Mushoku Tensei (WN) - Volume 11 - Chapter 101

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Mushoku Tensei:Web Chapter 101 - Baka-Tsuki 
One week has passed since we started looking after Nanahoshi. 

She would just stare blankly throughout the day. 
However, it seems the worst period has already passed. 
Her appetite is thin, but she's eating and if we press her she even goes into the bath. 
She goes in without drowning herself. 

However, maybe because her stretched tension was cut, but I can't feel the willpower she previously had. 
It's a feeling like she would simply break when pushed. 
She has no energy as well. 
If I were to say it, it's the kind of mood of someone who was deceived by the yakuza and found themself the star of an adult video in no time at all. 
I can't leave her alone. 
I need to be cautious not to let her meet someone like Luke. 

The only thing that I can feel from the current Nanahoshi is resignation. 
That experiment failed, but it seems she was enduring it to that degree. 
She seemed so self-confident, it might have been a firm theory. 
I wonder if that failure had enough meaning in it for the past several years she spent to all be pointless. 

I've never experienced a setback that big. 
The closest thing I have is when my data from a net game I continued playing for several years to the point of being an invalid, was deleted. 
The instant I got the Bad Login message and Account Suspension mail, my heart's pounding got intense, I spent almost a full day unable to think of anything. 
After protesting to the administrations, crying out thoroughly, and finally crying myself to sleep. 
After that, I couldn't motivate myself to do anything for a month. 
That time, I swore to myself that I would never seriously play net games again. 

Nanahoshi's case is different from a net game. 
She has the objective of returning to the previous world. 
If she had to give up on that, I'm sure she wouldn't be able to live. 

Thinking that, I looked here and there for ways to help but. 
She was just spending everyday blanking out. 
I don't even know if she was able to hear my conversation. 
Is what I was thinking though. 

"I thought I had closed it all up..." 

One day, she suddenly said that. 
I didn't respond and just listened. 

"Magic circles, if I were to put them into words of our previous world, they're something like circuit boards. By joining together a number of patterns of circuits you can create a single function. However, no matter what, that one point, the circuit wouldn't connect together. No matter how much I changed the wiring, a certain single point and another single point wouldn't connect. I tried forcefully connecting them together, but then some other place always has a malfunction remaining." 

For the sake of connecting together a circuit that isn't connecting together, she enlarged something that would normally be half the size. 
And then in order to fill up a single distortion, she arranged a different circuit. 
In the end it was a magic circle with a malfunction remaining in a single part. 
Even though it shouldn't seem pointless at a glance. 
Just a single part isn't connecting together. 

"It goes against the laws of physics. In other words, it means I won't be able to return to my home." 

It was a magic circle full of patchwork almost like paper mache. 
I'm sure Nanahoshi put quite a bit of effort into it. 
At a glance, if she were to put a bit more effort into it, you might think that the circuit that's not connecting, will connect. 
However, I'm sure if you were to do that again, a different circuit would stop connecting. 

"It's already impossible..." 

Nanahoshi said it like that and fell prostrated on the bed. 
I proceeded towards Nanahoshi's research laboratory, I decided to gather some plans. 
After hearing her story, I remembered a certain thing. 
It could be that it can be resolved. 
Even though I say that, I don't want to give her false hope. 
First I need to think of what I can do and check into it. 

Next day. I called Cliff to Zanoba's research room. 
If three people visit, then they say you'll gain transcendental wisdom after all. [1] 
I decided to borrow the intelligence of the genius-sama. 
In the research room, naturally as it is Elinalise followed along as well. 

"To think that Silent would end up in that sort of condition, it's hard to believe." 

It seems she stays in Cliff's research laboratory, but I wonder what's going on with classes. 
It seems like she's advanced years, but I wonder if she might end up dropping out of school soon. 
Well, it's her individual freedom I guess. 

"She looked like a bit stronger of a girl to me though." 
"A truly strong person wouldn't seclude them self alone and worry about things." 
"Well, I guess that is true." 

Elinalise shrugged her shoulders. 
It doesn't seem that Elinalise has had much contact with Nanahoshi as well. 
Asking her to help us find some kind of breather might be a good idea as well. 

