My Doomsday Territory - Chapter 588

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The establishment of the transfer array was silent.

The Emperor did not ask… He thought that no matter how hard he tried, it would take a few days.

Thus, Tang Yu did not say anything.

On the contrary, the two streets of the commercial district were forcefully moved into the demolition area under the official arrangements of Ancient Spirit.

The owners of the shops on both sides of the street dared to be angry… cough, they did not dare to be angry, but did not dare to say anything.

It was not a peaceful era. They were ordered to pack up all the items in a day, and then leave with the small amount of compensation – after all, the owners of the shops were all members of the Ancient Spirit Imperial Family. The only difference was the length of the rental time.

Two streets, half of which were used to build training camps, hanging the tag “Extreme Martial Arts Dojo”, and the other half of the trading houses to open several core shops, selling runes, equipment, items, potions, and so on.

Compared to when he was in Jingcheng City, the Ancient Spirit Imperial Family had a lot of rune equipment to sell. The Imperial Capital Inner Dojo was also full of hundreds of flowers. It was much easier to obtain cultivation methods here than a large shelter. Correspondingly, the strength of the unaffiliated Awakened was not weak either.

Gu Tianzun agreed after thinking for a bit. He was also confident in his family’s business.

Their Ancient Spirit was a royal family that even had holy artifacts!

However… although Tree Shade did not have a holy artifact(he believed himself to be), there seemed to be a lot of Transcendent divine weapons. He saw that the expert called “Kong” only had three divine weapons in each of his hands. The inner armor and cloak he wore were also Transcendent divine weapons. The Ancient Spirit Emperor was about to turn red with envy when he saw them.

When the “Extreme Martial Arts Dojo” and “Trading Hall” officially opened, there were no twists and turns except for the symbolic participation of the Ancient Spirit royal family.

Tree Shade’s name was quite famous in the world, but the Extreme Martial Arts Dojo was just average. The ancient spirit awakened ones said that they knew that there were two other families in the city, also called the Extreme Martial Arts Dojo. The two families had been competing openly and secretly because of their name.

Only the Ancient Spirit didn’t have a policy that wasn’t worthy of its name.

Now, it seemed like it was going to become a three-legged organization?

The other two families, ‘Extreme Martial Arts Dojo’, were both large dojos that could rank in the top twenty in the capital. How could they tolerate a newly opened dojo gaining popularity from them? They must have joined hands to suppress them, unless the newly opened dojo was renamed.

A little fatty who weighed more than two hundred and fifty said that he was not optimistic. He held the potato chips in one hand and kept throwing them into his mouth with the other. His speed was very fast, almost leaving behind afterimages.

Just this “eating skill” showed that the little fatty had Transcendent strength.

The other youth with long artistic hair on the side disagreed. He made a hand gesture with glasses and said, “You don’t seem to be stupid. This ‘Extreme Martial Arts Dojo’ obviously has people in the court. With the support of the ancient spirit Emperor clan, let alone the two large dojos, even if they were as fat as you, they would not dare to openly suppress them.”

The two of them were the second generation of awareness who lived in the Imperial Capital, and there were guards secretly following them.

However, even if it were forthe elders of the two families, there weren’t many people in the royal capital who could meet the higher-ups of the royal family.

The Extreme Martial Arts Dojo with a deep background… successfully caught their attention.

“Why don’t we go in and take a walk?”

They were just curious, and were not interested in training.

Even if he starved to death and died in the wilderness, he would never be able to cultivate in this lifetime.

Transcendent strength relied on the accumulation of soul force and various medicines, and the increase in combat strength was calculated from “negative five”.

In the north of the Daxia Kingdom, near Northern Court.

More than a dozen alien Transcendents were hiding in the valley, observing the Second Fortress more than ten kilometers away through secret arts.

“The Second Fortress has two Transcendents guarding it, so it won’t be a problem.”

“We have already figured out the activation mode of the Longsong Cannon. As long as we manage to fool that cannon, it will be a certainty.”

