Noble Emblem - Chapter 10



Liang Li Dong stayed in the game for 8 years and was also a first tier exponent in the whole server. Although he does not feel that he is powerful, his name regularly shows up in newbie guides posts at forum. Many are positive examples, there is also negative examples, for example that time he got did in by prophecy spell user. As a feudal lord in the game, he used his forces to gather many resources for himself, including more than 80% of magic modeling structural diagrams. He have seen most of the magic modeling structural diagrams but it is the first time seeing the 5 structural diagrams in front of him.

If among the 5 magic modeling structural diagrams, there is 1 or 2 he never seen before, it is common but he has never seen all 5 before, that is a little interesting. Liang Li Dong estimates that this is a group of special-type magic modeling structural diagrams and is not known to the world.

Liang Li Dong’s finger lightly slides across one of the structural diagrams and very quickly finds the first node in the structural diagram. Then he analyses along the line and stuck at the 2nd magic modeling node. This is a modeling node he has never seen before and for the time being, he cannot tell what is the use for it. From the looks of the whole modeling structure, it should be a fire-type magic but the theory for magic activation is very weird and he cannot understand.

Liang Li Dong tries to analyse the other magic modeling structural diagrams too but ends up with the same situation. Whenever he reaches the 2nd node, he cannot continue analyzing anymore. It is obvious that this is a special bloodline-type magic modeling that only specified bloodline is able to learn.

Connected to fire…… Liang Li Dong subconsciously looks at Kyle. Legendary hero Kite – Reed uses a series of fire-element bloodline magic. This little guy really has blood relations with Kite? Of course, this is only a guess. In ‘Flange Continent’, legendary characters who uses fire-type bloodline magic is not few since fire-type magic is widely accepted as the number 1 magic in lethality.

Moving his finger from the tablet, Liang Li Dong turns his head and asks: “This secret base, other than the two of you, does any other people know?”

“Just the two of us, that’s why it is a secret base.” Kyle shrugs: “Now there’s also Lord Priest.”

“That’s good, never tell anyone about the weird diagrams here in the future, understand?” Liang Li Dong’s expression is very serious.

Kyle does not understands.

Behring asks out of curiosity: “Why?”

“These are magic modeling structural diagrams and are really special types.” Liang Li Dong waves his hand and extinguishes the small ball of light floating in mid-air. The cave instantly turned pitch dark: “Among the 5 diagrams, the lowest magic is rank 3 and for the highest structural diagram, I estimate it to be rank 6. Just the internal price for it in the Magic Guild is 320 gold coins. You two should be clear how big a figure 320 gold coins is. Together with 4 other magic structural diagrams, the value of this tablet is more than 500 gold coins. If used as bounty, it is enough to hire mercenary to massacre the village 10 times.”

Behring is scared beyond words, either by the figure 500 gold coins or the village massacre that Liang Li Dong said.

Kyle’s forehead starts perspiring: “Lord Priest, you  are just scaring people.”

“I occasionally crack jokes but for important things like this, I’m always very serious.” Liang Li Dong sneers: “Hehe, that’s why I said you guys are pretty lucky to have met me. Players……ehm, God’s believers like us normally will not kill for a few hundred gold coins. If it is other people…… Then I cannot make promises.”

What Liang Li Dong said is the truth, players are after all people from peaceful times and those that can afford to play VR online games are normally those that have no worries about living expenses and have their own principles for doing things. For example, even if players are interested in the magic on this tablet, they will at most snatch the tablet and run. Normally, they will not deliberately kill NPCs. After all, NPCs cannot revive after dying so killing will have a sense of guilt.

But other NPCs are different, when they snatch wealth from their kind, they will often kill. In Liang Li Dong’s 8 years in the game, he have seen no less than 100 times where for some wealth or some magic equipment, NPCs kill their kind for the sake of not letting the matter be known. And this is not even a quest scenario but the result of normal real-time generation of world events

That is why ‘Flange Continent’ is known as the most real VR game.

Young boy and young girl shivers at the same time, shakes their head together and almost says at the same time: “Lord Priest, we will never ever say anything about here outside.”

“You two do not need to make promises to me…… Anyway, if anything happens, I’m not the one who gets affected.” Liang Li Dong has an indifferent attitude and looks at this pair of depressed childhood friends. He cannot bears it and says: “You two, go get some mud from outside and paste over this tablet, the thicker the better. In the future, even if anyone barge in unwittingly, it is not that easy to discover the abnormality here.”

“We will go now.” Kyle is really scared now. He dashes out the moment he finishes saying that with Behring right behind.

Liang Li Dong shakes his head and pulls over a small chair to sit down. Although the workmanship of these chairs are not that good, it is still quite comfortable for sitting. But he is also quite envious of this 2 little fellows to actually make a secret base. In it, there is basic living amenities. At a corner of the cave, there is a few dust-covered wooden planks which seems to be an unfinished bed.

He has never did such things before, not to mention in 22nd century China there is skyscrapers and concrete ground everywhere. Finding a wide empty space with no one around is very difficult and heavy workload from education since primary school, all kinds of tuition classes results in very little break time, not to mention making a secret base.

