in the secret realm of the Heaven’s legacy great world. He didn’t know why Voldemort obtained it.


And the true use of this mirror was to carry the ten great ancient divine arts.

Seeing this, he understood why Voldemort would tell him who the person who blocked the heaven’s legacy will and Earth’s will was.

So this guy had comprehended the heavenly soul stone inscription.

Needless to say, Voldemort was not really dead.

Knowing that Voldemort was not dead.

Jiang Feng’s expression did not change much.

To him, Voldemort was no longer a threat to him.

After saving Jiang Fan, he would go and find the artifact that Voldemort’s soul stored in and destroy it.

After killing Voldemort, he actually obtained the Kunlun Mirror. He was quite happy.

Putting away the Kunlun mirror in his hand, his gaze landed on everyone present.

“In the next period of time, I plan to comprehend the space stone inscription and the heavenly soul stone inscription. Those who want to comprehend, stay behind. I’ll help you comprehend!”

The people here were basically his trusted aides.

He was prepared to raise his strength once again to save Jiang Fan, so he took this opportunity to help his trusted aides.

This was an opportunity for everyone present. Naturally, no one chose to leave.

Seeing this.

Jiang Feng didn’t say anything. Then, he brought everyone back to Earth and headed to Mount Kunlun.

They arrived at Mount Kunlun.

He took out all the stone inscriptions and let Qi Kui, Shi long, and Zhulong lean against the ten stone inscriptions.


Then, he waved his hand.

The time barrier appeared and adjusted the ratio of the flow of time in their location to the flow of time in the outside world.

Unfortunately, Jiang Feng’s strength was still too low.

The time ratio adjusted could only reach 1:100 years.

One year in the outside world and 100 years in the time barrier.

There was no way to compare with the time ratio of Shi Long’s one hour to 100 years.

But even so, it was enough.

It was estimated that it would only take one or two years.

He would be able to comprehend the other two stone inscriptions completely.

“Next, I’ll enlighten you. There’s some pain, I hope you can endure it!”

Jiang Feng said, and the spirit tree rushed out of his mind.

Immediately after, the leaves on the spirit tree flew down and entered everyone’s mouths.

When everyone consumed the next leaf, the spirit tree let out a rustling sound. Dozens of soul beams drilled into everyone’s heads and began to open their spiritual wisdom.

People had wisdom apertures.

When they were eight or nine years old, they would open their wisdom apertures once.

Later on, it would be very difficult to open their wisdom apertures. It could only depend on luck and luck.

Those who had opened their wisdom apertures more than twice had intelligence and comprehension abilities that far surpassed ordinary people.

Of course, those who had opened their minds too much would not have enough soul power to support them. They would deteriorate in a few years or a dozen years, or their lifespans would decrease.

Some television often reported that some babies or children had extremely high intelligence and comprehension abilities.

This could only be said that they had opened their minds twice. There were both advantages and disadvantages to opening their minds too early.

However, everyone present only had advantages.

Because they had consumed a leaf from the soul tree, their souls had at least doubled or tripled, and they could withstand the next wisdom opening.

The so-called wisdom opening, Jiang Feng was prepared to help them open their third wisdom opening!


As he helped everyone open their minds, a painful roar sounded.

Fortunately, the people present were not ordinary people, and they all endured it.

In half an hour’s time.

Everyone had opened their third wisdom aperture.

After opening their wisdom aperture, some of the questions that had been lingering in their minds suddenly became bright, and their senses became very sharp.


He distributed five comprehension pills each and ignored everyone. He sat cross-legged in front of Qi Kui and began to comprehend the complete space stone inscription.

As for the others…

Even if they could not comprehend it properly, Qi Kui and the others would be watching over them. There would not be any major problems.


A year passed quickly in the outside world.

It was as if he had turned around and disappeared.

This year was equivalent to 100 years in the time barrier.

During this period of time…

Many people had achieved breakthroughs.

Even Ling Feiyu’s strength had also received a huge increase. From the peak of Xiantian realm, he had directly reached the Divine Soul Realm, and his progress was extremely fast.

Qing Qiu, Lei Ya, and You Bai’s group’s strength had all reached the divine profound realm.


They had all comprehended the ten great ancient divine arts.

There were a few who had high comprehension ability, and they began to comprehend the complete stone carvings or other stone carvings that could complement each other.

On the other hand, Jiang Feng…

His comprehension ability far surpassed everyone present by tens or even hundreds of times.

His comprehension speed was even faster.

Now, he had already finished comprehending the complete space stone inscription. He had even comprehended the Heaven Soul Stone inscription to the eighth stage.

He was only two stages away from comprehending the heaven soul stone inscription completely.

During this period.

His strength was constantly increasing.

After comprehending the space stone inscription, his strength had reached the early stage of the godly monarch realm.

Now, he had already reached the peak of the middle stage of the godly monarch realm.

As long as he finished comprehending the heavenly soul stone inscription, he could probably reach the peak of the godly monarch realm in one fell swoop.

It could be said that with the help of the genuine qi contained in the ten great ancient divine arts stone inscription, his realm had also increased very quickly.


At the edge of the universe.

“Boom Boom…”

The space began to shatter, and the destruction laws raged, constantly sweeping toward the center of the universe.

Wherever it passed, some planets were all turned into ashes. It was extremely terrifying.

At this moment.

Qi Kui, Zhu long, and Shi long on Kunlun Mountain seemed to have sensed something and raised their eyebrows slightly.

Looking at Jiang Feng who was still comprehending, they communicated with each other through voice transmission.

Qi kui frowned and said, “The catastrophe has begun to sweep over. In less than a year, a huge catastrophe is coming!”

Zhu long nodded. “I’ve sensed it too. The catastrophe will spread to this place in two years. But boss is only at the peak of the intermediate stage of the godly monarch realm. He can’t resist the catastrophe at all. What should we do?”

Shi long said, “There’s no rush. Since the catastrophe has begun to spread, we don’t have to worry about it. Using our abilities won’t increase the speed of the catastrophe. I’ll use my ability to help boss when the time comes!”

Qi kui said, “That’s true. Your control over time far surpasses that of our current boss. Set up a time barrier now and help boss finish comprehending the Heaven Soul Stone inscription as soon as possible!”

Shi long nodded and spat out a mouthful of white mist that adhered to Jiang Feng’s time barrier.

The time ratio of 1 year: 100 years was changed to 1 hour: 100 years.

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