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Lu Zhou looked at his robe; it was a size bigger now.

He stayed by the Cold Pond a little longer, stretching his limbs and getting used to his young body before leaving.

Needless to say, with the activation of his sixth Birth Chart, his cultivation base, strength, and speed had improved. The pressure he felt when flying up no longer affected him when he left.

As he flew, he wondered if the pressure was the so-called heaven and earth shackles.

Soon after, Lu Zhou arrived near the Twelve Sects of Cloud Mountain. He landed in front of the entrance at the foot of the main peak of Cloud Mountain. It was best for him to act with restraint now that his appearance had changed. He planned to rest in Cloud Mountain and change his clothes before returning to the capital.

As soon as he landed, he heard the discussion of two disciples near the entrance.

“A month ago, a meteor landed on the peak of the snowy mountain. Sect Master Nie initially planned to have a look but changed his mind later. This morning, a green light phenomenon appeared, attracting the attention of many sects. Two Birth Chart Beasts were even found at the foot of the mountain. It’s really auspicious…”

“Finally it’s time for our Cloud Mountain to shine…”

Lu Zhou was slightly taken aback. He was sure he had only stayed in the Cold Pond for a night; how did it become a month? However, he did not find it strange. After all, he was focused on reversing his physique and the increase and decrease of his lifespan. Apart from that, he was also cultivating while he activated his sixth Birth Chart. It was not surprising he had lost track of time.

At this moment, another voice rang from the foot of the mountain.

“Nie Qingyun, you’re really shameless! How dare you snatch our life heart? Quickly hand it over!”

Lu Zhou turned around. He saw dozens of cultivators flying down from the main peak.

Nie Qingyun, who was flying in the lead at top speed, wore an unsightly expression on his face. When he flew past the elegant young man dressed in a long robe by the entrance, he landed and said, “There’s an intruder, everyone. Be careful!”

After the other cultivators landed, they drew their weapons and aimed them at Lu Zhou.

Nie Qingyun glanced at Lu Zhou and asked, “Are you from the Heavenly Fire Sect?”

Lu Zhou said indifferently, “Are you talking to me?” It was rather difficult to change his manner of speech after such a long time.

Nie Qingyun found Lu Zhou strange. After all, Lu Zhou’s mannerism and speech did not match his youthful appearance. He said, “Please leave. Cloud Mountain isn’t receiving guests today…”

Lu Zhou asked, “Nie Qingyun, do you not recognize me?”

‘Recognize my as*!’

Silence descended.

Lu Zhou saw everyone’s expressions and thought that his question was pointless. Even if he announced he was the Pavilion Master of the Evil Sky Pavilion now, he would probably be regarded as a lunatic. In fact, he could also use the blue lotus to prove his identity. However, how should he explain his youthful appearance?

At this moment, more than 100 grey-clad cultivators rushed to the foot of the mountain.

A Cloud Mountain disciple exclaimed, “They’re here!”

Nie Qingyun said to Lu Zhou in a deep voice, “Since you’re not a member of the Heavenly Fire Sect, please leave.”

Lu Zhou turned around and looked at the newly-arrived cultivators.

A grey-clad old man with white hair and a white beard walked over while stroking his beard.

Lu Zhou instinctively raised his hand to stroke his beard as well and ended up stroking… the air…

At this moment, the old man’s eyes were shining like torches as he said, “Nie Qingyun, I won’t be unreasonable. However, you should at least give up one of two life hearts, right?”

Lu Zhou was in the middle of both sides. This was a very eye-catching position.

The old man looked at Lu Zhou carefully.

Nie Qingyun said, “Since when did the Heavenly Fire Sect have the guts to go around robbing life hearts from others? Did you not suffer enough losses at the Sky Wheel Mountain Range?”

With this, Lu Zhou vaguely recalled the Heavenly Fire Sect. At that time, he had brought the dead Yong to the Sky Wheel Mountain Range. At that time, the first one to rush over seemed to be a member of the Heavenly Fire Sect. His name was… Feng Zihe?

The old man said in a deep voice, “Nie Qingyun, don’t try to intimidate others with the Evil Sky Pavilion. The Pavilion Master of the Evil Sky Pavilion Master is indeed powerful, but the Cloud Mountain thinks too highly of itself. Didn’t you offend the Evil Sky Pavilion in the beginning? Later on, you had to throw away your pride and dignity and became a dog of the Evil Sky Pavilion to avoid the annihilation of your sect.”

