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As a beginner-level hypnotist, Zeng Rou was already very evil and powerful.

If Su Yu returned to the dream, it would be even more dangerous.

Master Wu had said that as an outsider, he was not considered by the dream creator.

To enter a dream, it would take at least three to five months. There was not enough time.

Therefore, he couldn't enter the dream with Su Yu…

Therefore, when Zeng Rou used hypnosis just now, Master Wu did not stop her.

He wanted to see how strong Su Yu was.

Could he save himself in the face of such an emergency?

Thankfully, Su Yu was smart enough not to be trapped by Zeng Rou's hypnosis, which made Master Wu feel more at ease.

After Su Yu woke up, Master Wu picked up a white cloth and covered Zeng Rou's head with it.

Because her hands and feet were tied, she naturally could not resist.

It was obvious that he did not want to be hypnotized by her gaze.

However, Zeng Rou was surprised to hear that Su Yu was going back to the dream.

"Su Yu… you are going back to the dream?" Zeng Rou's voice was sharp.

"Does it have anything to do with you?"

Now that he knew who Zeng Rou really was, Su Yu hated her even more.

Even though Su Yu didn't think he was a good person, for someone like Zeng Rou who had committed so many misdeeds, she was a scourge on the human world….

"Su Yu, you're courting death. Do you know that people who enter their dreams twice will never come back? Don't be fooled by this Taoist priest… How much did he charge you?"

Zeng Rou thought that it was ridiculous that Su Yu found a scammer somewhere.

If he entered the dream again, he might be tortured to death.

"Hehe, even if I'm a smelly Taoist priest, I'm still stronger than you. I won't do anything that harms people." Master Wu chuckled.

Su Yu glanced at Zeng Rou, who was covered with a white cloth, and felt annoyed.

"Master, let's cut to the chase. The hypnotist has been found… Send me back."

Master Wu knew that Su Yu was referring to the dream.

"No, Su Yu… they'll kill you if you go back." Zeng Rou was so anxious that she was almost stomping her feet.

Even though she had done something bad to Su Yu, she couldn't stand by and watch him die.

She would definitely feel terrible about it.

She knew clearly how many dream creators there were in the dream. She knew where they came from and who they were loyal to.

There was no need to mention the abilities of the dream creators.

Any one of them could beat her.

Therefore, she thought that Su Yu must be crazy to go against the four dream creators inside.

Su Yu smiled when he saw how anxious Zeng Rou was.

"You mean the dream creators?"

Zeng Rou remained silent. She didn't know that Su Yu knew so much and even about the dream creators.

"Zeng Rou, if you want to repent, I will give you a chance… Tell me… who are the dream creators?"

Su Yu didn't have much hope when he asked.

After all, Zeng Rou had been a bad person for so long, she would definitely not open her mouth easily.

As expected, Zeng Rou remained silent.

"If you ask her, she won't be able to tell you anything. She probably won't dare to say anything…" Master Wu guessed.

"Su Yu, can't you just live properly? Why do you have to go back and die?" Zeng Rou didn't understand. Su Yu was rich, handsome, and powerful. Was he tired of living? Why did he have to go back to the dream to risk his life again?

"My friends are still there. I can't leave them behind."

"Hahaha, are you unable to let go of Huo Mian?" Zeng Rou laughed bitterly.

She had never envied any woman in her life, but now, she suddenly envied Huo Mian…

There was actually an idiot like Su Yu who was willing to do anything for her.

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