"Well then, you two. First please take a look at this." 

I show Zanoba and Cliff the diagram. 
In that moment, Cliff made a sullen face. 

"What a filthy magic circle." 

Saying filthy, what an interesting expression. 

"Is there such a thing as filthy and clean?" 
"Obviously. When creating Magic tools, it won't be settled if you don't create them small and cleanly. If it were me I'd draw it cleaner. For example, here, if you were to connect them here, this area would be able to work with more refinement." 

Cliff pointed his finger at the magic circle and boasted fulled of confidence 
Well, anyone can criticize something that's already completed. 
Probably, if we did just as Cliff says, the malfunctions would increase again I'm sure. 

"Ah, but, the idea is amazing indeed. To think of making a loop in this part, normally you wouldn't think of that... I see, it's because of this description that this side has become complicated??" 

Cliff was muttering some things while looking at the magic circle. 
This, for example, that for example, or the around here for example. 
It was all those kinds of words. 
I wonder if it would be better if I study more. 
Though it's not specifically guaranteed that I'll understand even if I study it. 

"And then, shisho, what sort of magic circle is this?" 
"It's a summoning magic circle that Silent is researching. Since she's reached a bit of an impasse, I'd like to borrow your knowledge." 

After saying that, Zanoba tilted his head. 

"However shisho, summoning magic is outside of our area of expertise?" 
"Well, it's fine even we can't come to a resolution." 

Just, if it's something that you can't understand alone, if several people think about it you might figure it out. 
In reverse, if the field is different, the ideas that come out might be different as well. 

"For the time being, please look at this part here, it seems that the magic circle cut off around here, but do you get it?" 

I pointed my finger at the part where it tore during the experiment. 

"...Eh? Yeah. So it cut off here, I didn't realize it. This magic circle is incomplete. Ummm, where this should be connected to is... here?" 

Cliff was surprised. 
It seems even though he calls himself a genius, he couldn't recognize that part right away. 
I guess it's that kind of thing. 

"In order to connect this circuit, do you have any ideas?" 

After asking that, Cliff crossed his arms and gave it some thought. 
This and that are and started muttering to himself. 
He was writing various things on the memo in his hand. 

"This is a difficult problem. If you were to redraw it from scratch... No but... it's impossible." 
"Could it work if we went with a multiple structure?" 

Around the time when Cliff arrived at his conclusion, Zanoba interposed. 
Cliff made a puzzled expression. 

"Multiple structure? What kind of talk is that?" 
"In the doll that I'm researching, several magic circles are layered to give birth to a single result. Even though I say that, since I've only just started my research as well, I've never even properly drawn a magic circle before..." 
"Wait just a second, doll you mean, the one from the other day? Show it to me for a bit." 
"Shisho, is that fine?" 

For some reason after asking for my permission, Zanoba returned with the round slice of the doll's arm. 
Cliff looked at the cross-section round slice of the magic circle with great interest. 
And then declared it. 

"The guy who created this is a genius." 

For the excessively self-conscious Cliff to say it, it seems it's that amazing. 

"I've never seen a magic circle like this before...ku...I don't get the theory at all. Are there two magic circles overlapping... No, it's different, there's even more. It seems without them all assembled together it wouldn't move properly... But, even though it was broken it was still moving after all... Why? ...Shit, what's going on with this magic circle." 

Cliff was grinding his teeth in a mortifying way. 
It's almost like the prince-sama of the vegetable country laying his eyes on the legendary superman. [2] 

"I don't really understand it in detail yet though. According to the book, it seems to be a magic circle solely for the sake of controlling the movements of the elbow." 

After Zanoba nonchalantly said it, Cliff seemed like he was about to sob. 
I'm sure he's mortified over Zanoba understanding something that he doesn't know. 
Immediately, Elinalise rushed over to him. 
She pulled his head into her chest and stroked it. 

"Yes Yes, I understand that since Cliff is a genius, if you investigate it a bit more you'll understand it in more detail." 
"I... I know that!" 

