Monster Paradise - Chapter 1643

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Chapter 1643: Tenth-Rank Heavenly God-Level

After dispelling the virtual realm cabin, Lin Huang returned to the material realm again.

He had already thought about how he was going to elevate his ability over the next few days.

Just before the sky darkened into night, Hong Zhuang returned Zhan Zhuo’s unlocked storage ring to Lin Huang.

He immediately checked through Zhan Zhuo’s battle spoils.

After a cursory scan with Divine Telekinesis, the items in the storage ring caused Lin Huang to exclaim in admiration at how wealthy a lord-level powerhouse could be.

Zhan Zhuo had eleven Dao Weapons alone, as well as two lord-level dead bodies. He also had three sealed Origin Energy spheres, hundreds of inherited crystals, storage rings of various shapes piled high in a small mountain, as well as innumerable Divine Crystals and various minerals…

Lin Huang guessed that many resources in Zhan Zhuo’s storage ring might not have come from the great world at all. It was very possible that they had been obtained from other Raiders in exchange and had come from other worlds or universes.

As for the three Origin Energy spheres, they were obviously lord-level. Zhan Zhuo must have obtained them from killing Voids in the virtual realm.

As to why Zhan Zhuo had not absorbed the spheres, Lin Huang speculated that either he had encountered a temporary bottleneck and could not absorb them, or he had intentionally kept them. Perhaps he wanted to use them as goods to trade for resources with other people.

After making a detailed inventory of Zhan Zhuo’s loot, Lin Huang did not post the eleven Dao Weapons on Royal’s auction. This was because he had previously calculated that the number of half-step Lords’ God Territories he could get in exchange for selling Zhan Zhuo’s ancient palace ought to be sufficient.

He retrieved the small mountain of storage rings inside and passed them all to Hong Zhuang again.

Whatever the ability of the original owners of those rings, he would let Hong Zhuang unlock them all first before he decided on what to do. It was still better than nothing, however small.

After seeing to all these matters, Lin Huang did not enter the virtual realm again, nor did he enter the Great Heaven Palace for closed-door cultivation. Instead, he waited patiently for the result of the ancient palace’s auction.

At noon the next day, the alarm clock Lin Huang had set went off as soon as the twenty-four hours for the auction was up. He immediately took out his Royal Token and accessed the Royal auction page.

The auction showed that the ancient palace had sold for 1,274 half-step Lords’ God Territories.

This number had far surpassed what Lin Huang required.

When he saw the auction results, his mood grew increasingly cheerful.

After confirming the transaction, the 1,274 half-step Lords’ God Territories were entered into his account immediately and stored within his Royal Token.

He took out all of them right away and put them in his storage ring.

Now that he had possession of these half-step Lords’ God Territories, Lin Huang did not delay any further.

He had Xiao Hei create another Virtual Realm Cabin Card and walked to the courtyard with it, then crushed it immediately.

The card turned into golden points of light again and consolidated into a virtual cabin that only Lin Huang could see.

He went inside, removed his storage ring, and placed it on the floor.

After opening the door and exiting, he had the Gate of All Realms create a virtual body for him. He then stepped into the virtual realm.

When he entered the virtual realm again with his virtual body, Lin Huang immediately saw the cabin in the nearby courtyard. He strode over, pushed open the door, and entered.

After picking up the storage ring on the floor, Lin Huang collected his thoughts and sat down with his legs crossed.

A moment later, after his mind was completely calm, he took out the half-step Lords’ God Territories from the storage ring one by one and began to refine them.

Days passed in the virtual realm.

In no time at all, sixty thousand days had passed.

When Lin Huang refined the two hundredth and thirty-ninth God Territory, his combat strength successfully broke through to ninth-rank heavenly god-level. (During his elevation to eighth-rank, he had refined 17 extra God Territories.)

Just as he had expected, he could clearly sense that his heavenly god-level had yet to reach satiety, so he continued to refine more God Territories.

Nearly one hundred and twenty thousand days passed. When he refined the seven hundredth and fifty-first God Territory, his combat strength achieved another breakthrough, and he elevated to tenth-rank heavenly god-level.

At this point, Lin Huang finally sensed that his God Territory was full. He could no longer absorb any more half-step Lords’ God Territories.

Only now did he descend into his mind and begin checking over the current state of his body.

His combat strength had elevated to tenth-rank heavenly god-level. After undergoing the baptism of combat strength elevation twice, his physical strength had officially achieved lord-level. Naturally, his God’s soul’s strength had also broken through to middle-rank lord-level.

Apart from that, his Godly Right had grown significantly stronger as well. The number of god sequence chains it could contain had increased to over fifty thousand. In his God Territory, the total number of god sequence chains had skyrocketed to at least one hundred and eighty thousand, while the number of god rules was immeasurable.

These two consecutive elevations in rank had undoubtedly increased Lin Huang’s ability significantly.

However, he did not exit closed-door cultivation just yet, or halt his cultivation.

