Nine Star Burden - Chapter 205

Chapter 205

Chapter 205: Toxic Healer Attacks

What kind of special Star Technique made Jiang Xiao’s Blessing malfunction?

Silver Quality Star Technique Misfortune: Weakens the effects of an enhanced physical state .

Han Jiangxue watched as Zhou Cang flicked the Soul Whip in his hand, after which she opened her right palm and raised her index finger and middle finger slightly while a gust of Barren Wind blew up under Zhou Cang’s feet .

“Jingfeng!” Zhou Cang couldn’t help but shout while losing his balance and holding the whip .

Behind him, the Rules Awakened on the left humphed coldly and started clapping his right hand .

Sounds of exclamations suddenly filled the stadium . Zhou Cang, swaying unsteadily, seemed to have been pressed down by an invisible big hand as soon as he was lifted into the air .

The majestic scene was extremely exciting .

“Huh?” Han Jiangxue frowned slightly and raised her fingers again, causing Barren Wind to blow up .

Lu Jingfeng kept a straight face as a maple leaf Star Map suddenly appeared on his body . He then pressed both hands down and pushed Zhou Cang down again!

Cheng Lu clenched his fists tightly and various vines emerged from the ground before wrapping around Han Jiangxue’s ankles .

At the same time, Zhou Cang’s Soul Whip was finally thrown out!

Like a viper that emerged swiftly, he flaunted his sharp fangs and tried to bite Xia Yan, who was dashing towards him!

The quick-witted and agile Xia Yan galloped like a wild stallion and hurriedly dodged the incoming Soul Whip .

The long, translucent whip that was giving off thin fumes of smoke was lashed against Xia Yan’s chest forcefully .

To everyone’s surprise, Xia Yan made a mistake!

Xia Yan was hurt by the long Soul Whip!

It was unknown if it was because Xia Yan did not have a clear idea of the distance or was just unfamiliar with her own body . Heaven could testify that if Han Jiangxue was in Xia Yan’s place, the whip probably wouldn’t really hit her . However, Xia Yan’s chest…

In all, the Soul Whip was pressed against Xia Yan’s chest and it had clearly rubbed against her . However, the translucent whip seemed to have no substance and did not affect Xia Yan from moving in her direction .

The truly daunting effects came afterward, and the menacing gaze in Xia Yan’s eyes vanished completely . After just a short second, her face turned pale and there was nothing left in her eyes except panic and fear . Her body slowed down and she began to stagger and stumble…

“Xia Yan, dodge!” Han Jiangxue exclaimed, only to see that a shot of Bursting Flames had been thrown out of Cheng Lu’s hands, flying towards the stumbling Xia Yan .

The bewildered Xia Yan began to shiver, and she was just like a frightened bunny which was extremely sensitive to everything around it . She was clearly horrified and at this instant, a ray of light fell from the sky .

Xia Yan moaned and stopped staggering . Instead, she shivered slightly . However, it was not out of fear but because of pleasure .

How scary could Blessing be?

Not only could it increase vitality, but it could also be treated as a control Star Technique with the effects of purification and dispel .

When they first entered the Arsenal, Han Jiangxue was affected by the Star Technique, Corpse Spirit . Jiang Xiao then gave her a Blessing to get rid of the root of the problem .

It was indeed a godly technique from Beijiang that had a well-deserved reputation!

Xia Yan had predicted that the fireball would be flying towards her . Due to the fact that she had stopped in her tracks, she didn’t get bombed by the fireball completely . However, it exploded beside her .

Xia Yan’s figure was instantly submerged in the fire and blasted away afterward .

They couldn’t afford any delay on the battlefield, and the Soul Whip in Zhou Cang’s hand seemed to be able to extend indefinitely . The Soul Whip beneath his feet was about more than ten meters long, but after he threw it out, it was actually more than forty meters long . Zhou Cang swept the long lash across the field .

Indeed, the long whip swept towards them while being pressed against the ground!

Meanwhile, Han Jiangxue’s ankles had already been bound by Cheng Lu’s vines!

Li Weiyi strode forward, leaping over the long Soul Whip beneath his feet and rushing towards Zhou Cang .

Jiang Xiao leaped up lightly and similarly managed to dodge the Soul Whip sweeping towards him . At the same time, he was thinking quickly about how he should resolve the issue!

At the next moment, the sounds of exclamation filled the air in the stadium .

Han Jiangxue waved her right hand and overlapping layers of space appeared beside her . When the Soul Whip was thrown out half a meter away from her ankle, she suddenly vanished without a trace .