Cliff turned bright red and regained his energy. 
As expected of Elinalise. She's reliable. 
But, since it's a considerably hectic time right now, I'd like you to do that after you return. 

"Cliff-senpai. If you use the technique used in this doll, do you think you can solve the problem in Silent's magic circle?" 
"I don't know. But, I think there's a possibility." 

It doesn't seem he knows for certain huh. 
However, I'm sure it'll become some kind of clue. 
Until now, Nanahoshi has only ever drawn magic circles with a single plane. 
If she were to layer them, I guess such upside down ways of thinking never came to her. 
Or else she might not have tried it for some other kind of reason. 

I'll be praying that this talk was a blind spot on Nanahoshi's end. 
And then, it would be good if just according to my wishes she'll regain her motivation. 
The next day, I took out Nanahoshi. 
The destination was her research room. 

The disorderly room was left in the same arrangement as yesterday's occasion. 
It's a room with a mixed feeling still remaining, Zanoba and Cliff were on standby. 
What the two were looking at was the research materials that Nanahoshi had investigated until now. 
After Nanahoshi saw that she suddenly laughed with her nose. 

"What's this?? With three men, do you intend to rape me or something?" 

Rape you say. 
Exactly how far in self-abandonment are you? 
After just a single failure... 
Well, all it takes to drive someone mad in their life is just a single large mistake. 

"What was that! I am a devout Milis adherent! You know!" 

Cliff was enraged. 
The Milis religion is similar to Christianity on the idea points of chastity. 
In one's lifetime, they only love a single woman, and absolutely never resort to adultery. 
It sure is abstinent. 

"Ah, I see." 

Nanahoshi walked with an unreliable stagger and sat on the chair. 
And then leaned on it completely limp. 

"Cliff-senpai, Zanoba, for the time being please start with the conversation from yesterday." 

I showed Nanahoshi a number of ideas that these two thought up last night. 
Nanahoshi listened to the explanation uninterested. 
The magic circle revised by Cliff. 
Layering the magic circles proposed in regards to Zanoba's research. 
It was a three-dimensional magic circle, that I suggested the idea of. 

While looking at those uninterested. 
Without a single change in her expression. 
She looked fixed on them. 
There was a point her eyes were focused on. 
It was no longer uninteresting. 
It was just expressionless as she concentrated. 


Suddenly, Nanahoshi raised her voice. 

"It might work??" 

And whispered that as such. 

From there Nanahoshi suddenly leaped and stood up from the chair. 

"I see, I see I see, there was no necessity to be so fixated on a single plane. Well, that's right. I can write multiple papers and then stick them together. If I laminate layer them, I can draw a magic circle of any size. I wonder why I couldn't think up something this simple!" 

She started pacing around the room three, four times without composure. 
She took the pen and paper on top of the desk in her hand. 
And then, started drawing a diagram with a clatter. 
She was drawing something that looked like a calculation formula, then sloppily erased it and redrew it. 

"Ah, it's different, not like this!" 
"Hey, isn't it like this?" 

Towards that Nanahoshi like a bear in the zoo, Cliff suddenly stuck his head in. 
At some point he had been using the red ink pen he was holding to add notes to Nanahoshi's memo. 
As expected of Cliff-senpai. 
Naturally unable to read the suddenly different atmosphere. 

"Ah, I see... you are clever." 
"Of course, since I'm a genius after all." 
"Then what about this? What would you be fine with doing? I've had some doubts about it since before though??" 
"Eh... wait just a second..." 

Cliff and Nanahoshi with their shoulders side by side had started getting along together while scribbling on a single paper. 
I took a peek at it but I couldn't see it as anything other than a child's scribbling. 

"Zanoba, do you get it?" 
"At that level, I don't understand it at all..." 

We've been left out of the loop. 
In any case, Cliff sure is amazing. 
I don't think it should have been all that long since he started researching magic circles. 

Well it's fine. 
It seems like Nanahoshi has regained her energy after all. 
...If it's like this, then even if it doesn't succeed, I'm sure she'll get some kind of foothold. 

"Zanoba sorry about this, but please look after things here." 
"Shisho where are you heading?" 
"I'm going to call Elinalise-san. If she knows that her own man is getting along well with another woman I'm sure even that person will find it unpleasant after all." 

