My Doomsday Territory - Chapter 569

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Some of the major factions were extraordinary, some flew in the air, and some rode various flying vehicles.

The eight Transcendents of the North American Heroes Guild took a modified transport plane that powered Origin Crystals and flew from North America to Tree Shade.

In the Ancient Spirit Empire, there was a luxurious carriage. Eight bronze horses pulled the carriage, stepping on the void as they flew over from afar.

For the Awakened ones, most of them only knew his name and did not see him. However, there were a few who were relatively active. The photos were known by the major factions, just like the previous Guts.

As more and more Transcendents arrived, the reporters and spies outside the city retreated again and again, making a wide road that led straight to the city gate.

They were unable to get close, but they were not worried. At the very least, there were people in the Body Sculpting Realm. Their eyes were wide open as they captured every extraordinary face.

“Another big shot is coming. I recognize that person. He is the second disciple of the Vatican. Is the person walking in front the most mysterious first disciple? Even he is here!”

“Look over there, there are seven of the eight ancient Buddhas of the Ten Thousand Buddha Valley. My god!”

“What is that? An interstellar spaceship? It seems to be people from the Mechanical City of Warren!”

The war weapons of Warren were huge and hung outside the floating island. They did not look much different.

* CHI * The door of the runic spaceship opened, and six majestic figures flew out from the cabin door and landed on the floating island.

Compared to the holy lands like Northern Court, there were not many Transcendents from Warren. However, every one of them was a veteran Transcendent. Some of them had metal boxes floating behind them, some wore sci-fi streamlined mechanical armor, and some carried thick artillery weapons on their backs… In terms of occupation, almost all of Warren Transcendents were Mechanics, Launcher Masters, Mechanical Warriors, and so on. This was an eye-opener for countless onlookers.

That huge star grade ship made them feel like they were raising the level of Warren in their hearts.

The Transcendents that arrived first were all brought to the hotel by the messengers.

However, not many people really entered the room to rest. Everyone knew why they came to Tree Shade. They were only waiting for the higher ups of all the powers to arrive and start the meeting.

Not long after,

Before six o’clock, the people from the other eight holy lands and twenty-one super forces had all arrived.

Among each super force, there was one Transcendent who was present. There were also three and four – several months had passed, and there was no lack of talented people in the Fifth Epoch or martial arts masters before the end of the world who had broken through to the Transcendent realm.

However, compared to the holy land, the super forces were lacking in a foundation that could suppress everything.

The sacred land was enough to deal with any crisis, and the super forces still had the possibility of being destroyed… However, this was all limited to yesterday. Today, the sacred land was just like the super forces, like a canoe on the sea, with the danger of capsizing at any time.

Under the leadership of Luo Zhe, a mighty force of nearly two hundred Transcendents walked towards the core area of Tree Shade City.

The conference building was located in the core area, only a few hundred meters away from the castle.

Reporters and spies were carefully observing these big shots inside and outside the city.

The representatives from the super forces were also looking at the Transcendents from the Holy Land, measuring the gap between them.

As for the Holy Land, they were not very familiar with each other, taking advantage of the opportunity to gather information about each other.

Especially Tree Shade City, who had killed over twenty Transcendents in one fell swoop a few months ago.

They all wanted to know how strong and trump cards Tree Shade had.

There are so many airships. Even if Tree Shade obtained the blueprints, he could create so many of them in less than a year. Their research in the field of runic equipment really can’t be underestimated.

This was what Warren and the others were thinking.

“Tree Shade City is indeed prosperous. Other than the top experts, the core strength is also really strong. At a glance, there is no lack of high-level Awakened ones. It is much more prosperous than the city of our Heroes ‘Guild headquarters.”

“Thunder God” Hans Murphy was softly communicating with the other Transcendents in the Heroes ‘Club.

The number of Transcendents in the Ancient Spirit Empire was second only to Northern Court, but their strength was much stronger.

Out of the twelve Transcendents, only two were ordinary Transcendents.

The other nine were all experienced Transcendents. There was no lack of two, three, and four. The one leading the group was the Emperor, “Ancient Heavenly Venerate”. He was already a Second Order Transcendent… In fact, his breakthrough time was not much later than Guts’. However, after his breakthrough, he still remained in seclusion. It was only today that he was officially revealed to the public.

“Royal Lord, isn’t this City Lord Tree Shade too arrogant? All of the upper echelons of our Holy Land have gathered together, yet he still hasn’t shown himself. Even if his subordinates aren’t weak, you are a Second Order existence!”

