Nine Star Burden - Chapter 204

Chapter 204

Chapter 204: Team Finals

Of course, the team from Jiangbin High School wouldn’t listen to Zhou Cang and go on the arena to compete in the semi-finals .

After all, the competition for Group B was up next .

The competition divided the top eight into Groups A and B .

Group A: The team that came in first would be going against the team in eighth place while the team in fourth place went against the team in fifth place .

Group B: The team in fourth place would be going against the team in seventh place while the team in third place went against the team in sixth place .

There would be one winning team from each group, which would take part in the finals .

The battle between the first and second runners-up and that between the teams in the third and fourth places would begin tomorrow .

The Beijiang Provincial High School League this time was beyond everyone’s expectations . Group A was an example . The battle between the team in the first place and the eighth place only lasted for 29 seconds and the winner had already emerged .

On the other hand, the battle between the team in fourth place and the team in fifth place only lasted for 40 seconds even though their abilities should be similar!

The rules of the competition stated that each round was not to last more than 30 minutes . This rule had been rather useless so far .

After the rounds for Group B ended, it was time for Group A, which was also the battle between Jiangbin High School and Qicheng High School .

Jiang Xiao could rest for as long as the two rounds in Group B lasted .

What made Jiang Xiao feel helpless was that Wu Haoyang seemed to be going hard against them . The team from Xindan Creek High School No . 11, which was in third place, took only 37 seconds to easily defeat the opponent .

As soon as the whistle sounded, Wu Haoyang rushed forward with his crescent sword in a maniacal and astonishing manner!

Most terrifyingly, Wu Haoyang let out two “Howl”s in a row and his opponents no longer had the intention of retreating . They stopped thinking about their battle techniques and tactics, for their blood vessels had expanded and their intentions to fight overwhelmed them . Their eyes were completely bloodshot!

Even the Rules Awakened from the opposing team wanted to dash forward to fight Wu Haoyang one-on-one…

Wu Haoyang wielded his giant sword and swung it around . He seemed like a dominant figure fighting the weak .

Three of the members were injured while the other one was blown out of bounds . The battle ended in 37 seconds .

After three consecutive rounds that ended too quickly, the spectators in the Red Sun Stadium were dumbfounded . They had all thought that they would enjoy a feast for the eyes, but…

It was not that the competition wasn’t exciting enough, but rather, the rounds seemed to have ended too quickly .

Finally, a more normal match took place between the second team from Jiangbin High School—seventh place Xing Lang’s team—and the team from Jiacheng High School that came in second .

Under Xing Lang’s command, they felt that they had a great advantage!

They dashed forward!

They played a good game!

The entire match lasted for 11 minutes and 12 seconds . Xing Lang’s bold team lost the competition .

However, they fought domineeringly in their own style .

The fact that they had made it to the semi-finals had already set a record for Jiangbin High School .

A total of 120 teams from the province participated in the competition . Jiangbin High School had two teams in the finals, which was an extremely glorious affair . They reckoned that Principal Yan would probably be thrilled .

It was time to open up two more classes and accept another lump sum of sponsorship fees from the students’ parents!

Most people had a good sense of self-awareness . The four members of Xing Lang’s team were very satisfied with the result . In fact, the fact that they could enter the top eight and make it to the semi-finals was already a big surprise .

They now just had to wait to be rewarded . The rewards for the team in fourth place and the team in eighth place were the same—four relatively rare Silver Quality Star Beads .

Xing Lang was also thinking about inviting the School Tyrants to a meal, even though Zhang Hui only managed to convince them to protect him by offering him their backpack full of Ape Ghoul medals .

However, the School Tyrants had merely helped them on the account that they were classmates . Otherwise, if Zhang Hui were from another school, they would have long kicked him out, let alone protect him .

After half an hour of intermission, Jiang Xiao’s team was invited to the arena again .

This battle was the final one for Group A . The winning team would be able to compete with Group B for the championship .

If Jiang Xiao’s team were to fail, they would have to compete with the team in second place in Group B for the third place in the finals .

“Beijiang TV Station! Beijiang TV Station! You are now watching the finals between the teams in Group A . I’m Sui Bian, the host, and beside me is the guest, Mr . Wu . ”

Mr . Wu nodded and said, “Hello, Host and our dear audience . In comparison to the previous cohort, the students of this cohort…”

Sui Bian hurriedly interjected . “The two teams competing are from Jiangbin High School and Qicheng High School, respectively . The members from Jiangbin High School are all star members whom everyone is familiar with . They are talented and enviable godlike students of Beijiang . They are Han Jiangxue, the Rules Awakened with 30 star slots, the equally talented Melee fighter Xia Yan who has 29 star slots, Shield Warrior Li Weiyi with 25 star slots, and the one with nine… um…”

Everyone in Red Sun Stadium broke into an uproar .

