Chapter 377: 377

Chapter 377 It Is You!

A Godly Venerable Rank master was considered a completely unrivaled presence in the world . Even the sect leader, Ye Zong, could not withstand the energy suppression .

The apprentices of the Scarlet Flame Sect were shocked . The Mountain-shielding Formation that they always thought was invincible did not seem so anymore .

These people had never seen a Godly Venerable Rank master before . Godly Venerable Rank masters usually did not show themselves and they very seldom operated in the human world . Today, they had truly witnessed the fabled strength of a Godly Venerable Rank master . It was a realm they could never even hope to reach . It stood before them like a grand mountain that was impossible to mount .

“Ye Zong, the way I see it, crushing the Scarlet Flame Sect is as easy as squashing a bug . Years ago, my House of Storms saved your lives . Today, we can take it away just as we will it,” Zong Chengtian’s expression remained unchanged . Destroying a sect as large as the Scarlet Flame Sect seemed nothing out of the ordinary to him .

The apprentices of the Scarlet Flame Sect felt a chill within their hearts when they heard Zong Chengtian . They were so insignificant before a Godly Venerable Rank master .

Ye Min, Ye Yan, and the others did not know what to do either . They were only mere ants in the eyes of Zong Chengtian . It was a waste of effort even if they tried to struggle .

“Brother Zong, the Scarlet Flame Sect is just a bunch of filthy imposters, no need to waste your breath on them!” Fu Yu laughed .

This time, there was no one in the Central Empire Ye Clan to accuse Fu Yu of being arrogant . They only knew how to pick on the weak ones and cower in sight of the strong . Ye Chen stood beside Little Rou and looked on silently . He did not think much of Zong Chengtian and Fu Yu . Having faced a Peerless Power master himself, he was not going to be afraid of two Godly Venerable Rank masters!

“Zong Chengtian, don’t get ahead of yourself! The Scarlet Flame Sect is indeed inferior to the House of Storms but that doesn’t mean we’ll be easily pushed around!” Ye Zong brandished his longsword . The wind in the skies above answered to his call, tens of thousands of bolts of sword energy danced above like a gigantic soaring dragon . An enormous and vicious aura came from above .

“Ye Zong, all you have to rely on is this Mountain-shielding Formation . I’m interested to see just how capable your Mountain-shielding Formation can be!” Zong Chengtian scoffed . “Secret technique – Ancient Heavenly Formation!”

Bolts of light appeared around Zong Chengtian and he was surrounded by runic seals .

“Let’s see which one is stronger, your Mountain-shielding Formation or my Ancient Heavenly Formation!” Zong Chengtian grinned . He was not afraid of the Scarlet Flame Sect’s Mountain-shielding Formation .

Ye Chen slightly frowned when he sensed the overwhelming murderous energy of the Mountain-shielding Formation . When he first came here, he thought that the Mountain-shielding Formation of the Scarlet Flame Sect was outrageously powerful and invincible . Now, from a perspective of a Daemon King Rank master, the Mountain-shielding Formation was only average . It would be quite a challenge for the Mountain-shielding Formation to kill a Godly Venerable Rank master .

Fu Yu flew back some distance, he looked very disinterested . Zong Chengtian was a man who cared a lot about his pride, else he would not come all the way here to exterminate a sect just because his son was wounded by them . If he was going to exterminate a sect, he could just do it right away instead of going through the effort of destroying the Scarlet Flame Sect’s Mountain-shielding Formation head-on . It was so pointless but Fu Yu would not utter these thoughts to Zong Chengtian .

“Witness the strength of Scarlet Flame Sect’s Mountain-shielding Formation!” Ye Zong belted . The Scarlet Flame Sect would have a chance at survival if he could kill Zong Chengtian with the Mountain-shielding Formation!

Ye Zong bellowed furiously as he swung his sword down . Tens of thousands of flying swords turned into a river of swords in the edges of the Mountain-shielding Formation . The rapid stream of swords went at Zong Chengtian .

Zong Chengtian responded with the Ancient Heavenly Formation . He gathered his strength and swung bolts of sword energy to meet the flying swords coming his way .

Although the longswords only consisted of Tier One to Two spirit artifacts, they were still considerably powerful when gathered into a sword array . It would mean certain death for any Mystique Venerable Rank fighters that enter its range . This was the first time Ye Zong had used the Mountain-shielding Formation against a Godly Venerable Rank master . He was not very confident in how effective it would be .

“Buzz, buzz, buzz!”

The stream of swords intersected . The longswords slammed into Zong Chengtian’s Ancient Heavenly Formation . Thunderous rumbling followed .

Zong Chengtian was buried in the raging stream of swords . His figure could no longer be seen .

“Did it work?” The apprentices of the Scarlet Flame Sect wondered . Could their Mountain-shielding Formation be successful in killing a Godly Venerable Rank master? They felt a glimmer of hope when they saw Zong Chengtian vanish in the rain of swords .

Ye Chen’s Astral Body inspected the situation above closely . The stream of swords which clashed into Zong Chengtian’s Ancient Heavenly Formation barely managed to break through the Ancient Heavenly Formation’s defense . “Boom, boom, boom”, each longsword shattered into pieces when they came into contact with the Ancient Heavenly Formation .

“The Ancient Heavenly Formation defense prowess is truly amazing . I suppose even my Ternary Sword Array wouldn’t be able to break through its defenses! I wonder what it’d take to break through its defense?” Ye Chen wondered . Who would have thought Zong Chengtian had this kind of defensive secret technique . Ye Chen estimated it was slightly stronger than his Celestial Martial Chi .

It was certainly true that a powerful fighter’s strength could be further amplified several fold by learning powerful secret techniques . The succession of secret techniques was very important .

