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Chapter 915 The Salon Tornado

Jiang Feng obtained the second Xuan Magic Stone inscription and used the gate of heavenly secrets to return to his residence in Xiayi City.

The moment he walked out of the gate of heavenly secrets, he happened to see Yin Ke and the others eating.

“Yo, it’s so lively.”

Walking out of the gate of heavenly secrets, he smiled at the crowd and said.

“Jiang Feng, I missed you so much!”

“Hey, li-er, what are you doing?”Jiang Feng was a little scared.

Cat Girl Li-er completely ignored the group of people who were eating. She was just so forthright and open-minded!

“Instant Shadow!”

Being stuck by li-er, Jiang Feng had no choice but to use the skill on instant shadow shoes. In the next moment, he appeared beside the dining table and avoided cat girl li-er.

Although she was very open, she was not annoying. She was just a little open-minded.

She remembered that when someone bullied him, she was the first to step out.

“Jiang Feng, you’re so annoying!”Cat girl Li’er’s pair of cat ears shook, her tail wagging as she stomped her feet.

“Stop fooling around. I have business to attend to when I’m back.”

Jiang Feng rolled his eyes at cat girl Li’er and said.

He glanced at the people who were present. Xuanyuan Dugu, Yin Ke, little black, black wind, and Lei Ya were all present.

“Where are the others?”Jiang Feng asked.

“The Huaxia Battle Team and the Great Sage went to the secret realm to look for Zhou Botong. Senior Zhang Sanfeng and senior Dugu Qiubai went to the edge of the eastern region to stand guard. The remaining people either went to farm monsters to increase their strength or went to the secret realm,”yin ke said.

“Oh, has the swastika come back?”Jiang Feng took a piece of pork elbow and asked. “Not yet.”

“Did he send a message here?”


Not Back Yet? No News?

He had swastika go to the western region. Three days had passed. Logically speaking, even if he did not find the mysterious realm of the Black Devil Stone inscription, he should report the situation of the Western region every day. This was what swastika told Swastika with his communication wristband before he left.

Other than searching for the black devil stone inscriptions, he wanted to see the changes in the western regions under the Gu clan’s occupation.

But what puzzled him was that not only did swastika not return, other than sending him a message after arriving in the western regions, there was no other news, which made him somewhat worried.

“Lei ya, follow me to the Western Regions!”

He was somewhat worried as he said to Lei Ya.

“Oh, good!”Lei Ya called out.

Then, he put Lei ya into the cloud atlas and told everyone to teleport to sandstone city.

The reason why he put Lei Ya in was to help lei ya save gold coins and reputation points. This was another function and benefit of the cloud atlas.

When the swastika first arrived at sandstone city, it sent him a message, so he knew the starting point of the swastika’s journey to the Western Region.

When he had arrived at Sand Stone City, he had never imagined that the residents of the secret palace would be safe and sound without destroying it.

Not only were the residents safe and sound, but even the players had gone about their own business. There was not a trace of fear or worry in their eyes. “It seems that the Gu clan is not a great evil race. Otherwise, the entire western region would be covered in poison gas.”

Muttering to himself, he began to ask around on the streets.

When swastika came here, he would definitely ask the players and residents about the secret realm.

Since he could not contact swastika, he could only ask these people for some information.

However, just as he approached a wave of players, before he could ask around, he heard news of Swastika.

“Have you heard? Black Sand City in the Tasha Desert was nearly destroyed by a sandstorm. Someone recorded that scene and posted it on some big shots’forums. It’s truly spectacular!”

“I also saw the video you mentioned. I didn’t expect that the Chinese team still had such a powerful expert hidden. He turned into a Golden Buddha and broke through the Sandstorm!”

“That Monk is very powerful, but I feel that Fengduzi, who looks like a Taoist priest, is even more powerful. He stopped the sandstorm with one sword!”

Tasha Desert?

Black Sand City?


Monk? Taoist priest?

He heard several messages from these players.

Curious, he opened the fan management forum to check.

Although his fan base was growing very slowly, it was still growing. It was already more than six million, and could be considered as the person with the highest fan base in the great secret world.

Because of this, his forum had a lot of traffic. Many people who did not pay attention to him liked to chat in his forum, or some businessmen treated his forum as a place to trade. It could be said that it was very lively.

Therefore, this video was also available in his forum, and even ranked at the top of the list.

Opening the post, he opened the video and looked at it.

The next moment, the image of the swastika transforming into a Golden Buddha to fight against the Sandstorm appeared in front of his eyes, as well as the last sword strike of Feng Chenzi.

“I didn’t expect the swastika to have such a powerful technique. Even in the Golden Buddha State, I’m probably not his match,” said Jiang Feng, “That Feng Chenzi is not bad either. This move can be said to be earth-shattering. I didn’t expect the swastika to meet such a sword dao expert on his trip to the Western Region! A Mirage? Could it be another hidden secret realm?”

Seeing the swastika and Feng Chenzi enter the Mirage, he muttered.

Knowing the swastika’s whereabouts, he returned to the Heaven’s Secret Hall of Sand City and used the heaven’s secret gate to teleport to black sand city.

Entering black sand city.

He released Thunder Tooth. “Go to the center of the Tasa Desert!”

As soon as he said that, thunder tooth soared into the sky and charged towards the TASA desert at lightning speed, attracting the attention of many residents and players along the way.

“Look, it’s the Chinese team captain, Jiang Feng!”

“Wow, so cool. Let’s catch up and see if we can get a good friend position!”

“Let’s go and take a look too. You have to know that the wealth of the Huaxia battle team’s captain is very huge. If we can become his underlings, there will be many benefits in the future!”

For a time, many players, including some residents and martial artists with some strength, all chased after Jiang Feng.

Lei Ya’s strength had already reached the intermediate stage of transcendence.

In reality, the first underling he took in was little black. Little Black also received a lot of resources, but Lei ya caught up from behind and even had the strength to crush little black. One could imagine how high its talent was.

“Huh? The Mirage is gone?”

He came to the middle of the Tasha Desert and looked around. What made him frown was that the Mirage he saw in the video didn’t exist anymore.

“Captain Jiang Feng, the mirage only lasts for half an hour.”

A player called Crete, who was panting, said.

Jiang Feng looked at Crete and asked, “Do you know when the next Mirage will appear?”

“I’ve been in black sand city for half a year. I know this mirage like the back of my hand. It only appears every time a natural phenomenon appears in the desert. The interval between each occurrence is not long. Perhaps it will appear today…”Crete nodded and said, but before he could finish, his expression suddenly changed. He pointed to the distance and said to Jiang Feng, “It’s appeared!”


Jiang Feng also felt something. He turned around and looked into the distance of the Tasha Desert.

In the distance, there were five sand tornadoes wreaking havoc in the Tasha Desert. They looked very terrifying!

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