Noble Emblem - Chapter 5



To the shepherdess Behring, this Lord Priest in front of her is the most beautiful person she ever saw. Although beautiful is not a good term to describe a man but other than this, Behring cannot think of any other word to describe. After all, she is illiterate and not that knowledgeable. She never even been to the city before. The farthest she ever been is the wild fruit forest behind the village. Every autumn, there will be 3 types of sour and sweet fruits for her tasting. It is also the most favorite place for kids in the village. It is the only season for kids their age to be able to eat “snacks”.

Putting finger into her mouth and whistles, 7 mountain goats gather over. Behring is a bit proud being the only one in the village to be able to shepherd by whistling. No one else is able to grasp this technique, not even her father who is a shepherd for his whole life.

Shortly after, her face is red and depressed again. Whistling is a crude action. It does not matter if done in front of people from the village but it is too rude in front of such a handsome big shot. 7 mountain goats crowd around the young girl. Behring glances at Liang Li Dong and the embarrassed feeling gradually faded after seeing his gentle smiling face without any disgust.

“Lord Priest, please follow me.” Behring walks in front with a her head down and 7 mountain goats follow behind her.

Liang Li Dong fasten his pace, catches up to Behring and walks beside her: “Girl, what is your name?”

“Behring.” Young girl’s face is a bit hot. Her hands over her lower abdomen subconsciously, looking elegant.

“Then your name is a bit similar to mine!” Liang Li Dong’s eyes flux a bit: “I’m Beta, you should stop calling me Lord Priest already, I’m only a follower now. Not everyone can answer when called with the title priest. If overheard by people who are very serious, I will get into trouble. You can call me Follower Beta, Brother Beta, or just Beta!”

In Liang Li Dong’s vision, above the young girl’s head, there is a system notification from the start. Using his thoughts to open the system notification, the data available is very little.

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Name: ? ? ?

Age: ? ? ?

Class: ? ? ?

Other than race and gender, everything else is question marks. But after the young girl said her name, the section name immediately updated. Hence, Liang Li Dong’s emotions fluttered a bit. This is slightly different from the game. In the game, all NPC’s information are question marks. Even if you knew his name, the line with name is still question mark. Only after learning the feat “Humanoid Knowledge”, NPC’s information will apear and this feat “Humanoid Knowledge” is a rare growth-type feat. It has levels and higher the level, the more information is available. At max level, it is even possible to check NPC’s stats and equipments.

Furthermore, other than “Humanoid Knowledge”, there are others feats like “Dragon Knowledge”, “Canine Knowledge”, “Amphibians Knowledge” etc. The most practical feat is “Humanoid Knowledge”, after all Humanoid covers a lot of creatures like Human, Goblin, Dwarf, Elf, Giant…… Even Angel is considered a Humanoid. The chance of this skill appearing is very low and there is no way to learn from NPC. Among the many people Liang Li Dong knows in the game, only 1 allied player has this god-like skill.

“I……don’t dare!” Hearing Liang Li dong’s self-introduction, Behring raises her head to take a look and quickly lowers back down: “I’m only a…… lowly shepherd, do not have the rights to call your name!”

At this moment, the data Behring’s Class immediately updated to: Shepherd!

Real-time data update! Liang Li Dong’s eyebrows twitched a bit, this function is very useful. After all, after coming into contact with many people, a lot of trivial things may be forgotten but if there is this system function to support, it will be much more convenient in interpersonal relationships. As a player who stayed in the game for 8 years and managed to make a name for himself and owned his own territory, he is very aware of the importance of building a good relationship with NPC.

“Goddess exhorts us, everyone is born equal!” Liang Li Dong intends to use Goddess Waukeen’s name for a bit, after all he is wearing this goddess’ follower’s outfit now: “No one is more noble than others, the difference between people is only in character and virtue. If he has a kind heart, even if he is only a beggar, he is more than nobles who do nothing and only feast on wine and meat.”

Behring does not really understands but she is clear of 1 thing, this handsome priest does not seem to care about her status and is not looking down on her. This very small recognition makes her very happy. Young girls tries to raise her head, looks at Liang Li Dong, musters her courage and uses a shivering tone to ask: “Are you one of us Holevins?”

