Noble Emblem - Chapter 22

“My personality is weird?” Liang Li Dong subconsciously touches his face: “I feel it is very normal though.”

Just like Liang Li Dong said, people with personality like him is very common in the game, most players are like this, or rather, most Chinese are like this, this is a common personality cultivated by a large environment, and formed with the nurturing from the information age, a personality that relatively conforms with China’s conditions, but in this world, people with a personality like this appears to stand out more, and very unique.

“But this is good as well.” Joan uses a young girl’s voice and laughs lightly twice: “As least I won’t have to worry about you being too kind, and implicates others, and won’t have to worry that if there is sufficient benefits, you will sacrifice us poor little things.”

Joan’s worry is not without reason, players rarely give up their familiars because any interest in players’ eyes can be obtained, it is a matter of spending some time and techniques only. Even if it is dying, player spellcasters can keep their familiars into their dimensional backpacks to protect them before dying. However, NPC spellcasters are different, Liang Li Dong has seen many NPC spellcasters selling their familiars to others, or players, he has also seen NPC spellcaster to survive, abandon or sacrifice their familiars voluntarily in exchange for a chance to survive.

For example, familiar sacrificial.

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NPC only has 1 life, Liang Li Dong has not stand nor rights to reproach the latter behavior, but those NPC that voluntarily give up or sacrifice their familiars for some interests, Liang Li Dong look down upon them from the bottom of his heart, even if this kind of NPC has the best quest, he will not accept it, and will also not want to have contact with them, it feels shameful.

However, talking about familiar, as a Level 5 spellcaster, Barbara actually did not contract a familiar, this is a bit weird and judging by what she said, it seems that contracting familiars has already became a very special technique. If her words are true, then this world definitely has many subtle differences with the game world.

Liang Li Dong must know what is happening with these things sooner or later, but the most important thing now is to finish Carl’s request first. Opening the dimensional backpack, taking out the black box, Liang Li Dong prepares to scribe ‘Dimensional Anchor’ scroll. Joan jumps on top of the bed from his shoulders, it curls up a corner of the blanket and goes to sleep.

There is many materials in the box, it is enough to make the scroll 7 times, Liang Li Dong rests on the chair for a while and then energetically starts working.

‘Dimensional Anchor ‘ is a Level 3 magic, it has 38 base nodes from the start……Liang Li Dong spends around half an hour, and finally crafted the first scroll……Typically, Level 3 magic scroll needs character Level to be at least Level 10, only then success rate will be relatively high, Liang Li Dong being able to succeed in 1 time, the feat ‘Scroll Crafting’ has a great effect.

However, the 2nd scroll failed, the 3rd failed.

Liang Li Dong is not discouraged, not even any fluctuation in his mood. While crafting scrolls repeatedly, sudden alarm or joy and unstable mood is taboo. He used all the materials, 7 sets of materials, succeeded 5 times, failed twice. Looking at the 5 scrolls on the table top, Liang Li Dong smiles contentedly. These scrolls not only represent money, it also represents the more important character EXP. At this time, the sky is already dark, Joan wakes up from the bed, it mutters: “Starving, if Master is done with your business, make something to eat.”

“Okay, won’t starve you to death.” Liang Li Dong uses the remaining ingredients from the morning to make a mixed stew.

Because of the character feat ‘Craft Cooking’, the food Liang Li Dong makes, are relatively delicious. Joan eats like a wind sweeping away clouds, to a familiar that was still a natural creature few days ago, most of humans’ food are very delicious, let alone dinner made by Liang Li Dong.

When dinner has progressed halfway, Kyle came, his expression is a bit strange.

Liang Li Dong points to the mixed stew on the table: “Eaten? Want some?”

Seeing the dishes on the table, then smelling the fragrance, Kyle’s originally slightly strange expression immediately soothes, he nods heavily. After sitting down and eaten something, he then says slowly: “Teacher, during afternoon, Barbara invited me to her birthday banquet. She invited me but did not invite my grandfather, this is a bit strange!”

“This is not strange at all!” Liang Li Dong shakes his eyebrows, looking a bit funny.

“Why?” Kyle is a bit at a loss: “Grandfather is the head of our Reed family, she has no reason to only invite me and not invite Grandfather, this doesn’t conform to etiquette. And, Teacher doesn’t seem to have received the invitation, I’m just an ordinary countryside boy, why only invite me and not invite you all?”

Liang Li Dong laughs happily: “Relax, I believe your grandfather will have the invitation, I probably will have too. However, our invitation will go through the formal channel, it should be specially delivered by someone within 2 or 3 days.”

“Teacher meant, I’m just an add-on?” Kyle feels slightly bitter: “Although I don’t have any capabilities, and also don’t have much fame and connections, she cannot just invite me by word of mouth only.”

“On the contrary, you’re the most important person. In actual fact, us who are invited formally, in Miss Barbara’s eyes, are probably not essential.” Liang Li Dong laughs and pats on Kyle’s shoulder: “Young man, you still have lots to learn. Don’t always dream about being a mercenary, if you have the time, try to understand other people’s thoughts more, maybe you will have more future in this aspect than being a mercenary.”

