My Sisters’ Underwear Situation - Volume 1 - Chapter 1

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The Tossed Future Plan and I, the Target


I was making my way to school for my spring holiday arbitrary crafting assignment that day.

The wardrobe/tailoring club room, situated on the second floor of an old, wooden school building.

I ungirthed the sewing bag which I had modified into a scissor holder from my waist and took cloth, scissors, and needle into my hands.

Since morning I had spent several hours furthering the tailoring—— and when the setting sun was shining in, spreading across the plank floor, the static mannequin in front of my eyes was finally wearing the completed white dress.

“Barely made it in time, huh…”

It gave off the feeling of a formal- rather than a party dress, and although I had held back with exposure, it possessed a big opening around the collar it while representing the standard line of a sleeveless dress overall; a characteristic, slender dress with the brilliance of satin, a beautiful silhouette without a wrinkle on it. Facing the dress, I thought:


——What kind of ‘bra’ would fit this dress perfectly?


I goes without saying that it has to be a no strap, but as it’d lack the straps, how would I go about the materials so that it’d properly support, and what about the design? It might be hidden, but I can’t compromise; exactly because it’s hidden, I want to be particular about it. Or rather, I should be.

Every pair of boobs is unique; an infinite variety——.

Keeping just that in mind, I want to present you my opinion of commercial bras.

Stuff like band sizes as in 65 C or 70 D – these centimeter band measurements – or the cup size which is simply the difference between cup and band measurement, they’re nothing but a compromise of bra manufacturers.

To perfectly cover boobs, you should measure in millimeters and custom order.

I will gift the girl who receives this dress a custom-made, perfect fit bra. Only together with the bra, the dress can be complete.

With that, there’s one problem left.

“How will I get her to show me… no, I should at least touch them…”

Which was the reason why I had been able to do the dress, but not the bra.

When making a bra, the boobs’ shape is very important.

Half-cup, ¾-cup, and restricting the issue to dresses only, semi-long-bra, bustier, and so on; there’s a whole lot of types, and if you’re designing one, you must match the shape.

If you simply ignore that, the bra’d be no different from a commercial one. It’d be meaningless.

By the way, band and cup measurements are all there is to take.

I observed female breasts every day and before I knew it, I had been able to perceive their size with my eyes alone. Like a high efficiency scanner bestowed to me by God, I could measure in mere seconds.

Recently, when I see gravia idols on TV, I get the feeling that there’s some swindling going on with the official sizes they display; considering the differences.

I’d like them to only mess with the bust size. It the end, waist or hip sizes, no matter how you think about it, those——


When I was grieving the sizes situation in the cold idol world…

I suddenly snapped out of it by the sound of hurried footsteps.

At the end of my gaze—— barely at the edge of my field of vision, was a brown-haired girl. What also caught my eye were her boobs that shook magnificently as she was running away.

Their lively motion seemed to defy gravity.

A superb vertical shaking as if she was under the continuous influence of a near-field earthquake.

Although it was just for an instant, I didn’t miss that chance. My eyelids clicked like a shutter, analyzing while saving these wonderful boobs in the carnal desires folder of my brain.

Assumably E, no—— bigger.

What an outstanding talent—— Instincts before thinking, my feet set in motion and I chased after her.

The moment I reached my hand for the classroom door…


The door opened before I could touch it.

Standing there wasn’t a E-cup but a D-cup. In order words, a different girl.

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.”

While smiling gently, the girl took a polite bow – her name’s Hattori Haori.

She’s the second daughter of the Hattori Cloth Store that had been in business for generations and was to be president in the tailoring club, which I was a member of as well, starting next term.

Haori-san had somewhat light-colored, silky semi-long hair. Her boobs shook slightly by just walking. The flower hairclip which allowed you to peek at her right ear was becoming Haori-san’s trademark.

Even though she wasn’t that tall, her slender arms and legs made her nice curves look even better. Just by standing there she made the air around her appear much cleaner, not to mentioning when she was walking. In contrast to the refreshing atmosphere she was clad in, her down-slanting eyes were quite lovely and made her all the more impressive a girl.

And—— she was the one I was going to give the dress I made to, the girl with the ideal boobs.

Today, I was going confess to her——

I would give my dress to her as a present and tell her my feelings that I had been harboring for a year. For that reason I had called Haori-san out by phone.

“Please excuse my late arrival.”

“Nono, sorry that I called you out here all of a sudden.”

