Noble Emblem - Chapter 4



Behring is a shepherd, a 13-years old shepherd.

This is very common in Holevin because there is many mountains in this country so Holevin is very suitable for raising mountain goats. These livestock are filled with treasures. Needless to say, the mutton is delicious, the sheepskin can be made into leather clothes. It is said that there is senior cobbler who can make sheepskin into hard leather armor and sell for high price. Mountain goat wool is too short to be used for textile but alchemists from the city is buying in bulk although the price is not high but it is still money. Under normal circumstances, all the wool from a mountain goat can be used to exchange for around 3kg of black wheat.

While the most valuable is the goat milk. Compared to cow milk, goat milk has lower yield, the taste is not that good but after making into cheese, it is a rare delicacy. It is better than cheese made from cow milk and is very popular among nobles and wealthy families. The price is much higher than cheese made from cow milk.

7 mountain goats is the common property of a village. Behring is the best shepherd in the village. She learnt shepherding from her father since 8-years old. Now after 5 years, years of shepherding has made her independent. Shepherding 7 mountain goats alone and not letting a single goat get lost. If a mountain goat ran away, Behring will chase it back. After all, Behring has the title flying legs in the village. Other than  Brother Kyle, no one is faster than her.

Thinking of Brother Kyle, Behring is kinda embarrassed. Brother Kyle is the most handsome kid in the village. He is 1 year older than Behring, fair-skinned and cannot seem to get tanned. And he is the grandson of the village head, knows swordsmanship, kind to people. Girls in the village all like him.

Behring look at her arm. Because of years of shepherding, it is already very tanned. Standing next to Brother Kyle would seem like an ugly duckling but girls of the village are no different from her. After all, life is hard. No girl of the same age would be fair after constant labor.

Behring heard that noble’s daughter drink milk everyday and sleep in soft, fluffy down bedding. All are fair and tender beauties and can smell their fragrance from afar unlike girls from countryside villages, all are dark and filled with odor.

Cannot imagine how fair are these noble daughters! Is it fairer than Brother Kyle? Behring has never been to the city but another 7 months more when she is 14-years old, every spring, she can follow the village convoy to the city for free and no need to pay the city’s entrance toll tax.

Another 7 months…… Rumor has it that the city is very lively.

Laying on the lush grass, under the blue skies and white clouds, Behring is smiling. At this moment, sounds of people walking on the green grass can be heard from the mountain slope behind. At this timing, the only one to appear on this place of the mountain should be the same-aged firewood picker Tom. She turns her head and calls out, “Tom, back so soon, are you skiving again, not afraid……”

Behring looks at the person behind her clearly, the words stopped, after slightly opening her mouth for a while, she jumps up from the grassland and bow vigorously. Being afraid, panicking and incoherent: “This priest…… Lord, lord, so, so sorry, I, I didn’t notice you coming, sorry, I should…… should salute[1] you but do not know is to know or, or…… Sorry, I do not know the etiquettes, I, I……I!”

After 3 “I”, Behring suddenly knelt down and prostate on the grassland with her forehead tightly on the grass. She remembered 3 years ago, Brother Kyle was seriously ill, Village Head spent a high price to request a priest from a temple to cure him. Everyone in the village sent that lord priest away kneeling like this.

Behring’s forehead is touching the grassland, the skinny and weak body is shivering and not even dare to breathe heavily. She is taught by elderly from young to put herself in a lower position when met with big-shots and not anger than especially extraordinary people like priests and mages or there will be no place to reason even if killed.

With this panic mood, Behring waits for the other party’s “judgement” and she hears  the person’s light mutter.

“Holevin language? This is still in the game?”

Behring feels that the person’s voice is very nice, is a warm and indescribable charismatic voice which is much better than Brother Kyle’s voice.

“Connect system, character log out!”

Behring feels more fearful after hearing. She understands all the words but when joined together, she has no idea what it means! Did i anger this lord priest, he is chanting magic and turning me into a frog? No no……Turning people into frogs is evil warlock, priest should be invoking divine punishment!

I don’t want to die! Behring almost cry out, she feels her legs turning weak and have no courage to stand up even if she wants to run. Father, Mother, little brother, you all will not be able to see Behring anymore…… Thinking till here, the shepherd’s tears finally start flowing and she start to cry loudly.

After crying for awhile, she did not feel any pain. The harm in her expectations did not com and she hears a very gentle voice speaks to her.

“You, stand up!”

Behring’s body shakes a bit, she slowly stops her crying and raise her head carefully and sees a smiling face that is gentle and a bit helpless!

“I didn’t meant to scare you, if I did anything to cause your misunderstanding and frighten you, I apologize.”

Behring look at the priest in front blankly, she finally see the person’s looks clearly now. Bright gold short hair, sea blue eyes, milky white skin. This seems to be describing a beautiful noble girl but this man has a suave disposition that will cause anyone to make no mistakes about his gender.

Much more handsome than Brother Kyle!

“Lord Priest, you weren’t invoking diving punishment?” Behring asks carefully.

Liang Li Dong shakes his head with a wry smile: “I do not have the ability to invoke divine punishment! Only those that are Cardinal and above can…… I am just a normal believer!”

Behring stands up and pats on her chest to calm down and then wipes off her tears with an embarrassed smile: “I’m sorry, Priest, I was just too scared and blabbered……You won’t blame me, right?”

“On the contrary, I need your help…… I am lost, can you bring me to your villager for a rest?” Liang Li Dong is smiling, in the 8 years of <Flange Continent> game time has made him used to make contact with native NPCs perfectly. Some small harmless lies come out naturally.

“It’s a pleasure to serve you, Priest!” Behring pulls at her skirt and does a curtsey. Pretty girls need to learn this kinds of etiquette, especially when facing handsome man. But after that, Behring’s face turns red because she is only a shepherd and wearing a old linen dress which had discolored for many years and god knows how many people wore it before, most importantly, it is filled with very obvious patches.

Wearing this kind of clothes and doing ladies’ curtsey is really…… Behring suddenly has the urge to end herself.

T/L note 1: Using salute makes it seem like army but i cannot think of a better word for it. The original word is 行礼 which meant performing ceremony which means actions like bowing, kneeling etc while salute means “a gesture of respect or polite recognition, especially one made to or by a person when arriving or departing.” which fits the context.

Whenever Kyle is mentioned, it is used together with 哥哥 which means elder brother but can also be used to be affection for the other party even if they are not related kinda like how Oppa is being used in Korea.


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