While saying that I face away from him. 
The time when I was leaving the research room, I could hear Nanahoshi's cheerful voice. 

It might be the first time I've heard Nanahoshi make that kind of voice since we first met. 
One week. 
Nanahoshi completed the magic circle. 
It was a magic circle almost like cardboard, with five pieces of paper layered together. 
Each of those was drawn separately and then they were glued together with some kind of paste. 

While Cliff and Zanoba were watching over, I started to pour magic power into it. 
My magic power was being sucked out continuously. 
The magic circle started to release light. 
A radiant light. 
The room was illuminated almost like broad daylight. 
Inside the light. The shape gradually started to appear. 

By the time the light had settled, something from the other world had been summoned to this world. 
A PET bottle. 
It has no label or cap, it's a PET bottle with a simple shape. 

"Oh, this is amazing isn't it." 
"What is this?? Glass? It's different?? More..." 

Zanoba and Cliff couldn't hide their excitement at seeing a 500 ml PET bottle for the first time. 
Elinalise and Julie as well, were peeking with very interested faces. 

Nanahoshi as well, after seeing the thing summoned, she clenched her first, and in a small voice whispered, "good, good." 
Looking at the PET bottle. 

It's nothing but a PET bottle. 
Even so it's a PET bottle. 
In that moment, certainly this world and our previous world were connected. 
It was an inorganic substance that's not a living being, an object with an exceedingly simple structure. 
However, something that doesn't exist in this world was summoned here. 

"It's a success isn't it." 

I called out to Nanahoshi with those words. 
And then she deeply nodded. 
Very pleasantly. 

"Yeah, it's a success, with this we can finally proceed to the next phase! A magic circle that uses a layered structure, if I continue following through with this, most likely it'll be able to summon anything. If there's more organization put into the magic circle, just by changing the second and third pieces of paper and..." 

And then Nanahoshi turned back and looked at me. 
She avoided my gaze and made a face full of retribution. 

"...I'm sorry about that. I... I've depended on you." 
"It's give and take right? Next time, if I'm in trouble please help me out as well?" 
"...Of ...Of course." 

A meek Nanahoshi sure is a good thing. 
After suddenly taking a look, Elinalise was staring over here without moving. 

"Somehow you seem intimate don't you." 
"Elinalise-san, just like that, you always tie things together to love affairs quickly." 
"It's between a man and woman after all. But, that isn't very good you know." 

Mother-in-law's eyes were shining. 
Even though I don't have any intention of cheating. 
Even though Sylphy knows about today. 

"I guess so, they are newly-weds after all, it would be terrible if his wife misunderstood." 

Nanahoshi took one step away. 
Elinalise laughed with a smile and put her arm around Nanahoshi's shoulder. 

"Ufufu, there's no need to be that bothered by it. That's right! Let's go to a bar today! Of course it's this lady's treat!" 

Nanahoshi let out a bitter smile to Elinalise's proposal. 
Normally she would have made a bluntly reluctant face as she refused it. 
However, well, she can't really refuse today. 

"It can't be helped can it. But, with that we'll call it even with you all." 
"Of course, right Cliff?" 

Cliff who was squeezing and cringing the PET bottle turned around after being called out. 

"Eh? Ah, that's right! Yeah, we can call it even. But, since you're considerably excellent, next time, it would be good if you can lend your power to my research as well!" 

With those words, Elinalise giggled with a smile. 
We all set forth to the bar in the middle of the day. 
For some reason Rinia and Purusena joined in within the school building. 
And that they didn't want to be left out so we should bring them as well nya. 
I wonder where they managed to catch wind of it. 

Working leading a large group and Ariel came along asking us what was going on. 
After explaining the details, "Then I'll provide you with an overseer." she handed Sylphy over to us. 
The overseer was just in name, it was Ariel's form of being considerate. 

By the time we left the school gate, Badigadi was lined up in the back before anyone realized it. 
No, really before anyone noticed... 

On the way we dropped by the Magic Guild and Nanahoshi withdrew some money. 
It seems, she's left a considerably large amount of money in the care of the Magic Guild. 
Using it as a substitute for a bank. 

