Chapter 335

Chapter 335: How Could It Be This Thing?

“We mean no offense to you, Senior, and beseech you to be merciful . If you’re interested in this Spirit Beast, we’re happy to gift it to you!” Ye Chen said . He did not know this woman’s true intentions . Did she want to seize their treasures or was it something else?

Before a Grand Supreme Stage powerhouse, they could only hold on to their lives and give up their items .

“Heh heh, young fellows, you think that I’ll want to rob two juniors like you? You dared to kill so many of the Tribunal Council’s members in the Soul Pagoda . ” Bi Lin put her lily-white hands on her slender waist . Her supple body swayed as she walked toward Ye Chen on thin air . “How bold!”

What was the relationship between this woman and the Tribunal Council? Ye Chen could not quite figure out where she was coming from .

“Those Tribunal Council members were too arrogant and hateful . Their deaths are not worth crying about,” Ye Chen said . Those Tribunal Council members were already killed . If this woman was from the Tribunal Council, she would have attacked already . Ye Chen guessed that she was an opponent of the Tribunal Council, so perhaps things might still turn out well .

“That’s precisely what I like to hear . Young fellow, I’ll stop scaring you . The old head of the Tribunal Council is reaching the Soul Pagoda’s fourth level soon . You’d better make haste and vanish . If you throw your lives away, don’t blame Big Sis for not warning you!” Bi Lin took another step forward and was right in front of Ye Chen . He was bowled over by a heady fragrance . One would become drunk just by inhaling that overwhelming perfume .

Little Wingsy discovered that the Psyche energy which was restraining him had loosened up .

Bi Lin appeared before Ye Chen, only one step away from him . The pair of generous mounds on her chest was only a few inches away from Ye Chen . Before this pressure, Ye Chen held his breath . He dared not show the slightest hint of carelessness in front of this woman of unknown origins .

Bi Lin’s long dress did not conceal the allure of her breasts at all . When Ye Chen looked down, he could see a snow-white expanse of skin and a deep groove .

“Are they pretty?” Bi Lin’s silky eyes stared at Ye Chen with a flirtatious glimmer .

Ye Chen retracted his gaze and wiped his nose awkwardly . It was all because the two mounds were so close to him . He had no choice but to look at them . Any man, faced with that ample pair of jade-like melons, would have an irrepressible urge to fondle them . Moreover, Bi Lin’s heavy fragrance was even more disorienting and alluring .

What did this woman want? Ye Chen kept his head clear but his body had responded disobediently . Below his waist, something seemed to be stirring restlessly .

“Tsk tsk, what a handsome young fellow . Big Sis is rather tempted . ” Bi Lin smiled charmingly, her delicate fingers brushing across Ye Chen’s cheek . Those fingers were as sleek as white jade with a subtle, titillating warmth that plucked at one’s heartstrings .

This was a seductive move!

Ye Chen was somewhat speechless . To think there would come a day where a woman would make a pass at him .

Bi Lin knew of her own charm . In the Thunder Beast Clan, who knew how many had fallen head over heels with just from a glance from her? Although she made the move to entice Ye Chen, she did not mean to go all the way . She was simply interested in Ye Chen, sensing that there were numerous mysterious energies around him . It looked like this young fellow had a few secrets .

“Young fellow, the one from the Tribunal Council is a Peerless Power, who can’t restrain you with his Psyche unlike us Grand Supreme Celestial Beasts . Still, with his abilities, locating you will be a piece of cake . At that point, you might not be able to evade him . Why don’t you follow Big Sis – with my protection, that old Cang Lu won’t be able to do much against you . ” Bi Lin’s fingers traced lazy circles on Ye Chen’s chest . Her eyes, dark as agate, observed Ye Chen closely . Her nose was straight and sensual, and her slim red lips curved upward slightly in a subtle smile .

That mild fragrance assailed his nostrils . Faced with such a beauty who kept on toying with him, it was a challenge to maintain his rational thinking .

Ye Chen understood that he had no way of refusing the offer . One would not be fooled by this woman’s smiling charm . Who knew if she would suddenly turn hostile? The formidable aura of this woman was very terrifying and Ye Chen was completely unable to summon any resistance .

“Big Sis isn’t afraid of the Tribunal Council?” Ye Chen asked, probing the woman . In truth, he was slightly afraid of her marble fingers which were teasing him . She might use some secret enchanting technique and cause him to lose his reason .

“Hehe, I, from the Thunder Beast Clan, have never been afraid of the Tribunal Council!” Bi Lin smiled softly, her eyes sparkling with indescribable, lovely delight .

This woman was from the Thunder Beast Clan! Ye Chen was slightly shocked . Before this, he had heard that the Great Eastern Continent’s number one powerhouse Bi Mie was from the Thunder Beast Clan . Thus, they had at least two Grand Supreme Stage fighters . It was not surprising that they were unafraid of the Tribunal Council .