The House of Storms boasted a long line of ancestry . Over the years, many secret ancestral techniques were passed down to the younger generation . Unlike Ye Chen who was just an independent cultivator, if he wanted to learn secret techniques, he had to try to get his hands on secret technique jade slips .

If Ye Chen wanted to break through Zong Chengtian’s Ancient Heavenly Formation, he would have to resort to using the Celestial Chi Flying Dagger!

Just as the apprentices of the Scarlet Flame Sect saw a glimmer of hope of the situation turning around, an unruly energy blasted into the skies above . “Boom, boom, boom”, the river of swords was viciously split apart .

“The only thing this pathetic Mountain-shielding Formation is good for is bluffing people . You’re way too naïve if you expect it to do anything to a Godly Venerable Rank master . The Godly Venerable Rank is a territory you mere bugs can hardly ever fathom!” Zong Chengtian smirked . When he thrust his right palm forward, the river of swords was forcibly halted, unable to move even a single inch forward . It was as if there was an invisible wall before him, the spirit artifact longswords were shattered into pieces when they hit the invisible wall .

Great despair flashed across Ye Zong’s eyes . A Godly Venerable Rank was truly invincible . All this time, the Godly Venerable Rank was an existence above them .

A sparkle of green flames ignited in Ye Rou’s eyes when she saw the apprentices of the Scarlet Flame Sect despairing . She had learned a secret technique in the forbidden Mystique Moon zone that was able to set life force ablaze . Perhaps it could withstand a Godly Venerable Rank master . She could not allow Zong Chengtian to kill the men of the Scarlet Flame Sect . Her parents were here .

Ye Chen sensed bizarre energy oozing from Little Rou’s body as he felt Little Rou’s life force slowly disintegrating . He quickly rested his right hand on her shoulder and shook his head at Little Rou .

Little Rou was still as kind as she always had been, despite being mistreated by the men of the Scarlet Flame Sect, she would still exhaust her life force to save them!

“Little Rou, leave it to me, I’ll deal with them . ” Ye Chen smiled, he felt sorry for Little Rou .

When Ye Rou saw Ye Chen’s calm composure, she felt a strange sort of calmness as well . She suspended her secret technique .

Ye Chen looked at Little Rou again . She had an elegant appearance that gave off a sense of pureness and innocence . He could not bear letting Little Rou cast such a destructive secret technique .

“No need to worry, I’m here . ” Ye Chen looked up at Zong Chengtian up above .

The Scarlet Flame Sect’s Mountain-shielding Formation was about to crumble . Fu Yu looked around disinterestedly at the members of the Scarlet Flame Sect to gauge their reaction . Suddenly, his gaze landed on Ye Chen and he was vividly shocked . “It’s him!” Fu Yu was never going to forget Ye Chen’s face . He was this close to getting the Celestial Martial Chi before Ye Chen got in his way and he even lost a limb for it .

Never in Fu Yu’s wildest dream would he expect to find Ye Chen here . He did not even have to go out of his way to look for him!

‘The Sea Ruler Tantai Ling wouldn’t be here to bail you out today!’ A menacing grin appeared on the corner of Fu Yu’s lips . In this land, the Tribunal Council was the absolute ruling force! No matter how powerful Tantai Ling was, this land was outside of her reign!

The Scarlet Flame Sect’s Mountain-shielding Formation was completely torn apart by Zong Chengtian . The Tier One and Two spirit artifact longswords crumbled onto the ground .

“Is there no hope remaining?” Despair was written into the eyes of the disciples of the Scarlet Flame Sect . The Mountain-shielding Formation they had counted on all this time could barely guard them against a Godly Venerable Rank master . They had never witnessed a Godly Venerable Rank master before . The Godly Venerable Rank master’s strength was far beyond their expectations!

“Bugs of Scarlet Flame Sect, if you still have some tricks, now is the time to use it!” Zong Chengtian mocked coldly as he looked down contemptuously .

“You’re just two Godly Venerable Rank and you’re acting so arrogant . Zong Chengtian of the House of Storms, Fu Yu of the Tribunal Council, I’ll face you!” Ye Chen leaped into the air and glared straight at Zong Chengtian . He also turned back and glanced at the men of Scarlet Flame Sect for a moment . It was him that saved the entire Scarlet Flame Sect today! If they still dared to bully Little Rou, he would destroy the Scarlet Flame Sect himself!

When they felt Ye Chen’s piercing gaze, the apprentices of the Scarlet Flame Sect felt their faces turn beet read . They had never expected Ye Chen to stand up for them when they had completely lost their will before a Godly Venerable Rank master .

“Who are you?” Zong Chengtian narrowed his eyes and glared at Ye Chen, his Godly Venerable Rank aura extended toward Ye Chen .

When they beheld the overwhelming aura, the apprentices of the Scarlet Flame Sect and even Ye Zong could not move a single muscle before the terrifying suppression . Ye Chen, on the other hand, seemed completely unaffected by it .

The apprentices of the Scarlet Flame Sect felt a glimmer of hope appear again when they saw Ye Chen . Could Ye Chen stand up to a Godly Venerable Rank master? To be able to maintain such a calm composure before a Godly Venerable Rank fighter, they could never hope to catch up to him!

Even Zong Chengtian was slightly confused . How could a young man like Ye Chen be so unbothered by his aura? Was he a Godly Venerable Rank master as well?

“I don’t think you know who I am, but I suppose you’ll recognize this!” Ye Chen unsheathed the Storm Sword, Water-type energy began to spread out from the sword .

“The Storm Sword!” Zong Chengtian’s eyes turned dark when he saw the Storm Sword . His murderous energy began to spread out and lock onto Ye Chen, he angrily gritted his teeth . “It was you! You took the Storm Sword!”

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