Nie Qingyun did not pay attention to the old man’s provocative words. He asked, “Feng Qiu, if I don’t hand it over to you, are you going to rob it from me?”

“What do you mean by rob? We’re taking what belongs to us! We killed that Birth Chart Beast so its life heart belongs to us,” Feng Qiu said.

An elder of Cloud Mountain said indignantly, “Before you came, we’ve already been fighting that beast for a long time. The beast was already on the verge of death. You’re the ones who came and took advantage of the situation. Feng Qiu, don’t you have any shame?”

Feng Qiu shook his head and said, “It’s useless to waste words. Even if the gods descend from the heavens today, you still have to hand the life hearts over.”

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

With this, many cultivators from the Heavenly Fire Sect rushed forward. The sabers in their hands shot out energy sabers one after another.

Nie Qingyun’s side retreated a few steps.

Feng Qiu looked at Lu Zhou who was standing in the most eye-catching and awkward position. He wondered inwardly, ‘Are all the disciples from Cloud Mountain stupid? What is this reckless young man doing here?’

Feng Qiu was about to speak when Lu Zhou asked indifferently, “You’re from the Heavenly Fire Sect?”

Feng Qiu said, “Why do you ask a question you already know the answer to?”

“The cultivator who tried to snatch the life heart in the Sky Wheel Mountain Range was Feng Zihe from the Heavenly Fire Sect?” Lu Zhou asked.

Someone said, “Eldest Senior Brother Feng Zihe?”

“It seems like this old man’s memory is rather good…” Lu Zhou said.


Feng Qiu studied the young man in front of him. He was convinced there was something wrong with the young man. However, despite the young man’s oddities, based on his composure, speech, and bearing, it seemed likely the young man was a cultivation genius or expert from a force far superior to Cloud Mountain. He asked tentatively, “Aren’t you from Cloud Mountain?”

Lu Zhou shook his head.

Feng Qiu laughed out loud. “Not bad, young man. You’re rather outstanding. Are you interested in joining the Heavenly Fire Sect?”

Lu Zhou replied, “You think your sect is worthy of me?”

As soon as Lu Zhou’s voice fell, silence descended.

Feng Qiu who felt suffocated by these words finally said, “Since you’re not willing then move aside. We’re here to collect a debt today; it has nothing to do with you.”

Lu Zhou shook his head. “What about the debt between us?”

At this moment, a figure suddenly rushed from the group of Heavenly Fire Sect disciples. He wielded a saber with both hands as he manifested his avatar. The 250-foot avatar indicated the person had activated his Birth Chart; he would probably be able to form his Thousand Realms Whirling avatar in a few days.

“Young man, you’ve blocked the wrong path!” The person launched an energy saber that was dozens of feet long as he advanced with his avatar.

Lu Zhou did not move or avoid the attack.


The energy saber landed.

“Huh?” The person from the Heavenly Fire Sect was shocked. He thought his attack had landed, but he saw his energy saber had actually stopped half an inch above Lu Zhou’s head as though it was blocked by some invisible force.

Nie Qingyun and the others cheered inwardly.

Indeed, one should not judge a book by its cover. As it turned out, the young man was an expert!

Lu Zhou leisurely pushed a hand out.


A golden palm seal shot out, landing on the cultivator from the Heavenly Fire Sect accurately and sending him flying back. His internal organs were instantly ruptured.

“Golden palm seal?” Ning Qingyun thought about the Evil Sky Pavilion and what the young man had said earlier. He asked happily, “Are you… a disciple of the Evil Sky Pavilion?”

Lu Zhou flashed in front of Feng Qiu before he raised his hand.

An astrolabe as big as the sky appeared.

Feng Qiu’s eyes widened in horror as he exclaimed, “Thousand Realms Whirling!”



Many cultivators turned tail and ran.

“Do you think you can leave?”

The astrolabe fell like Mount Tai.


More than a hundred people fell. Their bodies trembled as their blood and energy surged violently. They felt pain and discomfort.

Even those with high cultivation bases did not fare any better. They were in great pain as well.

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