Chapter 406.2

My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 406 Part 2 – Beating A Brat

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

The zombie brat seemed to recognize Ling Mo as the weakest one, continuously throwing out building fragments from his hand, while constantly jumping to avoid Ling Mo’s attacks .

“I didn’t expect that this kid could be so strong even in an enclosed space… . ”

During their short confrontation, Ling Mo had gained a better understanding of the zombie brat’s attack method .

The zombie brat’s dexterity, paired with his ability to sense spiritual energy, allowed him to have a quick reaction time . This allowed him to throw things quickly and accurately .

Although his strength hadn’t reached the level of the overlord rank, he was still much stronger than most of the leader rank zombies .

Despite Ye Lian and Shana not taking action yet, it was clear that the brat had also put up his guard against them .

In fact, the reason Ling Mo had arranged Shana and Ye Lian to be here was to just stop him from leaving .

As for taking action…

Towards this little mouse that hurt Ye Lian, Ling Mo naturally wanted to handle it himself .

“Hee hee, shouldn’t you be more worried about your human companions? I’ve brought a lot of my kind here . ”

The zombie brat said with a smile .

“You actually know how to distract me . ”

Ling Mo made his tentacles intersect with each other as they rolled close towards the brat, but he jumped up just before he was about to be bound .

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As he was about to reach the ceiling, he suddenly slanted his head sharply, and an arrow of blood instantly burst out from his shoulders .

When the zombie brat started to fall back down, another tentacle pierced into his underarm, nailing him to the wall with a “bang” .

His head lowered, like a puppet with its strings cut off, his limbs hung down weakly, and he slowly slid to the ground .

As the zombie brat slowly recovered and raised his head, a pair of brutal, cold-blooded red eyes, similar to a wild animal, looked at Ling Mo through the messy hair .

The blood-colored pupils almost completely covered the whites in his eyes, and they looked very different from Ye Lian and the girls .

“Brother Ling… . Be careful, there’s … . Something not right about him!”

Ye Lian shouted suddenly . She has always been sensitive to changes in aura, and Ling Mo started becoming warier of the brat .

The brat’s reaction time was really fast . It wasn’t an accident that Ling Mo failed to kill him instantly .

Even in mid-air, he was able to forcibly twist his body to avoid a deadly attack from Ling Mo .

Although he looked quite miserable, his vitals actually weren’t hit at all .

“You really are fun to play with . However, I still have a trump card . ”

The zombie brat’s eyes were getting redder and redder, almost as if they were about to start bleeding at any time . He suddenly lowered his head, and a spike suddenly burst out from his neck .

At the same time, spikes also drilled out from his wrist, little by little . The skin that originally looked smooth, suddenly cracked as if it was being opened by a zipper .

“WHAT THE FUCKING HELL! It really is a trump card! And it’s a transformation at that… . . ”

Ling Mo was stunned . The zombie brat in front of him turned out to be a mutant zombie!

The muscles in his body bulged up little by little . The wounds on his body also kept wiggling and he soon stopped bleeding .

A few seconds later, a mutant zombie with a hefty body with a face that looked like a little girl, appeared in front of Ling Mo . All four of his limbs were completely covered with small bone spikes .

It was quite shocking for Ling Mo to witness the “transformation” process of a mutant zombie up close .

“Uhh… . Those bone spikes on your neck look like a dog collar… . ”

Ling Mo said after recovering from his shock .

“Ah, it really does . ” Shana nodded .

Ye Lian’s response was a little bit slower, and after staring blankly at the brat, she suddenly realized, “Mutant dog… . ”


The zombie brat and spider queen’s direction of evolution were obviously very different . Considering that this was originally an industrial area where various fires and explosions were bound to occur during the apocalypse… . It wasn’t surprising for such a monster to be created .


As the zombie brat kicked his right leg against the wall, he lunged forward, and sent his muscular arm smashing down on Ling Mo’s head .

Ling Mo wasn’t stupid enough to take the risk as he felt a strong wind hit his face .

As he released a kick towards the zombie brat, his spiritual tentacles also spread out, hitting the brats head from three directions .

“You asked for a beating!”


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