Noble Emblem - Chapter 16

016 Leveling Up (Part 3)

Colorless Magic Tower, refers to a faction, a spellcaster force that specializes in dimensional abilities. Mage association used to be an entirety but because of faction disputes, it split into several organizations which are generally named and differentiated using the main color that their magic shows. Like Red Magic Tower is the force of fire-type spellcasters, Blue Magic Tower is a force of spellcasters specializing in water-type while Colorless Magic Tower refers to spellcasters force specializing in dimension-type abilities, which is also the organization with the least members among all spellcasters forces.

Typically, only those from Colorless Magic Tower can use dimensional equipment. Because to open and close dimension, one must possess a certain amount of dimensional concept, know how to use dimensional magic and also need to have sufficient amount of mind power. Every player have a dimensional backpack that they can open as they will, this is a system given benefit and cannot be traded but in this real world, using dimensional equipment is still a privilege of dimensional mage. Because of this reason, the spellcaster selling alchemy magic items made a wrong judgement is not something surprising.

Dimensional equipment are considered as something uncommon and also very practical. However in this world, no one will specially snatch a dimensional equipment because if one is able to use dimensional equipment, one can just go straight to Colorless Magic Tower and spend some gold coins to buy a dimensional equipment. Because of talent, the number of people able to use dimensional magic is lower than the amount of dimensional equipment created. If someone buys a dimensional equipment, Colorless Magic Tower will definitely sell it at cost price and shamelessly ask them to join the Colorless Magic Tower. No choice, Colorless Magic Tower’s spellcasters are too little!

If one joins Colorless Magic Tower, they will even give out elementary dimensional backpack for free, the benefits are frightening good.

Liang Li Dong understands because he used the dimensional backpack, the other side thought he is a dimensional-type spellcaster. He says blandly: “I’m only Goddess Waukeen’s believer now and have no relation with Colorless Magic Tower.”

The black-robed spellcaster stuns for a bit, he asks instead: “Goddess Waukeen? What kind of god is that?”

Now it is Liang Li Dong’s turn to be stunned, although Goddess Waukeen is not the 4 major Gods, her divinity is ‘Wealth’ so there is a lot of people worshiping her. If villagers of Reed Village does not know Goddess Waukeen, it is still reasonable since the channels for them to gain knowledge and information are too little but if a proper spellcaster does not know about Goddess Waukeen, then either the other side has problems or Liang Li Dong’s knowledge is wrong.

“God that controls wealth!” Liang Li Dong answers.

The black robe mage thinks for a while, his obviously slightly old face shows sign of helplessness: “Lord Priest, apologies, maybe my age is old, forgets about a lot of things and can’t remember this great God, Goddess Waukeen anymore.”

The black robe mage is giving both parties an out. After all, saying that one does not know the God the believer worships in his face is already a very rude behavior. Liang Li Dong does not mind at all. He is also not a real believer. He just intends to do some contributions to Goddess Waukeen so that he can exchange the use of 1 or 2 divine spells.

“No worries, Goddess does not care about how the world sees her.” Liang Li Dong also does not want to make a spellcaster embarrassed, he averts the topic: “You asked whether I’m a member of Colorless Magic Tower, is there something you need help with?”

“I’m called Carl-Humphrey, you can just call me Carl, Sir” Black robe spellcaster slightly nods in greeting: “There’s indeed something I want to ask of your help. To me, this matter is really difficult to do but to Sir, very easy! Have Sir heard of Dimensional Anchor magic?”

“Heard of it before.” Liang Li Dong nods.

Black robe mage’s eyes shine: “Then does you, Sir know this spell?’

“You intend to immobilize your mind dimension?” Liang Li Dong asks instead.

Black robe mage smiles bitterly: “No choice, I was too radical when I was young and recorded many magic onto the spell slots directly before completely understanding them. Now, the side effects surfaced, my mind dimension became very unstable and casting magic became very difficult. If this goes on, mana immolation is my only way out.”

Mana immolation is actually ‘self-destruct’. Magic not completely analyzed, being recorded onto spell slot have very serious consequences. If it is a player, his mana strength will drop and when casting magic, failure rate will increase; if it is a NPC spellcaster, the consequences will be even more serious, not only will they have the 2 situations mentioned above, his mind dimension will gradually become unstable. Not only will he be unable to cast spell, his mind dimension will crumble in the end and cause his mana to disorder, all kinds of magic elements mixed together and cause an explosion. Not only will the huge power explode himself into pieces, the surrounding will be greatly affected too.

Normally, these spellcasters with unstable mind dimension, before their mana immolation, they will disperse all their mana and turn into an ordinary person. Like this, they can live for a bit longer but it is not easy to become a spellcaster, who will be willing to turn back into an ordinary person hence before mana immolation, these spellcasters will give their all in searching for ways to immobilize their mind dimension.

And dimensional spell ‘Dimensional Anchor’ is a pretty good ‘medicine’. Mind dimension is also a ‘dimension’. If this spell is used well, it can build a fixed point in the mind dimension and make the gradually unstable mind dimension ‘fixed’, hence avoiding the consequence of mind dimension crumbling. However, everything has pros and cons, after using ‘Dimensional Anchor’ to forcefully immobilize the mind dimension, the mind dimension will always be this state and unable to expand anymore.

Which is to say, if black robe mage used ‘Dimensional Anchor’, then he will forever be a spellcaster of this level, unable to increase his character level, unable to learn new magic but he can still use divine spells since divine spells does not occupy spell slots after all.

“I’ve seen the magic Dimensional Anchor before. Although unable to use it, I know how to craft magic scrolls. Most probably, you wouldn’t be assured with me entering your mind dimension to use this magic so magic scroll is the best option.” Liang Li Dong already understands the other party’s intention: “Additionally, you Sir should be aware that magic scroll crafting requires time and it is not guaranteed to be successful every time.”

