Noble Emblem - Chapter 8



Kyle’s face is not the only one to turn green, Village Head’s expression is suddenly not good too. Liang Li Dong’s eyes discovered it but he does not intend to pry. He does not feel any malice from him and since it does not concern himself, he cannot be bothered to care. After all, everyone has their privacy, being too serious is not good. In socializing, if it is not an enemy or a competitor of interests, there is not need to pry into other’s secrets.

Kyle has already turned into a block of wood, after a while he mutters: “So it takes so much money to be a Mage?”

“Mage is the most resource-consuming Class.” Looking at teenage’s expression, Liang Li Dong smiles: “But all this is worthwhile, although typically, Mage is not a match for special close-range Class like Blademaster or Anti-mage, they have an advantage that other Class do not have…… Mage is a group that pursues truth, those with outstanding talent among them can break the limit of mortals and possess the ability to use Law[1]. If even more outstanding, they may even possess demi-godhead[2] or become actual God just like Goddess of Magic! But Blademaster cannot…… If they want to use Law, they will have to snatch other’s power by killing those with Law or godhead but the problem is Mage that can use Law are even stronger than dragons, not to mention God with godhead.”

Law is a very special skill, it possesses very strong power or special effects. It is way beyond character traits or Class feats.

In the game, people who has the skill ‘Law’ is few. According to statistics, they are all mage-type Class like Mage, Magic Swordsman or Class that is closer to spellcaster like Wandering Scholar. The requirement to have ‘Law’ that is released later by officials is to gain high enough knowledge in-game and the knowledge must be compatible with your Class while knowledge is not gained just by listening, it needs to be deciphered, understood and turned into your possession to be counted and high Intelligence increase the speed to gain these knowledge.

When the rules are released, physical Class that made up more than 70% of the gamer population held a large-scale protest saying the officials are bias, the game is unbalanced and then the officials gave a group of data and all the protesters are left speechless.

Magic-type Class made up around 25% of the population, physical-type made up around 72% while the other 3% are special support-type Class.

Physical-type Class only needs to slash slash slash or shoot shoot shoot to level up easily. Mage needs to learn magic to have offensive ability while learning magic requires a lot of money and because the game is too realistic, magic structure modeling is very difficult, learning magic is akin to learning higher mathematical modeling. To even completely analyse the model structure diagram of level 0 magic, depending on the difference of one’s actual intelligence, requires numerous days to more than 10 days and the higher level the magic is, the time needed is longer.

When physical-type are slashing people everywhere, Mage are analyzing magic model structure.

When physical-type are doing missions everywhere, Mage are analyzing magic model structure.

When physical-type are fighting group battles, city battles, nation battles, Mage are still analyzing magic model structure.

When physical-type are wooing NPC girls or tall, rich, handsome NPC, Mage are practicing the application of new magic.

All magicians died, on the average, 2.14 times in the process of practicing new magic.

When physical-type Class have an average of level 14, spellcaster Class only barely managed to get an average of level 10.

Magician that persevered to more than level 10 are highly educated people in real life and science[3] students made up more than 90% of them.

When the game first started, magic-type made up 60% of the population but now it dropped to around 24%.

After seeing these data, magic-type players have tears in their eyes out of agreement that Mage is really too difficult. With that, the protest of physical-types disappears. They already work so hard that it is no wonder they can success. Furthermore, physical-types can also gain knowledge, just a bit slower which when compared to the difficulty of Mage learning magic is nothing.

Kyle looks loss and sighs: “Sir, your point is, people like me is not suited to learn magic or swordsmanship, right.”

Liang Li Dong shakes his head: “No, I’m not telling you to not learn swordsmanship or magic. On the contrary, I agree with you learning both abilities. Your ancestor is right, swordsmanship strengthen the body, magic enrich the spirit. I’m saying these is to tell you no matter swordsmanship or magic is not something you can success with just being hot-blooded. You need to continuously work hard and work even harder. The road is rugged and when the going gets tough, you may even question whether your road is correct, are you wasting your life doing something that is unattainable and furthermore doubt your whole life completely.”

Liang Li Dong’s words are hard to accept for a 15-years old teenager but the former is a spellcaster and a spellcaster is the synonym for truth in this world. Kyle believes he is saying the truth and are sincere words. He says in stupor: “Is it that difficult? My ancestor was able to achieve it.”

“That is why he is the Legendary Hero while you are still not.” Liang Li Dong smiles a bit.

is a game close to reality. NPC in it have origins, feelings and their actions are natural and have no difference with real people. Liang Li Dong stayed in the game for 8 years and has seen countless of joys and sorrow, meetings and separation of NPCs. He can still remember clearly the time when he first received quest from NPC, a NPC couple request his help to find their son. Following the leads, Liang Liang Dong found the target near a ogre stronghold with only a head left. When Liang Li Dong passed the head to that couple, the couple’s minds broke. It is their only son and they are already too old to have any more children.