Kyle’s expression is slightly unhappy: “Teacher, you’re belittling me!”

“No, I actually admire you very much.” Liang Li Dong remembers something and asks: “I heard you saved a girl when you were 8 and chased away human trafficker?”

“There seems to be something like this!” Kyle reminisces for a while before saying: “How did Teacher know about this?”

Liang Li Dong is slightly surprised: “You really chased away human trafficker when you were 8, how did you do it?”

“I remembered that human trafficker then was a dark adult……I saw him snatching a girl so I chased over and scolded him and then kicked him……” Kyle also has a baffled expression: “I was 8 back then, it was my first time going to Winter Wind City, logically speaking, I shouldn’t be able to beat an adult but god knows why, that adult was kicked down by me and rolling around screaming, maybe I kicked onto his injury. I took the chance to grab the girl and run. This is the gist of it, to be honest it was luck, there’s nothing great about it.”

Liang Li Dong seems to be thinking about something, he feels things are not that simple: “Then, do you still remember how that girl looked like?”

“How can I possibly remember, she was crying until her face was all mucus and tears, cannot even see her face clearly.” Kyle thinks for a while and says again: “But I remember that girl’s clothes are not bad, should be from a rich family……Teacher, why are you asking all these?”

“Just asking casually.” Liang Li Dong shrugs his shoulders, he does not intend to reveal too much to Kyle, innocent love between young boy and young girl are so beautiful, he does not want to interfere and be a third wheel.

“Teacher, you seem to know something!” Although Kyle does not really understand girls’ thoughts, his intuition is quite strong.

Liang Li Dong laughs: “Okay, don’t worry, it’s a good thing. Teacher promise you, if I also receive the invitation, we will go to the banquet together, but at that time, you need to wear more formally, your house should have nobles’ formal wear left behind from before.”

“Yes!” Kyle nods: “Does Teacher need formal wear? There should have a few sets in the house’s storeroom!”

Liang Li Dong shakes his head: “No need, to us spellcasters, a set of enchanted clothes is the best formal wear, it is presentable no matter what the occasion is, there is no need to conform to mortal etiquette and regulations.”

Kyle is very envious from hearing it, he also wants to wear a set of comfortable clothes to attend all kinds of banquets, but he cannot! He is not a spellcaster, maybe not even a noble’s descendant anymore soon, he heard his grandfather saying a while back, if Reed family does not make any more contributions soon, and there is also no high rank noble willing to ‘vouch’ for them, in another 3 years, Reed family is going to be officially abolished of this lowest rank honorary noble title.

Noble or not, Kyle does not care, but he is worried that his grandfather will not be able to take this kind of shock, the latter value the family honor the most.

After getting an answer from Liang Li Dong, Kyle is much more relieved. Although the answer is ambiguous, he believes Liang Li Dong will not harm him, and after staying here to chat for a period of time, he bid his teacher farewell, returns home to rest and sleep.

Liang Li Dong continues crafting magic scroll, he used up the alchemy items he bought very soon. Failed once, succeeded 8 times. The time comes to midnight very soon, System punctually gives the character EXP obtained that day: 19.

Not only did it break through single digit, it almost reaches 20 too. If every day can obtain this kind of EXP, not only is it easy to break through to second level, reaching lv 5 in half a year is not a dream too.

Second day, downpour!

The words lesson is forced to stop. Liang Li Dong is staying in the thatch house, lying on the bed, listening to the sound of the rain outside, repeatedly sighing. If the lesson quest cannot be conducted, the EXP gained today will be slightly lesser again and because the alchemy items are used up, there is no way to use crafting scrolls to gain character EXP, in other words……Today is considered wasted already.

Joan shrinks in the blanket looking at him, slightly puzzled: “Although cannot teach the kids already, relaxing once in a while is not bad too, why so depressed.”

“If cannot do anything, there is no way to obtain character EXP, cannot become stronger.” Liang Li Dong feels a bit depressed, his gaze sweeps over Joan, and then he is stunned, after a while, he says: “Joan, I remembered……your feathers should be mainly white.”

“Of course!” Joan says very proudly: “White feathers are the prettiest and noblest.”

“But the feathers you’re growing out now, seems to be all golden!” Liang Li Dong points to its body.

Joan lowers its head and takes a look at its body, and then with a ‘ah’, it shouts: “What is going on, how did I become like this.”

After 2 nights, Joan finally grew some feather stubble, no long bald like 2 days ago but the strange things is, the color of the feathers changed completely. Although only a tiny bit emerged from under the skin, it is all bright gold tips, the same color as Liang Li Dong’s hair.

Joan makes a fuss for a while, and then suddenly says: “Eh, this kind of gold color seems very pretty too.” It lifts its head and looks at Liang Li Dong’s hair, then looks at the feather on its body: “Why is my new grown feathers the same color as your hair? After becoming a familiar, will familiar’s outer appearance become like their master?”

“No, there’s no such saying!” Liang Li Dong shakes his hands, at least he had never heard of this kind of thing in the game.

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