Badigadi was a regular of the bar. 
It was midday, but for the most part there were regular customers. 
However, Nanahoshi wasn't bothered over things like that at all. 
On the counter she she dropped the bag full of money and left it with a [Don]. 

"Make it reserved." 
"Eh?? Eh??" 

Towards the troubled shopkeeper, Badigadi declared, "Wait wait". 
He took the bag of gold coins from his own pocket and placed them down with a [Don]. Doubling it up. 

"Today is a celebration. Serve all of the customers that come into the store today for free." 

He declared it as such. 
What dignity. 
As expected of a king. That makes me go numb and admire you. [3] 

Demon Lord-sama was making a face like it was only natural and went to occupy the largest table in the bar. 
And then declared. 

"Bring out all of the food on the menu this store has!" 

It's a line that anyone would want to try saying at least once. 
It's fine since I'm not the one paying, but I wonder if it can feed these numbers? 
Well it's fine. 

Around the time the first cuisine came out, the Demon Lord stood up. 
And then said it. 

"And, what was the celebration today for?" 
"Silent's research has succeeded." 
"I see now, then Silent, was it. Open things up with a speech." 

Nanahoshi was raised up. 
With a bit of a reluctant face. 

"....Thank you very much for today." 
"Alright, let's toast!" 

It progressed kind of like the marriage ceremony form some time ago and the banquet started up. 
It was a fun banquet. 

During times when good things happen, it's good to make some noise and drink alcohol. 
The things these hands now possess, are things I never once experienced in my previous life. 
In this world, I've experienced it countless times. 

During my Adventurer days, I socialized and drank somewhat as it is. 
However, I always felt that somewhere it was just meddlesome. 
And that guys who get drunk, make a racket, and struggle about are fools. 
And that they should think a bit about the trouble they're causing to their surroundings. 

However, after I've entered into the vortex of that, I finally understand the feeling. 
People have a time when they really need to undo the binding and let loose. 

I think that. 
I think that while watching Nanahoshi sing Anison in Japanese as she strokes Rinia's ears. 
If you don't act like that and forget about everything occasionally, you can't possibly go on living. 
Since life is full of painful things after all. 
Even if it's forcibly, if you don't create some good happenings then you'll be crushed. 

I'm sure, around Elinalise and Badigadi they understand that area very well. 
As expected of the so called old-man's wisdom. 
Well, there are guys among them that are stuck on the pot they're drinking from though. 
Alcohol is the best of medicines. [4] 
Occasionally it will cure illnesses of the heart. 

Today Sylphy and I drank without reservation. 
We don't drink alcohol at home. 
Since we don't have any habits like that. 

That's not particularly why though. 
For the first time today I understood how bad Sylphy's drunken behavior was. 
No, it's not bad. 
It's not so much bad. 
Just, she's a bit of a clingy heavy drinker. 

"Hey, Rudi, stroke my head." 
"Yes yes, alright alright." 
"It's fine for you to eat my ears?" 
"Thank you for the meal." 
"Awawa, it tickles." 

Since some time ago, Sylphy has turned into an extraordinarily sweet creature. 
Next time we should start progressively drinking. 
Ah, but if it's like this, then if she started drinking when I'm not around I'd be worried. 
I guess I should tell her not to drink outside of the house. 
I wonder if those sorts of restrictions are fine. 
It's fine, I don't mind. 
She's mine, what's wrong with doing as I please. 

"Rudi, squeeze me tight?" 
"Yes Yes, I'll hold your hips." 
"Uee~ I sure am happy..." 

I felt Sylphy's laughter had become somewhat slovenly. 
Ah, but embracing a drunken girl close sure is that, I can feel the reason why the world is overflowing with love songs. 
N ban ba, me ra ssame ra ssa. [5] 
Alright, for today I'll have this girl as takeout. Our house is the same after all. 