Quests in Flange Continent are mostly unique. After investigating, he discovered that this couple’s son was an adventure fan and hearing many legends in the tavern, he looks forward to it. After learning some swordsmanship from third rate mercenary in town, he went adventuring…… The ending is obvious. If this world is no different from the game world, the danger is no different too. All the players barely became high level Class-er[4]after dying more than a dozen times. The players already had a hard time, not to mention NPC.

Players can revive but NPC cannot, they do not have the chance to try again.

Looking at Kyle, Liang Li Dong will think of the teenager with only a head left. He does not want the same thing to happen to this old man. That is why he said so many things to the teenager.

Village Head looks at Liang Li Dong with gratitude and stands up: “Kyle, have a chat with Lord. I will prepare lunch.”

Kyle does not speak and looks out of it.

Liang Li Dong looks at him and cannot bear it: “Actually you do not need to be down, you can train hard at swordsmanship and when your grandfather pass on, you can then consider adventuring. At that time, you’re at most middle-aged, it’s still not too late for adventures.”

Kyle’s eyes shine and then lightly nods. Liang Li Dong’s idea seems like a bad idea but it is actually brilliant. Old Village Head seems like he can still live for quite a while and by that time, Kyle probably is almost middle-aged. He probably would be married and have children already. His dreams when he is young may have been buried in a corner in the heart and is living life for his wife and children.

Kyle seems to have sorted it out, he asks Liang Li Dong: “Lord, can you tell me about spellcasters and the world of mercenary.”

Liang Li Dong naturally will not reject him. He talked about some things he knew in the game and in the process, he coax many information out of Kyle without him knowing. There is 2 villages near this village and the big city nearest to them is called Dong Feng City. The lord is a good man, only has 1 daughter. His daughter is a Mage, knows a few magic, looks down on normal people etc.

After chatting for a while, old Village Head serves up bread spread with little honey and a plate of bacon. Liang Li Dong is indeed a bit hungry already and after old Village Head sits down, he picks up a piece of bread and starts eating first followed by the old and the young. Looking at this scene, Liang Li Dong slightly nods. The Holevin in the game is also like this. When there is guests in the house, the host will only start eating after the guests have started to show their respect for their guests.

Is this in-game or not? Liang Li Dong is even more confused, unable to access system, unable to log out, friend list is gone but character system is still present, the language, countries here and even the culture is the same as the game. It is not the game yet like the game.

The bread in his hand also triggers a system notification. Liang Li Dong open it and below information is displayed.

Food:Poor-quality Honey Wheat Bread

Property:Increase Stamina by 20 points

Taste Value:2

After a few bites, Liang Li Dong discovers that his info menu has a new system notification:

Eating food with taste value of less than 5, gained status anorexia: 2 layers

Liang Li Dong frowns, the stenchful rabbit blood he drank earlier……And now he ate poor-quality bread, he indeed accumulated 2 stacks of debuff. He understands that honey bread is already a rare delicacy for normal households but to people from China like him, it is quite average, not to mention it is poor-quality bread. He is starting to hate his ‘Glutton Noble’ trait even more, it is too inconvenient.

Seems to have seen that Liang Li Dong is frowning, Village Head asks anxiously: “Lord Priest, is it not to your taste?”

Liang Li Dong bears with the discomfort, finishes the bread with few bites and smiles: “It’s not that. It’s just that God exhorts us to not eat others’ food without reason as anything requires an equivalent price to be paid. Old Village Head, I intend to stay here for a few days. During this period, how about letting me do the cooking, take it as payment for accommodation.”

“This is inappropriate, Lord Priest, for a big-shot like you, anywhere you go……” Old Village Head is surprised.

“That settles it or I will feel unease.” Liang Li Dong interrupts the old man and says with resolution.

It is indeed “feeling unease”, Liang Li Dong never wants to eat food that tastes so bad ever again and if he ever eats such food again, he will have the serious anorexia status and all stats will decrease by 10%…… Divine Noble already have low stats, how to level up proper if it drops even more?

T/L note 1: The Law here means the laws of nature like water, earth, wind etc. It is like the higher form of controlling the element. If you read Coiling Dragon, it is the same thing.

T/L note 2: Again if you read Coiling Dragon, they translate it as Divine Spark but since it is an actual word in the bible, i’m just gonna use it. In case anyone doesn’t know, it is used to refer to an object that has divinity that lets anyone who has it to be able to become a God.

T/L note 3: Just to clarify their science is not only physics, chemistry and biology but also maths, earth sciences, geography, formal sciences and natural sciences. China’s education system groups their students into liberal arts student and science students. So the science students in the novel refers to people who majored in above subjects.

T/L note 4: Refers to people with Class.


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