Nine Star Burden - Chapter 206

Chapter 206: 206

Chapter 206: Champion Team

There was an old Chinese proverb that went along the lines of “Blessings are always wonderful!”

The situation, which seemed to be unfavorable for Jiangbin High School, was completely changed by Jiang Xiao, the Medical Awakened .

The Medical Awakened from the opposing team had become so giddy after being nursed by Jiang Xiao that he couldn’t help himself .

The Rules Awakened from the opposing team saw everything and panicked deep down .

Lu Jingfeng reached an arm out and whoosh…

Lu Jingfeng’s Barren Wind had yet to form, but his body was already propelled out .

The Barren Wind from Han Jiangxue was much swifter and more menacing than Lu Jingfeng’s!

The Rules Awakened Cheng Lu panicked and subconsciously retreated towards the side, only to see a long Flame Torch Whip flinging towards him!

What did that mean?

Had Han Jiangxue been infuriated by the Soul Whip?

Was she ready to fight against Zhou Cang?

Han Jiangxue held a golden Flame Torch Whip in her right hand and lashed it fiercely at Zhou Cang . She then opened her palms and blew Barren Wind at Lu Jingfeng .

The golden Flame Torch Whip seemed to be able to extend indefinitely within a range that was enough to affect the enemies .

Lu Jingfeng’s body continuously flipped around and he got a dizzy spell . It took him a while to find his direction . He then used his wind-series Star Technique to stabilize his body .

Cheng Lu finally figured out what was going on . Han Jiangxue ignored the fact that her legs were bound by the vines and was bent on using her Flame Torch Whip to lash him .

Cheng Lu made up his mind ruthlessly and thought to himself that it was his opportunity since the big genius of Beijiang Province seemed to have decided to attack him!

He thought to himself that it was probably the first time the proud and arrogant Han Jiangxue, who was highly respected by others, had ever felt that aggrieved . He felt that that was the reason she decided to use that Star Technique .

Cheng Lu quickly condensed the Bursting Flames fireball and smashed it at Han Jiangxue with all his might .

Wait a minute, that’s not right .

Was the Flame Torch Whip really targeted at Zhou Cang? I don’t seem to be the target?

Before the flame snake bit Zhou Cang, it actually got bound by Li Weiyi during its trajectory!?!

Li Weiyi suddenly stopped while dashing forward as he felt a sudden pain in his waist . He panicked and frantically activated Burning Flame .

Li Weiyi tried his best to cover his entire body with flames as much as possible, but he could only reduce the flame damage to the greatest extent and could not stay completely immune to it . He had no choice but to bear with the burning caused by Han Jiangxue’s Flame Torch Whip .

At the next moment, Li Weiyi felt that there was a cloud of fog, and his body was thrown high into the sky by the Flame Torch Whip . He then… fell down hard again!?!

He had landed on the Medical Awakened at the back of the opposing team—Lin Zi?

Han Jiangxue gently pushed her left hand forward and caused Zhou Cang, who was just about to attack, to suddenly sway his body towards the side . That was not all . His body seemed to have been pushed off by a launcher and was being propelled out of the arena by Han Jiangxue!

As soon as Lu Jingfeng landed, his expression changed and he couldn’t be bothered about anything else . He flung his hands behind and another strong gust of wind swept through . He couldn’t let Zhou Cang be blown out of the arena!


A ray of sacred light landed and shrouded Lu Jingfeng’s head accurately .

This time, due to the fact that Misfortune had malfunctioned, Lu Jingfeng could taste the real Blessing .

Although Lu Jingfeng knew that he shouldn’t have such an idea, he couldn’t help think to himself, This! Is! Too! Damn! Awesome!

Look at Jiang Xiaopi!

Look at their Medical Awakened!

That’s what a real Blessing is!

Lu Jingfeng, who had received a Blessing, did not manage to pull Zhou Cang back and fly away . He even stood rooted to the ground and stayed in place .

They were no longer at an advantage, and after the toxic healer Jiang Xiao broke through the blockade, everything seemed to have been set in stone .

Lu Jingfeng had been suppressed and beaten up to the point of being breathless by the multi-tasking Han Jiangxue .

Be it in terms of the timing of usage of Star Techniques or the ability to comprehend the battle situation, regardless of the speed of launching of Star Techniques or the exertion of effects of the Star Techniques, Lu Jingfeng was completely defeated .

By the time Lu Jingfeng was able to recover and try to salvage the disadvantageous plight that he was in, Jiang Xiao had already gained dominance and was ready to launch another Blessing on his head .

