My Doomsday Territory - Chapter 578

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The surroundings of Tree Shade were in chaos.

Booms rang out, and dazzling streams of energy interweaved. Figures crisscrossed in the air, shattering mountains and turning plains into lakes. Under the chaotic battle of over a thousand, the terrain around Tree Shade changed.

Countless transit stations had been destroyed.

Fortunately, all survivors had been informed to evacuate, leaving only some empty shell buildings to be destroyed. It was not a big problem – the construction team of Tree Shade, who had mastered construction spells, was professional in building houses.

The floating floating island, Tree Shade City, was undoubtedly very eye-catching.

A large group of alien races rushed towards the floating island. Human Transcendents could still hold on for a period of time in a wandering manner. In front of several alien Transcendents, they could not defend the tower.

Therefore, the alien Transcendents approached the defensive tower.

Looking at the floating island close to them, as well as the millions of elites on it, and also a large part of the elites of Origin Star, they revealed a sinister smile.

“Sacrifice the humans to the great ruler!”

“Hurry up. Once the great envoy finishes catching those bugs, we won’t have anything to do with it.”

It wasn’t that the foreign races’ Transcendents hadn’t seen the main cannon and the Radiant Sun Arrow. It was clear that the two great killing moves of the human race couldn’t do anything to the Hundred Winged Devil Serpent Emperor. In their minds, how could a mere Rank 1 or Rank 1 or Rank Transcendent withstand a battle weapon that was infinitely close to a Saint Tier?

They would definitely win if they were lying down. However, a victory of 0-0 and a victory of 1-0 to 1 was different.

The latter was undoubtedly even happier!

Perhaps he would be lucky enough to be chosen by the envoy and enter a higher level from then on, walking to the peak of the alien world…


An alien whose entire body was made up of white bones stretched out his ten fingers and swung them like a whip not far away. The disheveled Northern Court was extraordinary.

Northern Court held an ordinary divine weapon in his hands. His muscles bulged and he slashed out a resplendent saber light. In the sound of metal clashing, he cut off three white bone whips, causing the other four to change directions. The last three long whips whizzed over.

Poof –

He leaned back, and the battle suit on his chest was cut open. The wound that was not too deep was covered with a bluish gray poison.

His hands were also covered in wounds and the divine weapon saber was also sent flying. Fortunately, the divine weapon had been refined and not taken away by the foreign races.

“Ha! Ha!”

Northern Court looked around.

There were at least two to three hundred foreign races. On the other hand, most of the humans had already escaped. They had no intention of defending Tree Shade City. There were only a dozen or so Northern Court Transcendents led by Grandmaster Meng, and Tree Shade was in his twenties. They were all ordinary Transcendents or senior Transcendents. There was no one who could turn the tide of the battle.

No, even the top Transcendents could not fight dozens of enemies alone.

The successive injuries and the toxins accumulated in his body had caused this unknown Northern Court’s extraordinary combat ability to be damaged.

“Great Advisor Yan, do you have any countermeasures? There are millions of survivors behind you.”

Yan Dingtian panted heavily. Under the siege of several senior Transcendents, his situation was not even a second. However, the Divine Weapon grade armor protected him from being broken. The situation was better than the other Transcendents.

“Retreat while fighting, rely on the floating island to defend.

The reinforcements should be arriving soon. “

They fought and retreated.

They were only hundreds of meters away from the floating island, but no matter how they retreated, they did not retreat to the island.

Human Transcendents were eager to have a strategic depth, and the alien Transcendents were in a smooth situation. Even if they felt strange, they did not care… How could they lose ten times the number of people?

Suddenly, two blue figures rushed out of the floating island.

Yan Dingtian, who had been lying low for a long time, was refreshed. After spitting out a mouthful of blood, he no longer retreated. He quickly punched out one punch after another, and dense fist shadows appeared in front of him.

[Battle Fist – Hundred Shadows]!

A circle of air swept out, and a few foreign races were sent flying backwards, leaving a brief vacuum space around Yan Dingtian.

“Come on, grandson!”

He beckoned with his hand.

The unknown Northern Court beside him was a little stunned. Big brother, is there no problem with just this? Didn’t we agree that the enemy would advance and retreat?

A few senior foreign Transcendents were furious. Peng! Peng! Peng! Yan Dingtian was almost smashed like a ball. The Divine Weapon Armor saved his life, but his face was still flushed and he spat out a large mouthful of blood.

He felt a little panicked.

He clearly saw the reinforcements just now, and he knew a little about the plan, but what about the reinforcements?

He glanced into the distance. Oh, there.

Number One and Number Two, who was clad in blue and white armor and even had a mask on their face, was currently charging at the group of foreign races.

They were the true experts. They didn’t even need to defend themselves before charging straight at them. Some of the foreign races didn’t know the defensive capabilities of the two Puppet Guards. When they attacked with all their strength, they could only leave a shallow dent on Number One and Two’s armor. In the next moment, they were smashed into pieces by the long spears that were used as sticks.

Number One and Number Two Tiger charged into the flock of sheep. It didn’t take long for them to kill over a dozen Transcendents. It was only when dozens of terrified foreign Transcendents joined forces and attacked Number One and Number Two that they managed to barely manage a fifty-fifty fight.

Blood rained down from the sky amidst the chaotic battle.

Some of the blood smashed holes into the ground, some caused the forest in a large area to wither, and there were a few beasts hiding. They followed the smell and swallowed the blood drops containing energy. They looked up at the sky and roared, their auras constantly rising. If they could not withstand it, they would explode and become stronger.

The battle between the strong was also a feast for the weak.


The blood drops all over the sky stopped in midair, and all exploded. It was clearly just a small blood drop, but after it exploded, it formed a sea of blood that covered a radius of several kilometers.

From a distance, it looked like a giant, flat blood sphere that was constantly surging, enveloping a large number of Transcendents.

“What is it!”

“Get lost!”

The foreign race Transcendent’s Origin Energy gushed out and blew away the blood that was gushing over.

Waves surged as half a body made of blood floated out from the surface of the sea of blood. From that graceful figure and the long hair behind her head, one could vaguely see that she was a woman, but she had no face.

The blood palm landed on the bodies of the foreign Transcendents.

Many foreign races vomited blood and fell into the sea of blood. Those who were slightly weaker were instantly devoured by the sea of blood, leaving not even their bones.

On the other side,

Moke stared at Gu Tianzun and the others. His expression was fierce, and his cold aura was released.

“Human, is this your method?”

I am not, I am not, don’t speak nonsense! It is clearly City Lord Tang’s method, he is not going to take the blame!

Gu Tianzun’s face was pale, and he was roaring in his heart.

He didn’t dare to say it, and he couldn’t beat it. He still had a B in mind, but what could he do? He was so desperate!

The bowstring of the Bright Sun Bow could no longer be pulled apart. It could only be held in his hand to deter… probably.

“You guys go first, I’ll hold him back!”

Right now, that terrifying world-class demonic beast had been dragged into that frozen world. No matter if it were fora seal or something, they would still see the hope of saving humanity. In that case, even if this old man were to sacrifice himself here, it would still be worth it What the hell!

Gu Tianzun stared intently at the Demon Race messenger, holding the Sacred Weapon – Bright Sun Bow in his hand and using it as a close-combat weapon.

On the other side,

Moke’s aura grew stronger and stronger, and the illusory eyes on his forehead were about to open.

A surprised voice suddenly came from the side.

“Yo, what a coincidence, we meet again.”

It was directed at Moke, breaking his aura that had been accumulated to its peak.

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