"Rudi umm, you know. I was you know, the other day you know, feeling jealous." 
"Eh, seriously? Towards who? I'll never approach them again, I'll cut off ties with them." 
"Yeah, Ruijerd-san. That other time you told me stories about him right? During the time when Rudi was talking about Ruijerd-san it was somehow amazing, you know." 
"No, since I really respect that person, please pardon me on that." 
"No way... only look at me..." 

Only look at me, you say, it's somewhat different from what she was saying the other day. 
I guess this would be Sylphy's real feelings. 
I did think that it was going good for my own convenience to the point where it was scary, but it seems that Sylphy might have been exerting herself. 
Well, I can think about the difficult matters later, for now I want to enjoy myself with this adorable creature. 

After putting Sylphy on top of my lap and flirting together with her, Nanahoshi approached us. 

"What's with that, Baka-pple. Stop flirting around. How many years do you think it's been since I last met with Aki." [6] 

She came to pick a fight. She's drunk. 
I wonder if she's already done with the song. 
If it's a famous one then I might know so I'd be fine with a duet though.. 
I might end up feeling the generation gap again. 

"If you're going to flirt, then do it in a place where people aren't looking. 
"Well don't say it like that. Right now it's a place of alcohol. Let's put it all aside." 
"In the first place, I've been wanting to say it since before, from my room, flirting and more flirting. What, marriage? What is that, it's fine, but what is with that, even during the time when a person is feeling down... The sound was resounding all through the night, really... kya?!" 

Badigadi lifted Nanahoshi up onto his shoulder. 

"Fuhahahaha! You're over here! Today is the day to listen to your strange song!" 
"It's not strange! In my world, these sorts of songs are popular!" 
"That's a very interesting story! I don't know what world it is, but I'll offer it up to you! Now, sing to your heart's content!" 

"Wait just a bit, before that I have to talk to Rudeus..." 
"Fuhahahahaha! Even though you were helped out, if you're going to resort to complaints you're better off just singing! Sing sing!" 
"That was just the introduction for the talk??!" 

It seems Nanahoshi is shouting about something. 
I wonder if she wanted to thank me or something. 
Well during times when we're in trouble it's something that goes for the both of us. Thanks are unnecessary. 

In any case, being abducted by a Demon Lord, isn't that a good position. 
Almost like a princess from somewhere. 

Just, the place that princess was being abducted to wasn't a prison. 
It was the stage of a certain bar. 

A short while after and Nanahoshi's song came flowing by again. 
It's a bit late, the accompaniment started. 
Was there a troubadour, is what I was thinking, but the one holding the musical instrument was Badigadi. 
Can that guy really play an instrument? 
Rather, even though he said he was going to offer it to her, he's going to play an instrument? 
After all I don't get that guy. 

In any case, it sure is a nostalgic piece. 
What was it again... 

Yeah, that's right it was gan...ra. [7] 
It's not really that generation, I'm surprised she knows it. 
No, for the time being it was famous, it's not all that strange. 
However, it sure is being sung lousy. 
I guess it's because the accompaniment doesn't know the melody. 
No, it feels like the accompaniment isn't even trying to match up with Nanahoshi's lousy singing. 
But, it seems fun. 

Well, for today, Nanahoshi is the center of the circle. 
It's fine isn't it. Being lousy. 

It's a lousy song, but the feelings are being transmitted. 

So you want to return that much. 
It's a feeling I can't comprehend. 
The country of love in my regards is right here and now. 

In any case, it was a good banquet. 
If a celebration happens then have a party. 
It's a good custom. 
I should remember it for next time. 
The party dispersed when the leading actor Nanahoshi was completely smashed. 

It seems that Rinia and Purusena were going to carry Nanahoshi to her room in the dorm and sleep over there. 
Others scattered in groups of two's and threes. 
Also, a certain heavy drinker intended to go drink at a different establishment it seems. 

Sylphy and I decided to return home. 
The drunken Sylphy was laughing with a, dyufufu, and clinging to my arm. 
Since her footing was shaky, I was properly keeping her steady around her hips. 
Sylphy was completely entrusting her body to me. 
If I were at a goukon right now, "I can do it!" I understand the feelings of a careless guy full of confidence. [8] 
Although, I have no feelings of guilt. 
For now that is... 
After we return to the house, it will be different. 