While Liang Li Dong recollects his ‘sad’ childhood, he suddenly frowns. He discovers something not right about this place. The wooden planks stacked in the cave is covered with dust. It is obvious it has been very long since anyone took care of this place for that to happen and Kyle has also said just now that he has not been coming for a few years but the chair Liang Li Dong is sitting on now is reasonably clean. His finger swipes over the tabletop…… No dust, it is also quite clean.

Young boy and young girl come back from outside and are perspiring profusely from running. Their hands are holding on to a big pile of mud. Liang Li Dong sits at a side with his fingers lightly tapping on the tabletop. Looking at the two hurriedly pasting mud over the tablet until the shape of the tablet cannot be seen completely.

Kyle looks at the tablet that has been camouflage as cave wall by Behring and him and is about to relax when Liang Li Dong’s voice can be heard from behind: “Kyle, you said you guys have not been to this place for a  few years just now, right?”

Kyle lightly nods: “Yes, ever since I started practicing swordsmanship at 11 years old, I stopped coming here because there was no time to.”

“But this place is very clean!” Liang Li Dong points to the table: “It is too clean. This shows that someone comes here regularly.”

Kyle’s body shakes. He is quite smart and immediately what this means. He turns his head and asks hurriedly: “Behring, is it you who comes regularly to clean up?”

Behring shakes her head violently!

“Then who is it?” Kyle gets impatient. He regularly goes into city and has seen more than Behring so he is very clear what stir and consequences it will create if the news of a magic modeling tablet worth 500 gold coins gets leaked out. Lord Priest has also said just now that this matter can cause a massacre if not handled correctly.

“No need to get too anxious.” Liang Li Dong consoles: “Just now when we entered, the stone tablet was already covered with moss. Maybe that person who came is also not aware of the stone table, even if he knew there is a stone tablet, he may not even know the use of it. He comes here to clean regularly shows that he is from the village. Most people of the villager are illiterate and no one should know magic. Maybe in his eyes, this is only a slightly weird stone tablet. You two have no need to worry too much. The thing to do now is to forget about this place, never come here again and try to disassociate yourselves as much as possible. Even if anything happens in the future, it should not involve you guys.”

After hearing this consoling, young boy and young girl heave a sigh of relief.

Liang Li Dong looks calm on the outside but he is still quite worried. He has seen too much killing over profits and intrigues in the game, not to mention large wealth like 500 gold coins, even the profit of 5 gold coin can cause a village of NPCs to have a large battle with another village of NPCs, just that this kind of battle looks hilarious in the eyes of players.

Before the matter is clear, he cannot feel at ease but it is not difficult to get to the bottom of this. Since the person comes here time to time, as long as he lays in ambush here, it is very easy to know who the other person is.

The three leave the cave. After what happened, Kyle and Behring are a bit down. Liang Li Dong smiles: “Oh yes, let’s go up the mountain to get some game and wild vegetables. I will cook something delicious for you two at night.”

“Lord Priest knows Craft Cooking?” Behring is surprised.

Liang Li Dong smiles: “That’s refreshing, if I don’t know Craft Cooking, why would I take the initiative to get game from the mountains.”

Kyle says: “We do not have hunting bow or tools to lay traps, it is difficult to hunt preys. There is many rabbits on this mountain. There are really timid, as long as they hear any sound, they are run and their speed is so fast ordinary people cannot catch up. There are also some birds. Although they taste not bad, it is impossible to catch if there is no hunting bow.”

In normal circumstances, Kyle’s words are very logical but Liang Li Dong taps on his shoulders and laughs with pride: “Don’t forget I’m a spellcaster. Although my strength is weak now, catching some rabbits is still not that difficult.”

“Using magic to catch rabbits? Isn’t that too much of a waste.” Amidst Kyle’s unwilling muttering, he brings Liang Liang Dong and Behring up the mountains.

It is afternoon now, the sunlight is very strong on the mountain. Kyle and Behring starts to perspire while not even a drop of water can be seen on Liang Li Dong. Halfway up the mountain, Kyle takes a breath, points to the edge of forest not far away and says: “Even further in is the place with the most rabbits. Whew, Lord Priest, your stamina is way too good. You’re not even tired and not even perspiring at all.”

“I’m the believer of Goddess Waukeen after all. How do I help her spread truth without special capabilities.” Liang Li Dong shrugs and continues to use the believer identity to cover for himself but at this moment, he suddenly turns his sight to the sky at the north.

At this time, a system notification suddenly appears in his view: ‘Lucky Wealth’ befalls, please move to the designated location to collect money. And then, a thin golden light appears in the sky pointing straight to a certain location not far away.

This is the legendary trait ‘Luck Wealth’?[1] Liang Li Dong is a bit surprised. He has heard about it from other players of the same Class in the forum. ‘Lucky Wealth’ is a godly skill, it is especially useful at the start. If one is lucky, Divine Noble has no need to specially earn money and just need to level; At later stage, even if one has their territory and has large amount of income, this skill is still not that bad.

But he never thought this skill will be activated so quickly.

T/L note 1: I have no idea why it is a trait now instead of feat.


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