“No!” Liang Li Dong shakes his head: “I’m only a follower in charge of spreading the goddess’ glory who journeyed here inadvertently “

Seeing that Liang Li Dong actually answering her question, Behring calms down a bit, she continues asking: “Then Lord Beta, which country are you from? Thores? Or Udaburi”

In the game, Thores and Udaburi have borders with Holevin, with Udaburi being hostile with Holevin. This is really not in the game? Liang Li Dong is getting more and more suspicious but his face does not shows it and continues duping: “After embracing God, we do not differentiate nationality, all the people in the world, in our eyes is only classified into 2 kinds, converted follower or going to be converted follower.”

Behring is only a village girl and cannot understand what Liang Li Dong is saying but she vaguely knows this is very noble words which only noble people can say out. Looking at Liang Li Dong’s handsome face, her face is getting hot: “Is follower more noble than non-follower? What kind of goddess is Goddess Waukeen?”

“All are equal, follower is not more noble than non-follower, follower is just people who understands God’s ideals. The job of us followers is to let more people know of God’s ideals. Of course, believe in or not, does not affect God’s love of people.” Liang Li Dong knows what real follower are like: “Goddess Waukeen is the goddess of fortune, she manages the flow of money in the world.”

Behring blinks her eyes: “The reason our village is so poor is because we do not have faith in Goddess Waukeen?”

Have to say, Behring is a little clever to be able to link the village’s poverty to Goddess Waukeen at once. Liang Li Dong shakes his head: “No, Goddess Waukeen only manages the general flow of money. Anyone in her eyes are equal. Have wealth or not has nothing much to do with Goddess. It mainly depends on yourself. Hardworking, smart and have some business sense, it is not that difficult to gather wealth.”

“Oh!” Behring replied, not fully understanding. Behring likes to chat with Liang Li Dong. She feels this lord priest is very amiable and will not despise her because she is stupid. Instead, he explains to her very thoughtfully. Auntie Jessica from next door is nothing in comparison, she acts like she is so knowledgeable even though she only knows a little bit more. Ask her anything and she will drag and hide and still not answer anyone in the end.

Behring intends to ask about outside world originally but the village is already just up ahead. Some adults squatting at the village entrance doing nothing notice Behring first, then also notice Liang Li Dong. Because of the trait ‘Noble’s Temperament’, these adults immediately stand up and open the way with some expression of fear. They are adults after all, at moment they see Liang Li Dong, they ‘know’ this person in front is a noble. Even though they are afraid, they did not kneel down like Behring.

One of these adults is Behring’s father. She excuses herself to bring the goats to her father and let him help shepherd for a while.

Meanwhile, Liang Li Dong takes the chance to observe this village…… Same as most village in the game, not a big place, loess trail connects to village entrance, simple wooden fences surround and protect the village. Men in the village wears grey linen clothes with patches with spots of mud covering their arms and legs. Now that Liang Li Dong has CLoud Dragon’s Blue Eyes, he can see that these men have dirty hair with grease tying the hair up like hemp rope, grey fleas are squirming around in their hair and white insect eggs hanging at the roots of hair.

He has seen too many of this situation in the game and so he does not feel any discomfort. From this, one can tell how ridiculous <Flange Continent> can be in terms of details.

After Behring and her father exchanged some words, she runs lightly back to Liang Li Dong: “Lord Beta, I will  bring you to the village head’s house now. In our village, only the village head’s house is the most clean. If you need to stay here for a while, you can only go there. The other places are too dirty for someone like you.”

Liang Li Dong nods: “Then thanks for the trouble.”

Behring shakes her hands as she cannot accept the gratitude. Liang Li Dong choosing to go to the village head’s house is not because he dislike normal villager’s house due to dirtiness but because he can tell that this village is very poor, so poor that they may not even have much to eat. The few adults at the village entrance has blank expressions and pallid faces, this is obviously due to long-term malnutrition. Typically, adult men are the pillar of the house, if they cannot even feed themselves, that means these families are almost to the point of not being able to have a meal. If Liang Li Dong goes to these ordinary people’s house, he will definitely entertain him at their own expenses, Liang Li Dong may just eat up these people’s few days of rations in 2 or 3 meals.

Meanwhile the village head is typically the most wealthiest family, therefore going to their house to have a few meals should not pose any problems.


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