Ms. Doctor Divine - Chapter 1115

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Zhou Huailing sat there and looked down at Zhou Huaijin from a commanding point of view. He did not show any respect. Instead of getting up, he sipped his tea and spoke indifferently, as if he were the lord for the mansion rather than Zhou Huaijin.

He didn’t even put forward a hint of negotiation. Instead, he just demanded that Zhou Hauijin give Yellow Crane to him, just because Yunhe liked it.

Zhou Huailing did this because of one reason – in his opinion, it was just a restaurant, and his Eighth Brother must be a wise enough person who understood what was going on right now. If he were not wise enough, he would not have agreed to give Lord Huai’s Mansion to him.

Since his Eighth Brother had knowledge of what was going on and gave Lord Huai’s Mansion to him, the Crown Prince was sure that as long as he made the proposal, his Eighth Brother would definitely say yes to giving the restaurant to him as well. After all, it was a proposal made by the Crown Prince and it would be stupid for his Eighth Brother to say no.

Having said this, Zhou Huailing sipped the tea and glanced about the hall of Lord Huai’s Mansion. He wondered what the previous Lord Huai’s Mansion looked like right now and he was waiting for Zhou Huaijin to give him an answer. He thought that it was just an easy request, and he could just make some promises to his Eighth Brother as an exchange.

As long as he could get Yellow Crane, he could just do anything he wanted about the promises he made.

Zhou Huailing sipped some more tea and looked at Zhou Huaijin.

Zhou Huaijin had no expression on his face from the moment he saw Zhou Huailing walk in arrogantly, sit down and tell him to give Yellow Crane to him. He did not even show any extra emotions.

Instead, he chose a vacant seat to sit down, then he also picked up a teacup and drank.

He did not say anything and did not answer Zhou Huailing.

Zhou Huailing frowned seeing how he reacted. He was a little annoyed.

He was being polite by asking Eighth Brother for the Yellow Crane!

It was just a small restaurant. If he agreed to give him the restaurant, then he could help him later when he took the throne. Why couldn’t Eighth Brother understand this? And why did he not even want to answer him!?


Eighth Brother was still in charge of Yellow Crane, so it would be better if he could deal with the issue properly.

Zhou Huailing tried not to show his impatience. He added. “Eighth Brother, it is just a restaurant. I need it, but you don’t want to give it to me?”


“I don’t care about the restaurant, because it doesn’t earn much money, we don’t need the profits. I can just ask our father for money if I really need money! Our land is very rich, isn’t it?”


“It is just that the Crown Prince Consort’s brother likes it, and she is trying to help him, and I am trying to make her happy.”


“Eighth Brother, we can only live well when we are taken care of by our father and have power. There is no need to stick to a restaurant.”


“Give me the restaurant, and I will treat you well too.”

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