Instead, he looked at the unknown Divine Telekinesis visualization images.

He had set these aside earlier mainly because he genuinely did not have the time to visualize them. Even though time flow in the Great Heaven Palace had been accelerated ten thousand times, to Lin Huang, it was still insufficient.

However, the elevation of his combat strength this time had increased the strength of his God’s soul to middle-rank lord-level. Without a doubt, his visualization speed was much faster now. Moreover, he had the virtual realm cabin, which was the ideal place for cultivation.

Naturally, Lin Huang intended to take advantage of it.

After letting his mind submerge into his inner body, he soon began a new round of Divine Telekinesis visualization.

He spent twenty-seven years (approximately ten thousand days) visualizing the 103rd visualization image.

He then spent fifty-five years (over twenty thousand days) visualizing the 104th visualization image.

At this point, the strength of his Divine Telekinesis had also skyrocketed to the limits of middle-rank lord-level.

However, Lin Huang did not stop just yet but continued with his visualization.

He spent more than five hundred full days (over two hundred thousand days) to visualize the 105th visualization image.

He spent over a thousand years to finally complete the visualization of the 106th visualization image.

As for the 107th visualization image, Lin Huang merely glanced at it and completely abandoned any further attempts at visualization.

If he continued to visualize at his current God’s soul’s strength, he might have to spend over ten thousand years to complete the 106th visualization image successfully.

He felt that he could certainly wait until his God’s soul had another breakthrough before proceeding with any more visualization.

He was fairly satisfied with the current strength of his Divine Telekinesis. After all, it was already at the peak of upper-rank lord-level.

After setting aside the visualization image, Lin Huang looked at the God’s Figurine’s Combat Souls within him again.

The combat strength of the ten original God’s Figurine’s Combat Souls had remained stagnant at ninth-rank true god-level.

There was no reason other than they were restricted by the God’s Figurine’s innate limitations.

Lin Huang stared at the ten God’s Figurines and thought for a moment. After that, he soon made up his mind.

“Xiao Hei, elevate all ten God’s Figurines to Pure Spirit!”

“Certainly. Let me have all of the Apocalypse Dragon Python’s Origin Energy from previously, and supplement me with one more sphere of Origin Energy.”

“Deal!” Lin Huang agreed with alacrity, then took out an Origin Energy sphere and gave it to Xiao Hei.

Lord-level Origin Energy was a class-6 material. To elevate from class-5 to class-6, he would need a grade-5 Advance Card, which was a class-5 material.

Furthermore, Lin Huang had requested to elevate ten God’s Figurines and had not provided any other materials, so Xiao Hei would need to provide all of the Origin Energy.

Therefore, this deal was still relatively fair—in fact, Lin Huang had even taken advantage of it.

After all, his ten God’s Figurine’s Combat Souls were only class-4. They would need to elevate from rank-4 mythical-level to rank-5 supreme god-level.

A moment later, Advance Cards appeared one by one in Lin Huang’s hands.

Lin Huang crushed them one at a time and inserted them into the ten Combat Souls’ bodies, respectively.

Very soon, the ten Combat Souls elevated to Pure Spirit rank-6 one after the other.

After this, Lin Huang communicated with the Eternity Fire so it could imbue the ten original Combat Souls with God’s soul energy.

After being infused with God’s soul energy from the Eternity Fire, the ten Combat Souls’ combat strength kept skyrocketing.

First-rank, second-rank, third-rank…

After a mere few minutes, they had elevated to ninth-rank heavenly god-level.

However, that was not the end of things yet. The God’s Figurine’s Combat Souls’ combat strength merely paused at ninth-rank heavenly god-level for a moment, and then the next breakthrough occurred. They had been elevated to lord-level!

Many inherently Pure Spirit rank monsters were born as Lords. Even the weakest ones would automatically elevate to become Lords when they grew to adulthood.

However, the God’s Figurine’s Combat Souls were only dead bodies.

After elevating to Pure Spirit rank-6, their combat strength elevation only required that their God’s souls be replenished.

Once their God’s souls had been replenished to lord-level, they would naturally elevate to lord-level.

This was why Lin Huang had decided to expend Advance Cards to perform this round of elevation.

Compared to nurturing imperial monsters and Sword Servants, it was much faster to elevate his God’s Figurine’s Combat Souls and far more convenient.

However, the Eternity Fire halted the infusion of God’s soul energy after elevating the ten God’s Figurine’s Combat Souls to lower-rank Lords.

Although the Eternity Fire could theoretically produce an infinite amount of energy, creating ten Lords at once was a great strain on it.

As far as Lin Huang was concerned, he could still make use of ten lower-rank Lords, albeit grudgingly.

He retrieved an Origin Energy sphere from his storage space to compensate the Eternity Fire.

After that, he sat down again with his legs crossed and began another round of visualization.

However, this time he visualized the True Spirit Guide instead.

He was preparing to completely visualize the ten Pure Spirit God’s Figurine’s Combat Souls into the forms that were in the True Spirit Guide…


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