“With Northern Court’s support, it will only take three minutes to rush over from the nearest Satellite City. However, that Satellite City will only send one Transcendent at most. If we rush over from Northern Court Downtown, it will take at least ten minutes. It will be enough for us to completely destroy the Second Fortress.”

“Hehe, Northern Court is Tree Shade’s most loyal ally. Destroying Northern Court can be considered weakening Tree Shade’s strength.”

“Where’s Tree Shade? I’m just afraid that half of his reinforcements will suddenly come out.”

“There’s no need to worry. There is only one ordinary Transcendent stationed in Tree Shade. Even if Northern Court asks for help, it will take more than half a minute for Tree Shade to enter the Saint realm passageway. Moreover, the intelligence from above is very clear. Many experts, including City Lord of Tree Shade, are currently in Ancient Spirit. If not for the majority of the representatives being too cautious and taking advantage of the emptiness of Tree Shade City, they would definitely be able to heavily injure Tree Shade City.”

“Brother White Bone is right.”


“Seconded +1.”

“Seconded +2.”


More than a dozen alien Transcendents quietly approached Northern Court’s second stronghold. When they entered the defensive range of the stronghold and could no longer hide, they suddenly burst out their aura. One after another, alien Transcendents soared into the sky and flew towards the stronghold at the fastest speed.

An ear-piercing alarm rang through the air above the stronghold.

The stronghold cannons, which had already been filled with Origin Crystals, quickly gathered their energy. However, the foreign races had long since figured out Northern Court’s strategy. They had used their standers to deceive the stronghold cannons that could be fired quickly, causing the main cannon to have a cooldown of five minutes.

This only took a minute and a half.

In the third minute, there was indeed a Northern Court who had come to aid them. However, the foreign races had an all-out advantage against three. In a few more minutes, they would be able to kill the three Transcendents.

The plan worked!

It was not in vain that they had spent several days preparing for this!


A resplendent sword light cut through the sky. The first Transcendent was pierced through by the sword light, his body splitting into pieces. The sword light still flew over without any signs of slowing down, heavily injuring the other two Transcendents.

The terrified alien turned his head and saw a person wearing a black cloak and a bamboo hat quickly approaching.

That appearance was precisely Tree Shade’s famous expert, Kong!

The intel was wrong!

The alien Transcendent’s eyes were filled with terror.

What a troll teammate!

He died with a grievance!

After the incident of Northern Court being attacked, Tang Yu did not continue to stay in the Ancient Spirit for a vacation… diplomatic visit.

After leaving a dragon-suit Transcendent in the Ancient Spirit Territory, the group walked back to the city scroll and returned to Tree Shade.

Kong and Xingling Xingyue both went to support, Tang Yu thought that Northern Court didn’t need to divide the territory, so he continue to stay in the territory.

The huge Hundred Winged Devil Serpent Emperor, under the relentless attack of Elaine… the summoned ice and snow spirit, finally had a lower breath.

Tang Yu was very pleased.

This is because of his leadership…cough

In order to allow Elaine to have sufficient source power supply, Guts, who was planning to break through to Tier 2, had to delay the time to ensure sufficient high-purity source crystals.

Tang Yu calculated that it was very likely that he would need to grind for another half a month before he could cause the Hundred Winged Demonic Serpent Emperor’s battle prowess to drop to a certain level, allowing Nancy to cause great damage to him.

It was simply…

His heart was bleeding!

The extremely precious high-purity Origin Crystals were all consumed in units of 10,000!

In order to appease his wounded heart, Tang Yu unconsciously walked to the market. He glanced at the products he had bought today and casually bought them.

In this cold winter, he could only buy crystals to bring warmth to his injured heart.

To create happiness with crystals!

After buying some slightly valuable items and a blueprint for a Divine Weapon level, Tang Yu skillfully clicked on the refresh.


He had refreshed the merchandise more than a thousand times, and it no longer brought him any anticipation.

Tang Yu was a little distracted, and he seemed to catch a glimpse of an orange flash from the corner of his eye.


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