The retreating Cheng Lu felt rather indignant . He tried his best to condense the Bursting Flames fireball maniacally and threw it at the sky relentlessly .

Li Weiyi, who was bound and slammed down by the Flame Torch Whip, was in the sky .


However, the Bursting Flames was stopped in the sky by a fiery red Flame Arc .

Xia Yan quickly rushed towards the stagnant Lu Jingfeng and threw out a smooth Flame Arc along the way, which went against the Bursting Flames fireball .

Bursting Flames and Flame Arc collided violently, and bursts of explosions filled the stadium . However, it was just a small ruckus .

Facing the dazed and stumbling Lin Zi, the descending Li Weiyi finally went all out!

—Silver Quality Star Technique, Scorch!

Waves of heat blew up and the flames spread outwards in all directions .

Li Weiyi landed heavily and the ground seemed to quake .

On the side of Jiang Xiao’s team, Han Jiangxue had already let go of the Flame Torch Whip and put her right hand down, after which overlapping layers of space formed in front of her .

The Bursting Flames fireball launched by Cheng Lu floated across the field and finally landed in front of Han Jiangxue . However, it disappeared in Sky Smasher .

The scene completely ruined the possibility of a comeback .

Han Jiangxue had been standing at the same place from beginning to end, allowing the fine and flexible vines to bind her legs tightly . However, she did not panic or try to escape the control of the vines .

In fact, Han Jiangxue was even thankful for the fact that the vines were binding her .

The vines restricting her movement were precisely the reason she was not afraid of being blown away by Lu Jingfeng’s Star Technique, Barren Wind…

The two teams confronted each other and there were three explosions .

Han Jiangxue and Zhou Cang looked at each other in mid-air as she controlled Barren Wind with her left hand . She then cast it at Zhou Cang, blowing him out of the arena .

Li Weiyi landed heavily beside Lin Zi with Scorch beneath his feet .

The flying Xia Yan had also hung her burning wooden sword on Lu Jingfeng’s body .

“Beep! Beep! Beep!”

The sounds of whistles sounded!

“Lu Jingfeng and Lin Zi have lost their fighting ability!”

Before the referee finished speaking, someone roared loudly, “Come back!!!”

Cheng Lu was half-kneeling on the ground with his hands pressed against it, causing two vine whips to emerge from the ground and coil quickly towards Zhou Cang, who had flown out of the arena .

Mid-air, Zhou Cang had indignation written all over his face as he raised the long translucent whip in his hand, but before he could even attack, yet another ray of sacred light fell on his head .

Zhou Cang moaned . “Uh~”

Han Jiangxue reached her right hand out and blew Cheng Lu, who was half-kneeling on the ground, up into the sky using Barren Wind . She then condensed a golden pillar of fire .

It was thick, large, and abnormally menacing!

The golden Flame Torch Pillar seemed like a seething dragon flaunting its teeth and claws . They roared out of Han Jiangxue’s hands and rushed to the middle of the two vine whips, severing them and burning them down into ashes .

Cheng Lu’s vine whip did indeed bind Zhou Cang’s legs, but he was unable to pull him back because the vine whip had been severed by the flames .

“Beep!” The referee’s whistle sounded again and he declared, “Zhou Cang went out of bounds and is disqualified . ”

Zhou Cang’s body landed lightly, and the long whip disappeared without a trace .

He looked up at the hazy sky silently and sighed softly .

Only one student from Qicheng High School was left in the arena—Cheng Lu, who was clearly already powerless . Although he had yet to raise his hand to admit defeat, everything seemed to have already been decided .

“Are you defeated!?” asked a loud and penetrating voice coming from the side of the arena and passing into the ears of everyone in it . “You had such a big advantage and yet you were still defeated!”

When Zhou Cang heard Wu Haoyang’s tone of astonishment, he turned his head and looked over, only to see Wu Haoyang’s look of pity .

“Stupid . ” Zhou Cang raised his head and sneered coldly . “I just want to enjoy the snow sooner . ”

Zhou Cang was wearing a miniature microphone . Hence, everyone could hear his words, which made them feel rather stunned .

Sudden silence was the most terrifying .

Zhou Cang moved his hand behind and removed the rubber band that was holding his ponytail up before shaking his black shoulder-length hair in a suave manner .

The base exploded, but that wasn’t a big problem for him .

Zhou Cang placed his hands behind his back leisurely and slowly walked outside while humming merrily . “I’m listening to the sound of snow falling slowly . With my eyes closed, I imagine it to be everlasting . ”

The referee said, “Zhou Cang, you have gone in the wrong direction . Please leave the arena . ”

Zhou Cang remained silent .




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