“Since Big Sis isn’t worried that we’ll bring you trouble, we’ll follow you then . ” Ye Chen nodded . Even so, he was secretly thinking, ‘When this woman isn’t paying attention, I’ll quickly send Little Wingsy into the Soul Pearl, then hide into the Heavenly Astra Seal or find a chance to leave . ’ Following this woman was too dangerous .

“Good boy . Big Sis likes you and will surely protect you . ” Bi Lin moved forward a little and her voluptuous breasts were even closer to Ye Chen . It was nearly about to brush against his body . That invasive perfume was endlessly arousing .

Ye Chen could practically feel the heat coming off this woman’s body . That scent that was mingled with her body’s aroma made him feel dizzy . He quickly stepped back and drew in a deep breath, cooling himself down .

Bi Lin was not bothered by Ye Chen’s reaction . She covered her mouth and chuckled prettily . The graceful contours of her neck and her defined collarbones could be seen . Her skin was smooth and soft, incomparably silky .

“Young fellow, follow Big Sis and don’t get lost!” Bi Lin rose into the air and giggled .

Ye Chen flew up as well . Beside him, Little Wingsy had already picked up the body of the Aberrant Spirit Beast .

“Big Brother Ye Chen, who’s that woman?” Little Wingsy blinked and looked at Ye Chen, then turned toward Bi Lin who stood in mid-air .

Ye Chen was about to reply when Bi Lin laughed softly . “Little Snakey, call me Big Sis Lin from now on . ”

“I’m Little Wingsy, not Little Snakey,” Little Wingsy said seriously .

Bi Lin chuckled at this . “Alright, Big Sis Lin will call you Little Wingsy then . ”

Ye Chen rolled his eyes in silent disparagement . What Big Sis Lin? Calling her Auntie Lin or Grandma Lin would be more like it . Although Bi Lin looked like she was only twenty-plus years old, who could tell if she was an old monster who had lived for centuries?

“The body of this Spirit Beast – does Big Sis want it?” Ye Chen looked at Bi Lin and asked . If Bi Lin wanted to take this Spirit Beast’s body, Ye Chen would not resist . That would be suicide!

“I’ve gained two little brothers but as your Big Sis, I haven’t even given you any presents . Why would I take anything from you?” Bi Lin blinked with her exquisite eyes . Her manner was incredibly coquettish and her voice was like an oriole from the valley .

Upon hearing this, Ye Chen unabashedly kept the body of the Aberrant Spirit Beast . If Bi Lin wanted it, she would not turn it down . Since she did not want it, Ye Chen did not have to be modest about it . Bi Lin would not mind anyway .

Bi Lin raced forward with Ye Chen and Little Wingsy trailing close behind .

“Master Lion, what does this woman want?” Ye Chen communicated with the Purple-fire Astra Lion .

“I can’t tell what she wants, but Ye Chen, my boy, you have some luck with women! This woman is sexy . Having a wild romp with her would surely be worth it!” Master Lion beamed .

“Master Lion, stopping kidding around . Surely this woman isn’t some demon who feeds on humans’ Yang Energy?” Ye Chen was extremely guarded .

“Feeds on Yang Energy? Where did you hear of demons who feed on Yang Energy? Even Sea Demons who typically entice humans would never feed on their Yang Energy . It was just that some humans had let them down and were killed by them . That’s why humans would vilify them,” Master Lion said .

“There are no demons who feed on Yang Energy in this world?” Ye Chen suddenly realized that he had harbored misconceptions of the mystical beasts in this world . “Then why did that woman seduce me?”

“That’s a blessing . Even if you wander around searching with a torchlight, you wouldn’t be able to find such a seductive beauty . Now, one has appeared under your nose!” Master Lion laughed boisterously .

Ye Chen frowned slightly . Perhaps Bi Lin was flirtatious by nature and excessively lustful, which was why she kept teasing him . No matter what, Ye Chen would not believe that Bi Lin did not have her motives . It was best if he could find a chance to slip away . Ye Chen was not a lascivious man . He knew that lust would not lead to anything good!

Ye Chen and Little Wingsy followed behind Bi Lin . From the back, Bi Lin’s figure was graceful . Her full, pert buttocks had an indescribable appeal . This was a woman of endless allurement . One could not pick out any flaws in any detail .

Ye Chen glanced at the Aberrant Spirit Beast’s body in the armguard’s space, then gave it a closer observation . Its body was much larger than ordinary Spirit Beasts and its blood was black, giving off intense spiritual energy .

“Look at its core metal!” Master Lion said from the Heavenly Astra Seal .

“Right . ” Ye Chen nodded and drew it out with his consciousness . A small square item slowly rose from the Aberrant Spirit Beast’s brain, hovering in the air . After the black blood had dripped away, Ye Chen got a proper look at this item .

This was not a Tianyuan ancient coin nor was it any special metal!

It was sparkling and pure white all over, covered in runes . It glowed with a white, rich luster and emitted a faint warmth .

Beams of light revolved around it, filled with mysterious energy .

“It’s this thing – how could this be!” Ye Chen blurted out in shock .





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