Chapter 900: Chapter 900 He Personally Went To Pick Up The Two Darling Babies (IX)

The more indignant Elder Ye was, the more he could not control the anger in his heart.

On what basis could she act as if nothing had happened?

“Is it Chu Wuyou? Why is she here? What is she doing here?” In the bathroom, Granny Ye’s expression changed. Was Chu Wuyou not about to go crazy? Should she not be afraid to go out? Why did she come to the hospital?! Moreover, from Chu Wuyou’s tone, she seemed to be in a good mood?!

“Chenchen, stay here and don’t go out. Granny is going go out and see what Chu Wuyou wants.” Granny Ye’s eyes flashed quickly, and there was a hint of scheming in the depths of her eyes.

Granny Ye thought that Chu Wuyou was definitely here to find trouble, so she wanted to let Ye Lanchen see Chu Wuyou’s true colors.

Ye Lanchen looked at Granny Ye with a sneer on his lips. Now, he had completely seen through Granny Ye’s tricks, but he was really not in a hurry to go out. He also wanted to hear what Wuyou was here for.

Seeing that he did not agree, but did not move, Granny Ye opened the bathroom door. She quickly went out of the bathroom and closed the door.

The bathroom door was not very soundproof, so when the door was closed, people could still hear what was said outside.

“Wuyou, you’re here.” Granny ye looked at Chu Wuyou’s room with a smile on her face. She looked very amiable.

Chu Wuyou saw the smile on Granny Ye’s face, and her eyes flashed slightly. The corners of her lips curled up. She had really underestimated Granny Ye in the past.

When Elder Ye saw that Granny Ye had come out alone, he frowned slightly and subconsciously glanced at the bathroom.

When Chu Wuyou turned her gaze, she happened to see Elder ye looking at the bathroom. She was stunned for a moment and also looked in the direction of the bathroom.

“Wuyou is really a thoughtful child. You even specially came to see…” Granny Ye was still smiling and her voice was filled with laughter.

“I came here today because I have something to clarify with you. Originally, I promised you that I wouldn’t marry into the Ye family. I have always been a person of my word. As long as I promise something, I will never go back on my word.” Chu Wuyou looked at the old madam with a fake look, she really did not want to hear anymore, so she interrupted the old madam’s words.

Both Granny Ye and Elder Ye were stunned when they heard her words. What did she mean by saying this at this moment?

“Chu Wuyou, you want me to clarify the injury to the outside world, right?” Elder ye snapped back to his senses and sneered. “Chu Wuyou, save your breath. I will absolutely not clarify this matter to the outside world.” When Elder Ye said this, his voice was clearly raised. It was obvious that he was not only talking to Chu Wuyou, but also to Ye Lanchen in the bathroom.

Elder Ye’s eyes subconsciously glanced in the direction of the bathroom.

The corners of Chu Wuyou’s brows raised slightly, and the corners of her lips slowly curled up. It seemed that there was someone in the bathroom.

Who was in the bathroom?

Chu Wuyou saw some documents beside Elder Ye’s bed. The documents was covered, so she could not see the contents of it at the moment.

“It doesn’t matter to me whether you guys clarify or not. At most, I’ll just be scolded a few times? To be honest, I’m not in any pain, so what does it matter? On the other hand, those people who scolded me are probably getting tired.” Chu Wuyou’s expression was indifferent at the moment, actually, she really did not care.

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