A senior Transcendent from the Ancient Spirit Emperor Dynasty was very indignant.

He was still somewhat rational. He knew that humans needed to join forces right now, so he did not say it directly. Instead, he used his mental energy to communicate with the other Transcendents from the Ancient Spirit.

The Ancient Spirit Emperor shook his head slightly. “After all, I have concealed my aura. I can’t detect it with just those first rank Transcendents. As for City Lord Tree Shade, if I am not wrong, he should have already reached the second rank. He is a bit arrogant and natural.”

Even so, the Ancient Spirit Emperor also felt that City Lord Tree Shade was too arrogant.

It was just that he did not show it.

Luo Zhe and the others did not walk fast, but they were extraordinary after all. It did not take long for them to reach the halfway point of the mountain and approach the city wall of the core area.

This city wall was still the first level city wall, only ten meters high.

After resisting the Mana Tide once, it was no longer of any use. Now, a mere ten-meter high city wall, any Soul Transformation Realm awakened could easily pass through, but no one dared to do so.

The significance of this city wall was even greater.

Behind the city wall was the core area, which was also a restricted area for most of the Awakened ones.

On the city gate and the city wall, there were usually the most elite soldiers stationed there, but today…

“Hiss -“

“T-Transcendent gatekeeper?”

At the city gate that was not particularly wide, eight warriors dressed in silver armor and holding spears stood upright on both sides of the city gate, looking straight ahead.

That aura was very obvious – they were Transcendents.

It was true that there were strong and weak Transcendents, but each Transcendent was an absolute higher-ups in their respective factions… Even if the Sair Dynasty had claimed to be a dozen or so Transcendents, no Transcendent was willing to guard the gate!

That would be too embarrassing!

Tree Shade had one!

And eight!

These eight Transcendents were all followers that Tang Yu had summoned later on. They had broken through to the great circle of the awakened realm.

They knew that breaking through was all thanks to the help of the lord, and they had seen all sorts of big scenes. Compared to Tier 2 experts and domain realm experts, ordinary Transcendents like them were really nothing.

Wasn’t it just guarding a city gate and standing guard? Others wouldn’t even have a chance if they wanted to!

The senior Transcendent of the Ancient Spirit Empire was a little surprised, but on second thought, they were only eight ordinary Transcendents.

However, the higher ups of Tree Shade that they knew before were only Chief Instructor Luo, Minister Elaine, Kong, Hong Yue, Hui Ren, and Nancy, who was able to contend against the Devil Race’s envoy back then… This was Tree Shade’s most famous Transcendent.

There are a few more ordinary Transcendents, but it can only be said that Tree Shade has hidden himself well…

Senior Ancient Spirit was shocked.

After passing through the city gate, it was as if they had passed through a layer of enchantment, and more extraordinary auras appeared in their senses.

Other than the few Transcendents who welcomed them, Tree Shade had already been waiting in front of the conference building!

For example, Winnie, who usually hid her aura and treated the wounded, had almost never fought before. Not many people knew that this medical minister was also a senior Transcendent.

For example, the three brothers of Carmen were teachers in the Dojo of Limits, but they were mostly in the branches of Luoxia, Zhangsan, and Northern Court. Few people knew their strength.

Grett, the Star and Moon sisters, Zhong Ping, Tai Lun… In the information of many holy lands, there was no such person at all! It was only now that the Transcendents realized that these were all senior Transcendents, the top among them!

In addition, there were some newly advanced Transcendents and ordinary Transcendents.

For example, Zhang Weilong was an S

For example, Zhang Weilong, with S-level qualifications, just had no chance in the early days. Later, he came to Tree Shade and was abused by Zhu Shu Li several times. Instead, he joined the extreme martial arts hall and became a first-level tutor.

Another example was Chen Haiping. As a minister, he relied on large amounts of resources to advance to Transcendent.

There were also a small number of outstanding geniuses from the corps and the martial arts club.

In total, there were fifty to sixty Transcendents.

The upper echelons of the major forces were shocked.

The Sair Royal Family had been recruiting all over the place, and there were only thirty to forty Transcendents. As for Tree Shade, after several months of silence, there were fifty to sixty Transcendents without a sound?

Nearly half of them were veteran Transcendents!

It was simply terrifying!

No wonder Tree Shade looked down on unspecialized characters!

Was this true strength of the First Holy Land’s Tree Shade?

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