"...Rudi, doesn't it seem noisy somehow?" 

Suddenly, Sylphy said something like that. 


After being told that and clearing my ears. 
And then, I heard the sound of something being pounded and the voices of a dispute. 
I wonder if someone is having a fight somewhere. 
It seems kind of like the sound made when cats fight as well. 

While wondering what it was, we gradually approached our house. 

And then it was there. 
Someone was striking on the front door to my house. 
From a distance, I couldn't see anything but a silhouette. Certainly they're there. 

A brat from the neighborhood or else a kind of robber maybe. 
While thinking about it with my intoxicated head, I at least made sure to open my Demon Eye. 
Sylphy dusted off her face as well and while she was still staggering, stood on her own legs. 

"Rudi, I'm going to use detoxification." 

I accepted the chantless detoxification cast by Sylphy and all the alcohol remaining in my body was dispersed. 
It doesn't completely remove the intoxication, but it's no problem. 

In order to keep from being found, we stealthily approached them. 
I heard a voice. 

"It's because Norn-ane made a mistake with the road that we ended up coming at this time!" 
"...Even Aisha said that there was no mistake going that way." 
"In the first place, we don't know if it's really this place! What are we going to do, the inns are all probably closed! We might end up having to camp out in this cold!" 
"...I don't want to do that either. But, in the first place, Aisha was the one who said we don't need an inn since we can stay over at his place. Even though I don't particularly want to stay over at it his house, I was forced to come along." 
"After all, Ginger-san said it would be alright! Even so, if only we were to take an inn it would be like idiots!" 
"...Aisha you always end up resorting to that kind of vanity." 

A glinting and noisy voice. 
It was a child's voice that I had a bit of recollection of. 
In the middle of that conversation, there was a name I had heard. 
And then. 

"You two calm down, this place isn't mistaken. What a nostalgic presence." 

A calm young man. 
The instant I heard that voice. 
An unknown feeling came rising up in the center of my chest. 
I breathed a sigh of relief and walked out in front of them. 


My two young sisters that have grown were there. 
They were wrapped in winter clothes with a color difference almost like Ice Climbers. [9] 

Norn Greyrat and Aisha Greyrat. 
Norn made a bit of a difficult face after seeing me, and Aisha was making really happy and sparkling eyes filled with determination. 

"Onii-chan! I wanted to see you!" 

Aisha came jumping at me. 
Almost like the crying old man, she put a solid hold with both her arms and legs on my body. [10] 
And then, just like that, she rubbed her cheeks against mine. 
They were soft and squishy cheeks that were pressing against me. 
I wonder if it's because I'm drunk that they seem awfully cold. 

"Uhi~ah, onii-chan you're warm! You smell like alcohol!" 
"I'm cold... Let go of me for a bit." 

After peeling Aisha off, I look at Norn. 
She was tightly sealing her lips and greeted me with her jaw facing down. 

"...Were you drinking alcohol?" 
"Yeah, there was a bit of a celebration." 

It was a pretty displeased face. 
It doesn't seem like she's just being shy either. 
I did hear I was hated, I guess it can't be helped. 
And then, from behind Norn, 

"Rudeus, it's a been a while hasn't it." 

A bald man with a scar on his face was there. 
Holding a three-pronged spear, a proud warrior. 
With an appearance that hasn't changed since three years prior. 

"Yes, it's been a while. Ruijerd-san." 

The feeling overflowing from the center of my chest was nostalgia. 
The days we three traveled together. 
Meetings and separation. 


I wonder what would be good to say. 
While I was trying to choose my words, Ruijerd suddenly looked behind me. 

"I had heard the information that you married at the Adventurer's Guild, but... it doesn't seem to be Eris." 

The one being reflected in Ruijerd's eyes was Sylphy. 
She made a surprised face and lowered her head quickly. 

"Umm, Rudi. For the time being, how about inviting them in?" 
"Ah, that's right. Come inside." 

I undid the lock on the house and showed the three inside. 

I couldn't have imagined that they'd end up coming with this timing. 
It's only been a bit over a month since the letter arrived. 

They were far faster than I expected. 

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