“I’m very aware!” Black robe bends over and takes out a black rectangular wooden box from the counter and pushes it to Liang Li Dong: “These are the materials I’ve already prepared and waiting for people like Sir to come. Do you know how long I’ve waited? It has been almost 10 years already, I originally have given up hope, who knew you came, I’m really lucky!”

Black robe mage seems to be very excited.

“Why didn’t you look for someone at Colorless Magic Tower to help?” Liang Li Dong cannot understand: “The positions of the various colored Magic Tower may be a secret to commoners but to people like us, it is common knowledge. I believe they should be willing to help you.”

“I’m a war Mage!”

Liang Li Dong helplessly shrugs his shoulders: “There’s no choice then.”

The alleged war mage is those mages that joined and served a nation, participated in various wars and have their hands stained with blood of the enemy mage. Typically, once a war mage goes to the hostile country, they will definitely receive a very warm ‘welcome’ and to go to Colorless Magic Tower, he definitely have to cross Udaburi. This country is enemy with Holevin. Black robe mage’s mind dimension is already unstable and his power has dropped greatly. If he steps onto the land of Udaburi, he will definitely not make it back.

Liang Li Dong keeps the black wooden box into his dimensional backpack and says: “I’m temporarily staying at Reed Village west of Winter Wind City. Come and find me 5 days later, no matter success or not, the result will be out then.”

“I understand, thanks for your trouble.” Black robe mage thanked Liang Li Dong.

The two did not talk about remunerations. Mages rarely talk about remunerations because there is no need to, there is an unspoken rule among mages. They will not talk about these things in front of ordinary people because it is below them and does not suit their status. After it is done, Carl will follow the unspoken rule and give Liang Li Dong a large gift and make sure he does not suffer a loss.

Liang Li Dong bought quite a bit of alchemy items and the cost is around 2 gold originally but now, the black robe mage just waves his hands and waive this expense.

And after chatting a bit with the happy black robe mage, the trio left the Mercenary Guild and stroll casually in the city. Since the two kids rarely come to the city, he naturally have to make them happy. Behring curiously looks at everything in the surrounding, interested at everything she see but only look and not buy. After all, she does not have any money, the 10 silver coins Liang Li Dong gave her was passed to her father while Kyle, on the other hand, bought little things like some arm guard.

Liang Li Dong buys a normal iron sword……Not only can Divine Noble use a sword, their swordsmanship is not bad.

In the process, Liang Li Dong discovers 2 men following behind them all the way but does not seem to be malicious so Liang Li Dong did not care about them. After about an hour, these 2 men disappeared by themselves. Liang Li Dong guesses this must be Kyle’s ‘trouble’ but the other party does not seem to want to cause conflict.

They strolled in the city for close to 3 hours and seeing that the sun is almost setting, the trio exit the city gate and with the buff from ‘Driving Fog’, they rushed back to the village.

Before Behring left, she thanked Liang Li Dong once and again for bring her to the city and said that today was her happiest day.

To the young girl who have yet to see the world, everything in the big city attracts her. In comparison, Kyle seems to be more composed. However, Liang Li Dong can tell that there is a glitter in Kyle’s eyes. Those are eyes that only those with ideals and goals will possess.

Liang Li Dong casually makes some handmade noodles for dinner but even so, this simple noodle dish still has 6 Taste Value. After eating, Liang Li Dong returns to his room, rest slightly and calms his mind. He takes out all the materials he bought, put them on the table and begins crafting magic scrolls.

Crafting magic scrolls is a must-learn for all warlock. Liang Li Dong is very good at this and he also possesses the Class feat ‘Magic Scroll Crafting’. He believes his success rate when crafting magic scrolls later will definitely be high.

First magic scroll, ‘Water Cure’, level 1 water-type magic. Firstly, setting up 6 basic nodes on specially-made parchment, then begins to fill it with model structure, input mana, continue to input, nodes changed, magic route changed……Crafting successful.

Second magic scroll, ‘Cure Illness’, level 2 nature-type magic. Firstly, setting up 14 basic nodes……Success!

Third magic scroll, ‘Big Fireball’, level 2 fire-type magic, starting with 23 basic nodes……Failed, mana reverse shock causes Liang Li Dong’s brain to hurt for a while.

After resting for a while, he begins to craft fourth magic scroll, ‘Air Shield’, level 1 gas-type magic, 8 basic nodes……Success.

75% success rate is already not bad. Liang Li Dong originally wants to craft 2 more magic scrolls but he overestimated his speed. After reviving, his level reverted to 0, stats greatly reduced caused him to do anything slowly than before.

This game <Flange Continent> is different from ordinary games, majority of the things players do can give character EXP but it is not obtained instantly, one has to wait until midnight at zero hour and according to what you do in the day, a complex calculation is done and lastly judged and given by System. Therefore, the time players level up must be during midnight at zero hour.

Now that the time is also midnight, Liang Li Dong moves a chair and sit at the balcony to enjoy the night breeze. The moon tonight is as bright as last night. He looks at the silver moon, thinking of Persian Cat and Xiao-Bai. These are the nicknames he given them. At first, they are unwilling but after being called for a while, they accepted it too.

Persian Cat and Xiao-Bai are twins. Their faces look the same but their hair color is different. The two of them are really pretty, indescribable beautiful. Ever since seeing the two of them, Liang Li Dong never had a tinge of feeling to other females.

“A bit too pretty, even leaving a letter to let me not be unfaithful but I do not even feel a thing after seeing other women, how do I even be unfaithful.”

Amidst these somewhat helpless and somewhat proud ravings, a bright system notification pops up in the center of his view:

Character level increases!


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