A sigh also came from the arena .

The members from both teams had already gotten into their respective positions . The team from Qicheng High School got into a 1-2-1 formation . Zhou Cang took the lead and almost stood in the circle in the middle of the field .

The sigh came from Zhou Cang .

His eyes were slightly glassed over and he looked up at the snowflakes falling from the sky, seeming to be fascinated and distracted .

Upon hearing the host pause while mentioning about Jiang Xiao’s nine star slots, Zhou Cang sighed .

The team from Jiangbin High School got into a relatively normal 2-1-1 formation, with Xia Yan and Li Weiyi at the front, Han Jiangxue in the middle, and Jiang Xiao at the back .

Xia Yan, standing at the front, was instantly displeased . She felt that Zhou Cang was mocking Jiang Xiao . Hence, she retorted, “Why? Do you have any opinions about nine star slots?”

Zhou Cang closed his eyes slowly and put a finger on his lips . “Shh… listen . ”

Xia Yan was dumbfounded .

Zhou Cang looked up slightly, letting the snowflake fall on his face before whispering, “It’s the sound of snowflakes falling slowly . ”

Xia Yan was speechless .

Zhou Cang smiled and slowly pulled a rubber band out of his pocket, raised his head, and shook it a little from left to right . He then grabbed his shoulder-length hair with one hand and held onto the rubber band with the other, before pulling his hair back into a ponytail .

Xia Yan questioned, “Are you sighing because it’s snowing?”

Zhou Cang shook his head and sighed . “This uproar has affected my mood and interest in appreciating the snow . ”

Clap! Clap! Clap!

While clapping, Jiang Xiao thought to himself, He’s such a king! No wonder he’s worthy of being a king! My role model!

Zhou Cang’s attention was attracted by the applause and he looked at Jiang Xiao .

Jiang Xiao looked at Zhou Cang’s melancholic yet handsome face and suddenly asked, “Friend, have you done the college entrance examination paper for last year?”

Zhou Cang’s mysterious face stiffened and he thought, What did I just hear?

Jiang Xiao asked in a louder voice, “Did you do the comprehension paper of the Chinese Language Examination for the college entrance examination last year?”

Zhou Cang was dumbfounded .

Jiang Xiao increased his volume and asked, “Can you tell me why the curtain is blue?”

Beep! Beep! The referee whistled and raised the small flag high .

The referee didn’t care about the students’ conversation . The competition officially began as soon as the flag dropped .

Zhou Cang’s pupils constricted and he released a faintly glowing Vine Star Map . A translucent whip condensed in his right hand drooping naturally, on which some mist could be seen . It then circled several times under his feet .

Behind him, the two Rules Awakened put their hands on their chests as while flames appeared on them .

They were Lu Jingfeng and Cheng Lu, both wonderful output and control Rules Awakened . They were very strong and competent .

“Lin Zi!” Zhou Cang suddenly called .

At the back of the team, a thin and tall young man answered Zhou Cang, and a broom-shaped Star Map formed on his body .


Is this guy a witch or Harry Potter?


According to the information, this Lin Zi person only had seven of his star slots lit up . During the previous round that took place half an hour ago, he still only had seven Star Techniques . Why did the eighth Star Technique of his Star Map light up?

Did he acquire a Star Technique just now!?!

Just as Jiang Xiao was feeling a little shocked, the flag of the referee suddenly dropped!

The competition began!

Needless to say, getting rid of Zhou Cang would be the way to deal with such a team!

At the instant that the competition began, Xia Yan dashed out like a wild stallion that had been freed from its reins .

Jiang Xiao raised his hand and cast a Blessing, and a beam of light instantly landed on Zhou Cang’s body .

However… the puzzling thing was that Zhou Cang did not moan in pleasure nor quiver and fall into a state of confusion . His expression was a little strange and his movements did stiffen, but he still managed to pick up the long and translucent whip!

What’s happening here!?!

At the back of the team from Qicheng High School stood the Medical Awakened called “Lin Zi” . With a sullen expression, he thought, Jiang Xiaopi, I wasted a precious star slot because of you .

Lin Zi kept his eyes fixed on Zhou Cang and maniacally nursed him into a negative state!




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