Using the Sky Smasher beside Han Jiangxue as a node, Zhou Cang’s Soul Whip was actually cut off!

He was still holding onto half of the whip while the other half rolled down the grass before disappearing without a trace .

Is this Sky Smasher?

Is this a storage bag?

It’s clearly a shield!

No, it’s just a Dimensional Space cutter…

The corners of Zhou Cang’s lips were raised slightly and his eyes were glistening, seemingly pleased with the battle .

Ring~ Ring~ Ring~

The crisp and sweet sound of Bell attracted Zhou Cang’s attention and he condensed his whip again before turning his head to see that the bouncing ray of medical light had landed on Xia Yan’s body .

Xia Yan hurriedly climbed up, looking extremely disheveled . Just as she was about to stride away, she suddenly stopped in her tracks because countless vines had wrapped around her ankles .

Xia Yan lifted the giant sword forcefully and threw out a shrewd Flame Arc at the enemy, the Rules Awakened Cheng Lu .

At the same time, the light of Blessing fell on Cheng Lu’s head . To Jiang Xiao’s dismay, Cheng Lu did not have too big of a reaction towards the Silver Quality Blessing . Cheng Lu recovered from the shock quickly, managing to escape the fierce Flame Arc by a close shave .

What surprised the team from Jiangbin High School was that they could sense that there seemed to have been a special Imprint added to their bodies .

Was it Misfortune?

Had Lin Zi, the Medical Awakened from the opposing team, already begun taking action on the four of them?

The effects of Misfortune would be to eliminate the effects of an enhanced physical state .

The Soul Whip would bring about negative effects to people and certainly would not be weakened .

However, Jiang Xiao’s Blessing would be weakened .

This time, after the four people were affected by the long Soul Whip again, Jiang Xiao’s Blessing probably would not be able to purify them and resolve the issue!

Horrible, should be getting the chills and shivering from head to toe really be considered positive effects?

I clearly can’t walk because of the healing . This should be considered negative . Is it considered positive just because it feels good?

Wu Haoyang stood by the side and looked at the battle going on in the arena before saying, “They’ve been restrained . Qicheng High School is really scheming . That Medical Awakened has always had seven Star Techniques, but he should have just acquired the eighth one for the sake of this competition . ”

The round-faced Qian Zhuang nodded and said, “They’re, they’re, they’re…”

An Luming snapped and said, “Oh no~”

After holding it in for a long time, Qian Zhuang finally said painstakingly, “They’re finished!”

Wu Haoyang glared at Zhou Cang, who was killing it on the arena, and turned around to walk towards the stadium tunnel . “Seems like we’ll be going against Qicheng High School in the finals . ”

An Youyou exclaimed, “Wow!”

An Luming exclaimed, “Oh my god!”

An Youyou said, “Little Icicle has attacked!”

An Luming remarked, “Hey! This little toxic healer, don’t go overboard with the Blessings…”

Wu Haoyang turned around abruptly, only to see the various rays of light landing from the sky .

At the back of the team from Jiangbin High School in the distance, Jiang Xiao raised his arms high and never put them down again .

If it weren’t for his clenched fists, others would have thought that Jiang Xiao wanted to surrender…

Lin Zi, who had acquired a Star Technique specifically for the competition, had received the same treatment as the Ape Ghoul King .

The rays of light landed on Lin Zi’s head one after another .

At first, Lin Zi could still resist it with the help of the Star Technique, Misfortune . However, Misfortune could only weaken the effects of an enhanced physical state, after all . It couldn’t block the effects entirely .

In other words, Jiang Xiao’s toxic healing would still be effective .

Many a little makes a mickle .

The accumulation of quantity will definitely result in a qualitative change .

There’s nothing that a toxic healer can’t solve .

If there is any…

As the Blessings fell, Lin Zi discovered that his body gradually warmed up and a wonderful feeling of physical and mental comfort followed .

Oh my god, how is this possible? How can it be so comfortable!?!

Should I give myself a shot of Misfortune?

However, I’m really feeling so comfortable, my head is a little dizzy . What should I do?

What am I thinking so much for? I, I…

As the effects of Misfortune gradually faded, Lin Zi’s eyes began to get glassed over .

His smile gradually became a little perverted .

Lin Zi…

Lin Zi finally got a taste of the toxic healing which allowed him to understand the true meaning of life!

With a look of astonishment, Zhou Cang looked at the dazed Lin Zi and roared loudly, “Lin Zi! Sober up! You… ah~”




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