Although the shaking pair of boobs from earlier still weighed heavily on my mind, I invited Haori to come inside.

“I’ve something very important to tell you, you know? I have to tell you today, no matter what.”

“Something… important?”

Thereupon, Haori-san’s cheeks blushed and she mumbled something like, “Called out… confession… have to introduce him to my family…” in a small voice, but… The confession aside, what’s that to do with introducing me to her family?

I was right in the middle of thinking that…


When I saw the person who had entered the classroom after Haori-san and became speechless.

“Coming through…”

A low voice echoed in the classroom. The room was enveloped in an aura which even scattered away the anger of mine that I’d attribute to the idol three sizes scam I mentioned just earlier.

It was Haori’s older sister, the current head of the Hattori Cloth Store.

The student council president of our school, namely—— Hattori Furisade.

“You’re Souma Akito?”

She had a flower hairclip like Haori-san in her long, loose black hair. Her facial features were orderly and gave her a clever atmosphere, yet her almond eyes stood out even more. Just by casting a sidelong glance at her, I was seized by her sharp eyes which appeared to be glaring.

Her body was tall and slender, and her humble chest was a physical feature which allowed her to not need a bra. It was almost enough to make me want to commend her like, ‘As I’d expect of the daughter of a cloth store,’ but she went contra my taste. It was so sad, the sister’s difference in size quality.

Nono, wait a sec.

I’ve called Haori-san out; alone. I don’t recall calling out the student council president.

“So, didn’t I just ask you whether you’re Souma Akito?”

“Y-Yes, ma’am! I certainly am Souma Akito!”

The student council president licked me all over with her gaze, seemingly mustering me.

I see… that’s how the rabbit feels in front of a snake. I feel flinching in various places.

After her brief gaze, the student council president looked over the thick pile of documents she was holding in her hand.

“Souma Akito—— considering you’re the sole male member of the tailoring club, you’re a candidate for next term’s vice club presidency. Regarding your sewing skills, they’re top-class even within the club. More than anything, your willpower isn’t something to trifle with… or so.”

Why has this turned into an introduction of me? Does anyone here get something out of this? If you want to introduce something, why not Haori-san’s secrets that only her sister would know? The exact location of that dark mole on her boob or something like that.

Thereupon, the student council president closed her thick pile of documents and, with a force that seemed to break my shoulder, swung her hand down.

“Alright! You pass!”

“P-Pass what…?”

Not knowing what was going on, I grimaced without thinking.

“There’s just one reason why I would make my way here like this. I’ve something very important to tell you.”

“Something… important?”

“Yeah. It’s about your and our future, something really important. Lend me your ears for a bit.”

The student council president announced with her stare unfazed and not to mention dead-serious.

“The reason is, you might know that Haori’s gonna be the next tailoring club president. However, you might also know that Haori’s a very meek person. It might be difficult for her to take leadership. It’s something that worries me as her big sister. Which is where you come in, I want you to watch out for her. I want you to support Haori. To cut right to the chase of it——”

Ah, becoming the club vice president, huh? If it’s just that, I wasn’t really planning to refuse.

Even so, for her older sister, the student council president to boot, to go out of her way to come here just to… I doubted, but…

“I want you to become Haori’s, my little sister’s, groom!”

“I don’t mind—— Wait, what? What did you just say?!”

I’m hearing things, right? I get the feeling that I just heard a word from the mouth of flat-chest that stands for a dead-end future.

“Well said! I leave the Hattori Cloth Store and Haori in your care!”

“P-Please wait a second!”

I pushed out both of my hands to indicate the student council president to stop. I was doubting my ears.

“It feels like I just had the mishearing of a lifetime, so could you repeat what you just said?”

“We’re getting the seat of Hattori Cloth Shop’s groom ready for you.”

I wasn’t hearing things, after all!

“I don’t really understand, but I’m not the kind of man you seem to take me for——”

“Don’t be so modest! It’s already in my report – you’re modest and docile!”

Who wrote that nonsense report?!

That’s not just limited to me, if the student council president’s standing in front of you, anyone’d be submissive, not to mention docile!

“We’ve no successor for our Hattori Cloth Store. However, we’ve the mission to find one. In this situation, it’s inevitable to take us a groom sooner or later. I’ve always been on the search wondering whether there’s no one suitable at all, but it’s not easy to find a man with dress know-how and sewing skills easily, needless to speak of cloth…”




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